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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All Something I’ve been working on: http://fritzvd.com/d6-rpg/ A little tool to help start out your character based on creation points. I would still need to add Advantages/Disadvantages and Special Abilities. But it’s a start. The only type of game with a full skill list is the fantasy one . This helped my new d6 fantasy group to get started. Curious to hear what you think fritz
  2. As various versions of OpenD6 come out we see a variety of levels of detail presented. Some have more detail on stats and some have less detail on stats. Some have greater detail in the rules, with more options or more rules to account for certain things. Some have less rules and keept things extremely trim, with few options to muddle the rules. My question for all of you gamers and gamemasters out there is: How much detail do you want in your D6 game? Let me give a couple of examples so people know what I'm talking about. For a stat of something, a less detailed version might be: Pistol Range: 5 / 10 / 15 Damage: 2D A more detailed version might be: M9 Beretta Type: Semi Automatic Pistol Ammunition: 9mm Capacity: 12 rounds Range: 5 / 10 / 15 Damage: 2D Even greater detail might be: M9 Beretta Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol Weight: 1 kg Skill: Pistols Tech level: 8 Scale: 0 Damage Type: Ballistic Ammunition: 9mmP Capacity: 12 round box magazine Recoil: 1 Range: 5 / 10 / 15 Damage: 2D So there you have three versions of detail. The first gives you everything you'd need to run a basic game with the weapon. The second gives a you bit more detail about the weapon. The detail differentiates between it and another type of pistol. It also includes details on the amount of times the weapon can fire if you wanted to include that in your game. The third version gives you a whole lot of detail. The weight of the weapon, the skill used, the scale of the eapon, the specific ammunition used, and what effect there is if you fire more than 1 shot in a round with this weapon. In all cases, it's the exact same weapon. It runs the same no matter which version of detail you use or how many additional rules you decide to use (ammunition expenditure, scale, recoil, technology, damage effects, etc.) So do you think the first, the second, or the third is better, or more preferrable? Is it better to have the additional information and not need it? Or is it worse to not have the information if you decide that you do need it in your game? Now let's take character generation as an example: You could say "Choose a template and assign 7D to skills" and be done with it for the most basic level of character generation. Or you could have a system where you are given a certain number of attribute dice and a certain number of skill dice to allocate to your attributes and skills as you see fit. That's a slightly more detailed version. Or you could have a system where you are given a number of points that are used to purchase attribute dice, skill dice, advantages, and disadvantages. Each different one costs a differing number of points, but it's up to you how to spend all of your points. It has a much finer control over every aspect of the character. This is the even greater detailed version of character generation. Or you could have something altogether different, something using a life-path sort of character creation, where the various stages of life development grant certain skills to the character. The choices of creating the character are more varied, but not as fine of control as the methods. You get options where to put skill dice, but the options are dependent on the life path your character ends up on. This is a different version of a potentially greater detailed version. So which one do you all think is better to have in a D6 game? Keep it simple? Go with more detail? Is it dependent on the setting? Is this different than the stats in that you can't simply ignore the rules you don't use because this is such an integral part of making a character? What do you all think? What level of detail in D6 games is adequate, what level is superior, and which level is preferred by you?
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