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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, i've a question in fantasy combat. Note i'm using Grimace hybrid system (hp + wounds). how i calculate "damage resistance total" for a big giant (scale +7) attacked by human (scale 0) ? If the giant has no armor, fantasy p63, it has no right to have resistance roll. Would you add it's scale as resistance and make a roll or not ? Thanks in advance for your advices.
  2. I have a question mainly about Wound Levels, and am working on my own OpenD6 project. I don't quite grasp the typical current D6 Wound Levels, no matter how many times I look at them (I only played the original SW game maybe twice when i was young). I have run Savage Worlds and *think* I can maybe see similarity in the way some things are done with the damage and the soak, but so much just seems worded strangely, like some of the "if damage >soak but less than soak x2" and such. Here is my take on how I'd like my game to use Wound Levels, and I'd appreciate anyone telling me how far off my idea deviates from the standard rules, and if they do, how much problem anyone foresees or might feel would present a problem or cause issues. BASIC DAMAGE IDEA Damage is rolled, and for every Result Point, divided by... 3 is it? You get +1 to damage I think? I'm changing mine up to be more linear, basically just being "for every 4 points of success above your TN, add +1 Boost to whatever you're doing", whether it's damage in combat or a quality bonus for baking a cake. This will allow a good and somewhat varying potential of perhaps minor but possibly telling damage, at the right time, most of the time. In the case of MY game, I plan to probably go with static Soak and Parry, being essentially Brawn and Agility x3 for the TN (so 3D in these would be TN 9), similar to MiniSix. BASIC WOUNDS IDEA From what I can tell, the Stunned result seems to work vaguely like the Savage Worlds "Shaken" dynamic, to some extent, where if you're hit for damage meeting or exceeding your Toughness, but not 4 over, you're not significantly injured, but are Shaken/Stunned, which is a temporary condition. Since Savage Worlds is what I'm familiar with, I need to frame this question within that system to help me understand D6. If a Stunned character is hit with another Stunned result, what happens? I've seen some games that seem to indicate that's simply an additional "level of Stun", which I'm not sure what is the effect of. Others seem to indicate, like Savage Worlds, that Stun is treated as a gradation of Wounds, and like Wounded/Severely Wounded, if you are hit with damage to inflict the same result of Wounds you are already at, the damage vaults upward to the next, more severe level of Wound. Which is correct? The Wounded/Severely Wounded rule confuses me. It specifically states the process I just mentioned above, where if you're Wounded and hit with another Wounded result, you become Severely Wounded instead. Okay fine, but since the basic Wounding rules also say that's how the whole thing works anyway, why is this specified out as two different Wound levels? Because you can't GET "Severely Wounded" if you haven't been Wounded yet, so there's no point in having Severely Wounded listed as its own level, like it is a linear step-up and viable Wound possibility for unwounded characters, right? Or is it possible to do enough damage to make them Severely Wounded, bypassing the initial Wounded level? My intent is to just simplify all this because it seems unnecessarily confusing: If damage <= your Soak but less than Soak+4, you're Stunned, which may have various effects, but isn't a true "Wound" level, as it can be removed or recovered from during combat. if damage => your Soak+4 but less than +8, you gain 1 Wound. And you're also Stunned (?). And I'd guess I might have similar rules echoing the D6 mechanics for the severe wound levels, where the character may be bleeding out, or may go unconscious and make Brawn checks every round, etc. I welcome any thoughts from anyone on if my ideas on the D6 rules themselves are wrong or badly in need of proper understanding, and also if my mechanics I presented here seem workable as replacements. Also something someone mentioned to me, when I was explaining that in Savage Worlds, and at least in some D6 rules, where each Wound you have gives you a general -1 or -1D or some penalty to all rolls; he said, referring to HERO (Champions) Games: "HERO doesn't have any rule like that, maybe because most characters are supposed to be superheroes, so don't tend to have penalties even if wounded". That made me think, as I'm not generally a fan of HERO due to my own preference for liter systems, that I was surprised that HERO, with all its potentially complicated formulas and in-game calculations, forgoes the inclusion of any sort of punitive measure against Wounded characters, which actually provides one LESS thing to worry about (for players and GMs), rather than implementing it to emulate "realistic effects" as I would have expected HERO to do. I'm not interested in any sort of system vs. system debate or war, since I just enjoy game design and mechanics, but I'm curious as to if there would be any major problems in not having Wound penalties, for my D6 system; would such a penalty really only be for more gritty, less than action hero characters? Thank you all in advance for your time in reading this, and any feedback anyone would care to give.
  3. Wow, been quite a while since I've posted. Anyway, I had a thought that maybe when calculating damage, remove the Wild Die option and instead go with something akin to Staging (ala Shadowrun). The idea is that for every Difficulty Stage ABOVE the target number you need, add +1 pip to the damage roll. This removes the possibility of botching on a damage roll and 'rewards' that oh-so-beyond-heroic "1 shot in a million" hit. It also means that higher Skill codes are actually that much more deadly (sort of that cinematic ideal of aces really ARE better). This also removes some potential bogging down of the game. Just a thought...
  4. Posting publicly for feedback, as most of us were learning the game as we went. The biggest issue seemed to be the deadliness of combat. Even wearing armor someone would go down in two or at most three hits. While that makes sense for the average person it's hard to recreate the experienced vs newbie warrior. Some thoughts of mine that have no testing include not giving Might bonuses to thrown weapons and bows that have a maximum Might modifier. For example, a light hunting bow might only allow 1D of your Might to be added to the damage, while an English Longbow might allow 3D or 4D, if crafted properly and using the right arrows, etc. For melee combat, you almost have to use the active defense system to have a chance. I'm fond of the active system myself, but it does slow down PbP. Leitz
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