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  1. OK, I guess I should explain me "having" a comic shop. From about ages 11-17 (in the 80s), I collected comic books. Mostly DC, some Marvel, and hardly any indies. At it's height my collection had about 1200 comics, but over the years I have sold most of them off, only keeping a core collection of about 200 issues. Then a couple years ago I heard about a new Star Trek ongoing comic series set in the new continuity. What intrigued me was that this series' creative consultant is Robert Orci, co-writer and producer of the new Star Trek films. The idea is that the expanded universe of publishing based on the new films will support and not contradict the continuity of the new films, and itself. This was a invigorating breath of fresh air for me. Regardless of how you feel about the new films, most Trek fans will agree that the original Trek franchise's expanded universe is somehow even worse than Star Wars' EU in that it is hopelessly inconsistent to itself and the film/TV canon. I never got into the original Trek's EU much, but most reading this will remember that Star Wars EU being so contradictory to the films (and itself) is a sore point for me. Most of the new Trek comic series so far has been devoted to telling new versions of TOS series episodes, and overall it has gotten better and more original as it has went along, introducing some unforseen new twists into stories, and even totally improving upon some really lame episodes like "The Return of the Archons". The Trek comic isn't awesome, but it's not bad. But they didn't start the new series until they had a story for the second new film about to be released to avoid contradictions. After the sucess of the first new film they had even licensed a new series of novels set in the new universe and 4 novels were actually written, but they cancelled the series in the interest of not contradicting the film series. That proves to me that this new Star Trek franchise actually cares about franchise integrity more than milking every possible quick buck out of it, making it far superior to Star Wars' EU (and the Trek Prime EU) in that respect. Starting to collect the new Trek series lead me to discover what was going on at DC (the Warner Brothers properties for those less initiated). About the same time as the start of the new Trek comic, DC had its biggest reboot to its continuity ever, in which they also simultaneously started all their series over with #1 in a single month. Mostly for nostalgia's sake, I bought several of these new #1s. A little while after settling on a preferred comic shop (I had a few options in my city), I began collecting one DC title, Justice League. My comic shop participates in a "pull list" program so they save my issues for me and give me a discount on all store purchases. So I collect two monthly comic book series regularly, but I imagine I will probably drop Justice League eventually. I have bought several trade paperbacks and graphic novels, mostly ones that serve as the basis for many of the movies I'm into, but most of these were ordered on Amazon due to how expensive they are at retail. Regular comic books are $3-$4 nowadays but the bigger books (many of them hardback) are much more expensive. I do have the first 5 issues of a new Star Wars ongoing series set in the classic era (starting almost immediately after the Battle of Yavin). This new series was announced by the current Star Wars comic licensee (Dark Horse) shortly after Lucasfilm's sale to Disney was announced, which I think is a final ploy for Dark Horse to cash-in on Star Wars' primary bread-and-butter of the classic trilogy film characters while they still can before their license expires and Star Wars comics start to be published by Lucasfilm's co-Disney-owned company Marvel. Oh, and in the usual vien of most Star Wars EU products, the new comic series makes no attempt to reconsile with all the previous EU continuity set between ANH and TESB (no surprise there). But since that previous existing continuity is vastly utter garbage, I don't mind. The new Star Wars comic is ok. I originally planned on only buying the first story arc which was announced to be three issues, but they expanded it to the first six issues. So the next issue may be my last - we'll see. Anyway, in the last month my comic shop (a literal "mom n' pop" store if "mom" and "pop" can only be in their 30s with school-age children) opened their connecting lot which is pretty much a full FLGS. I could hardly hide my glee when I walked in it. Games of all kinds, cards, minis, dice, you name it. They have two different rooms with multiple tables for hosting games to be played there by anyone during store hours. Their RPG section is mostly D&D at this point, but they plan to carefully expand based on customer interest/sales (they will order for you whatever they don't have in stock). They also have a handful of oddball old stuff in brand new condition - They even had a copy of the Metabarons RPG book for sale! To immediately show support for their new business venture, I bought a set of 12 traditional pipped d6s, the first set of d6s I have bought in about decade. They don't have a really large selection of dice yet but the ones I bought were frosted light blue and I think they look pretty cool. And after buying FFG's basic Star Wars RPG set directly from FFG at full retail price (to give FFG the most profit off of the purchase), I had already decided I would patronize one of my local FLGS to buy the forthcoming core rulebook of the main RPG, just to support an FLGS. Now I know which one. I went ahead and put in an order for a copy, although I'm sure they were already going to get some copies for the store based on them having the other FFG Star Wars products in stock. I discovered the FFG core RPG book retails at a whopping $59.95, so I hope they do give me the comic discount (but won't complain if they don't). If this is any indication of modern RPG pricing, I can't promise I'll patronize any FLGS for any other Star Wars RPG purchases if I am interested in buying any more, but I am committed to this first one.
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