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Found 1 result

  1. This question could be reated to scale but please feel free to respond to any aspect. d20 has character/creature "size" with Medium for humans size and Small for smaller than humans. Being Small provides advantages such as being more difficult to hit in combat and being able to more easily hide and sneak, but disadvantages such as lifting and carrying weight limits being 3/4 of a medium character. I think there are limits to weapon usage based on character size. I've also noticed that Small characters tend to have a Move rate equal to 2/3 of the standard medium. In what all ways should this translate to Star Wars D6, say for a humanoid character (fairly proportional to humans) only smaller in size (such as Ewoks or Mrlssi)? Whether through the use of scale rules or not, small characters should definitely be harder to hit in combat. And I don't know if scale should also apply the same way to Hide/Sneak checks, but one way or another it should generally be harder for other characters to perceive Small characters. I would think that there should be some limits for small characters as far was equipment and weapon usage. The lifting and carrying aspect could just be represented by a lower maximum strength. And Move should have a lower base and maximum. I am designing a avian humanoid PC species that are mostly human sized, but with a minority of its members "small" in scale, and I thought that the player choosing this species for his PC can as an option "buy" the advantage of being small from a point cost perspective. So if Strength and Move just have lower mins and maxes so they are removed from the equation, what is the net result of a character being small? Is it an net advantage, net disadvantage or is it even? What all advantages and disadvantages should it come with? Should the scale of the galaxy be considered as a story factor type of disadvantage? (meaning most things available for sentient use in the galaxy are designed for roughly human-sized characters) What would the limits be for what type of equipment and weapons a "small" character can use? I was thinking the small members of the species would be about 1 meter which is around the average for the species that are sized as small in d20. I would like there to be consecutive height ranges for both sizes of the species. What would be a sensible cut-off between small and standard characters in height? Just the same, what should be the max Strength and Move for small characters? Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!
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