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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm messing about with Minisix today for my Zombie-mad-fun-house-one-shot-o-rama. (It possibly needs a better title...) that I'll hopefully get to run this weekend. Now I know with Stats that the amount of stats that you get you basicaly x3 and that's how many dice you get to distribute. i.e. go with the 4 as presented in Mini Six and there's 12, D6 has 6 and therefore 18 dice to spend etc However, increasing the amount of skills and therefore the corresponding amount of dice is a little more vague. For example: you have 7 dice to distribute between skills - but how is the best way of adding dice to distribute if you up the skill total somewhat. Now mainly I'm going to keep the skills pretty low but I had an idea of easing some of my Vampire the Masquerade players into D6 by using 6 attributes and possibly V:tM skills - but then there's an awful lot of skills there and that means there'll be players scratching their heads with only 7 dice to distribute. Obviously I want to up the amount of dice that can be spent - but to what? Therefore I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for increasing the amount of skills and how to balance the amount of increase dice to put in them. Whether there's a mathematical ratio etc. I hope that makes sense, I'm recovering from an operation at the moment and whilst this nice private hospital the NHS deemed to put me in has free wi-fi it doesn't stop the brain from being a bit groggy post op! Oh, and let's say that V:tM has 30 skills for arguments sake.
  2. Below is an excerpt from the current draft of the skills entry for The Black Desert. Questions, comments and criticisms are appreciated. In particular, input on the concepts of Attribute Independent Skills and Skill Combinations are welcome. Thanks in advance! SKILLS In addition to having Attributes, Characters in The Black Desert also have Skills. Skills are similar to Attributes, but far more specific. There are two types of Skills: General Skills and Focused Skills. General Skills General Skills reflect fairly broad subjects – though not nearly as broad as Attributes. For example, While the Knowledge Attribute covers any type of learning, the Science Skill only covers the sciences. Starting Characters begin play with 20D they may allocate to skills. A full Skill List and an explanation of the General Skills commonly available are included later in this section. Players will naturally want to put the most dice into the Skills they expect to use the most often wile this is logical, there are limits to the number of dice a Character may have in any given Skill. A starting Character may not have more than 5D to any Skill and No Character may have more than 10D in any Skill. This represents the limits of a Humans capacity to learn, limits other species may break, but not without consequences. Focused Skills General Skills are further broken down into Focused Skills. A Focused Skill is very specific; often covering only a single item or action. What Focused Skills lack in utility they make up for in ability – Each General Skill die counts as two Focused Skill dice. An example would be a Player adding 2D to the Focused Skill Biology, instead of adding another 1D in Science. Characters must have at least 1D in a General Skill before they can focus that Skill. When making a Skill Check, a Focused Skill cannot be used with it's General Skill; Players must chose one or the other to put into their Dice Pool for that check. Focused Skills are like General Skills when it comes to determining the maximum number of dice a Character may have. Attribute Independence Unlike traditional D6 variants and many other popular games, the BD6 system has Attribute Independent Skills. What this means is, when deciding what to roll in a Skill Check, Any given Skill can be matched with any Attribute. For example, while a boxer would roll the Strength Attribute and the Brawl Skill together, a Eastern martial artist would most likely pool Agility with Brawl, or even switch between Strength and Agility from round to round. While this level of independence allows for more versatility in creating Dice Pools, not all Attributes fit with all Skills, and certainly not in all situations. The GM has the final say in what Attribute/Skill combinations are allowable in your game. Skill Combinations Sometimes having skill in one thing gives you an advantage in another. For example, having skill in Biology gives one additional insight into the workings life and improves one's skill in the practice of Medicine (I am speaking from personal experience on this one; I am, among other things, Biologist and a Medic) To reflect this in The Black Desert, the BD6 rules system incorporates something called Skill Combinations. Skill Combinations grant Characters bonuses to Skill Checks based on there level in another skill. For every Die a Character has in relevant Skill, the Player can add +1 to the result of Skill Checks combined with that Skill. So if a Medic has 3D in Medicine and 2D in Biology, the Player may add +2 to their Medicine Skill Checks. A Character may benefit from Skill Combinations up to a maximum of +5 to their Skill Checks. The descriptions of the various skills include a short list of possible Skill Combinations. Whether one Skill can be combined with another one is ultimately up to the GM. Focused Skills cannot be used in combination with general Skills.
  3. Here's a thing: The three core rulebooks each have different attribute lists Adventure Reflexes Knowledge Coordination Perception Physique Presence Fantasy Agility Intellect Coordination Acumen Physique Charisma Space Agility Knowledge Mechanical Perception Strength Technical I'd like to start a discussion to propose a standard attribute list for OpenD6 if there isn't one already. Here's what I've come up with (which is pretty much a majority rules view of each list, for the most part). OpenD6 Agility Knowledge Coordination Perception Physique Presence There would need to be some adjustment on the part of Space, but everything else falls into place pretty well. Ideas?
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