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Found 8 results

  1. I'm going to host a chat session here on the site, from 6-8 PM (Mountain Standard Time). The main topic I wanted to discuss will be the D6 Magazine. If you've got suggestions, comments, ideas, or want to learn more about D6 Magazine, then please stop in and express them. We're open to ideas people might have, and we're also hoping to get some OpenD6 publishers to come in and chat about things as well. Come one and all! Bring a friend! Bring your ideas! Hope to see people there.
  2. Cheshire and I are happy to be taking over the task of getting the D6 Magazine rolling. We're looking forward to putting out a lot of material for use with OpenD6. I wanted to put this out as an open call for anyone that wants to submit material to the D6 Magazine. We're going to forego the theme to start with, simply in an effort to get as much material as we can. If you'd rather have a goal on what to create, we can certainly work with you. Let us know and we can hammer out the best course to take on projects you can create. We're looking for a multitude of articles. We're also looking for individual items you might have crafted. Large or small, we want to get some items submitted from you if you're looking to share them with others. Here are some of the aspects we'll be including in future issues as the items are submitted: New Rules – new ideas for doing something in the system Optional Rules – maybe you have another idea on how to do something that’s already been done Gear/Equipment - any time period, any setting Adventures – both quick adventure snippets and full blown adventures Rule clarifications – want to explain how something works in the rules? Also includes differing interpretations on some rules Conversions - from another game systems into OpenD6 Interviews - know someone you want to do an interview with, or think an interview with them would be interesting? GM Tips and Advice – relating to D6 games News – actual OpenD6 gaming items already available and new stuff coming out Monsters/Creatures – includes animals Weapons NPCs Vehicles – land, sea, air, even space! Characters – including possible new character generation methods Locations – neat locations for possible adventures Events – local, regional, national gaming events; gamers wanted (for OpenD6) and game openings On The Net – URLs and brief highlights for sites that focus on the game system, including publisher sites Research Papers– do you want to get into the deep discussions on an aspect of the system…feel free! Publisher’s Areas – if you’re a publisher, this will be the area where your setting material will be highlighted. If you want to submit something not related to your setting, you’re welcome to and it would go in one of the other sections unless you wanted it here as well If anyone else has any ideas, suggestions or thoughts, feel free to speak up and let us know. We're looking to make this into an even bigger success than it already is.
  3. Hey, If you think you are sending in a submission, please post here and let us know. It would good to get an idea of the content coming in and I believe that not all the potential contributors have access to the backstage forum. That or post on the d6 Magazine facebook page. Issue 3 Rollcall, Theme: Horror, Releasing the Issue 3 on or around Monday, October 31st, 2011, submissions needed by mid-Month October. Artwork can come in right up until the day before we go live at it is much easier to do layout on art. - J.
  4. So we're beginning final editing and layout this time, we have a great issue 2 cover, and we're getting a little extra filler, here and there. I can probably handle small stuff in the next week to add in, otherwise, we're well on our way to getting Issue 2 out the door. My ETR is July 13th. Here we go! Best, J. submissions@d6magazine.com
  5. Check it out: http://www.facebook.com/pages/D6-Magazine/226748524003345
  6. So, despite little bumps in our road - I've asked a local artist with whom I've formed a working relationship, to do the d6 Magazine's Issue 2 cover. His name is Rich Woodall, and you can view some of his art here online: http://johnraygun.deviantart.com/ Rich has a long history with the comic book industry and is very excited about working in gaming art. More news to come as Rich does his work. - J.
  7. So we received our first manuscripts in house and started editing. The release to public date is currently slated for end of May, (providing more time this round for editing and getting late material in place). While the deadline was technically May 1st, d6 Magazine is a free online magazine, and we will be able to accept more writing until about 1.5 weeks from now for editing. If you have some something lying around and are toying with the idea of submitting it, why not just send it in? The worst that can happen is it does not fit into this issue. Really though, we are looking for diversity and the unique things gamers like you are doing with Open D6. Send in your submissions today! Be sure to check the submission guidelines online:: http://www.d6magazine.com - J.
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