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  1. Movement in OpenD6 is basically expressed in two values: a numberical value based on meters moved per round, and sometimes an additional value based on kilometers per hour. Additionally, when you move in OpenD6, you can choose to move one of four speeds: Cautious, Cruising, High, and All-Out. Cautious is half the listed move, Cruising is the regular move, High is twice the value of move, and All-Out is four times the value of move. So if a vehicle can move 60, the fastest it can ever go is 240 when it's going at All-Out. Two vehicles with the same move of 60 would both be going to same speed. This makes chases and races rather predictable, it seems. I've seen people mention that older renditions of D6 did chases and races better by having a dice value for movement rather than a static number. So instead of moving 10, you have a movement rating of 2D. So you roll 2D and that's how far you move. This made for much more variable races and chases, as one side could pull ahead with some good rolls and then falter with some poor rolls. And then there's been some fan-made movement rules that make changes to the way things work. So my question for everyone is this: Are you happy with the movement rules in D6? Would you rather it be done differently? If so, how would you like it?
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