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Found 1 result

  1. So, thinking from the perspective of design of material, what method of combat options do people think are better? Is it better to have special combat options dependent on the quality of the die roll, or is it better to have special combat options dependent on the skill level of the character? Let me give an example in case people don't understand the difference. Method 1: Bob is fighting against an orc. Bob gets a roll of 38 on his Brawling. Due to the quality of the die roll (38) Bob realizes he can perform a special maneuver of "Throw and Slam". This grants him the ability to fling the opponent up to 3 meters distant AND inflict STR+1D damage. So assuming the orc doesn't beat Bob's roll, negating the whole maneuver, Bob gets to "Throw and Slam" the orc. Method 2: Bob has increased his Brawling skill up to 6D, granting him the ability to choose a special maneuver. He has the option between "Throw and Slam" and "Sleep Hold". He chooses "Sleeper Hold". Now, when Bob beats his opponents in a Brawling roll, he can choose to use the "Sleeper Hold". This allows him to inflict STR damage on the opponent and maintains a hold on opponent. If the opponent can't beat Bob's Brawling +1D for the next two rounds, the opponent automatically passes out for 2D minutes. So which do you guys think is better to use, and why? Better to have it dependent on a die roll, or dependent on the skill of the character? Or do you think combat options should be done a different way altogether?
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