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Found 2 results

  1. I shared this in the backstage and inadvertently forgot that not everyone has access there so I want to make sure everyone can come and take a look at some free, easy to use, essentially open source artwork. Creative Commons work is becoming more and more common and a great sign for the creative works industries! Quoted from the backstage: In an effort to keep things cheap and easy, yet diverse, I'm trying to find lots of alternatives for us to source artwork. Do you like open-source art? Check these creative commons licensed portraits released by A Terrible Idea. All you have to do is follow the licensing agreement for artwork and recognition and we can toss these portraits for easy use into the d6 magazine on the fly! Take a look! http://aterribleidea.com/108-terrible-character-portraits-gallery/ - J.
  2. Here are two full page action scenes commissioned by Wicked North Games for Azamar. Thanks to Jeremy and Brett for the opportunity!
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