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Found 2 results

  1. FRINGE (Fridays @ 9:00 PM Eastern on Fox) This summer I completed my viewing of the previous three seasons of the sci-fi drama, Fringe. It is easily the best show currently on TV (and I own them on DVD). It's awesome! It completely baffles me why everyone else with similar interests (read: "nerd" genres) aren't also raving about this fantastic show. My only guess is because you haven't seen it yet. The creation of the show was primarily influenced by The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, and the movie Altered States, with a touch of the DC Comics multiverse thrown in for good measure. The writing and production of the show is superb. The characters are refreshingly original, and the story is dynamic. Set in the modern world, Fringe is about investigations involving a wide-variety of Fringe Science topics. These phenomena are directly or indirectly related to the primary metaplot, which centers around a conflict between the main characters of two parallel universes for the survival of one or both of the universes, which have both been "breaking-down" due to the actions of one of the main characters in 1985. I think it is worth mentioning that the show is not really about the supernatural, at least not phenomena that doesn't have some possible scientific explaination. And the show is not about aliens. These Wiki links are pretty good articles about the show: Fringe (TV series) Mythology of Fringe If you are interested in a video summary of the previous 3 season and getting a good taste of what the series has been like, Fox has released 12 short videos narrated by series star John Noble. With only 3 minutes total of commercial time, all 12 videos together add up to 51 minutes total of your time to watch. The first video is a brief overall summary of the show and the main characters, and then the next 11 videos go into details of the various aspects and plot points of the show. Just follow the link to the first video below, and the rest are playable from the same webpage. Below is the intended viewing order. These videos may also be available on YouTube, etc. 4:20 - Past, Present and Future (Nature doesn't regognize good and evil...) 4:30 - A Tragic Past 3:50 - A Tale Of Two Walters 3:50 - Fringe Takes Flight 4:25 - Echoes Of The Past 4:35 - The Other Side 5:00 - Over There 3:55 - A Double Agent 2:25 - The Journey Home 3:55 - Facing Destiny 2:25 - The Future Is Now 4:45 - A Different Choice The above webpage also streams the last 3 entire episodes aired to view for free (links at the bottom of the page). While the overall ratings of the show have been mediocre for major network broadcasting, I wanted to point out that the show's move to the so-called "Friday Night Death Slot" may have actually saved the show last season. The shows niche Nielsen viewers followed it to Friday night, and it is now the highest-rated Friday Night show that the network has ever had in that timeslot. Fringe is also critically acclaimed. As long as the show continues to perform as it has been, the president of Fox promises to not cancel it or even slash its budget. The 4th season of Fringe begins September 23rd. As the previous 3 years of metaplot climaxed with a shocking left turn in the story, this new season has also been designed to be an easy launch point for new viewers of the series. Do yourselves a favor and check it out! If anyone has any questions or you want to chime in here with your own opinions of Fringe, please feel free!
  2. Whill


    The last thing I need is another TV show to follow (I already have a couple). But my wife is a fan of Bones (murder mystery on Fox Thursday nights), and after that Fringe comes on. I've seen one episoide I really liked, and parts of a few others. I saw most of last night's episode. My wife had seen an intrumental episode a couple weeks ago that explained a lot of the parallel universe backstory, she in turn explained it me, and I was intrigued. I've read up a bit more about it on the Fringe Wiki. I liked X-Files (before it went on for too long). This show's creator admitted the concept is a lot like X-Files, except that this show is purposefully differentiated by the characters. I was considering cashing in a gift trial membership for Netflix and renting this show on DVD to catch up. Has anyone seen this show? What do you think?
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