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Found 20 results

  1. I think Critical Bits uses a d6 system, Masks? It's here: https://www.criticalbitcast.com/ Falling Star is a Star Wars d6 podcast, there's a bunch of actual play in there too: https://swfallingstar.podbean.com/ Shooting Womp Rats is also Star Wars, but it is defunct, and seems impossible to find all the episodes, here's your best bet (I think 2 or 3 episodes are on iTunes too): http://d6holocron.com/shootingwomprats/page/3/?s=podcast Open d6 Actual play podcast: https://bonethrowerstheater.com/ Pretty sure this one is a d6 too, but they go for comedy moreso than anything, and it isn't all actual play: https://starfallrpg.jackmonkeygames.com/index.php/tag/star-fall-rpg-podcast/ Hopefully those help, and good luck! --Ron--
  2. Nerdy Show has an actual play podcast of the Ghostbusters RPG. They've presented it on a nice and resourceful site - http://nerdyshow.com/gbrpg/ which includes the files. I haven't listened to it yet.
  3. I think if there would existed any active podcasts dedicated to the D6 system, they would have been mentioned here or on the other D6/OpenD6 communities like MeWe, reddit or back in the G+ community. So my guess is that the answer is "No", with very high likelihood. Actually I'm not aware of any D6 podcast, but there could very well exist some, but likely would be hard to find if they haven't been referenced in a long time. There are some older ones mention here on D6Online
  4. I wrote this up for a podcast interview I’m doing tonight. I plan on using it as reference and to illustrate what I’m talking about. The show will talk about Batman and modeling him using D6 Powers http://www.godsendagenda.com/art/batman_d6.pdf
  5. I, for one, have been focusing almost entirely on OD6 for the past few years. I was working on my own system for a long time but after discovering D6, i'm on board 100%. This Tuesday my group and I will actually be starting up a 'weird west' sort of game. It should be pretty awesome. We're also looking to make it into a 'podcast' ... I hate the term 'podcast' ... I don't post much simply because i'm not much of a talker, lol. I do come to the forums often though (every day) because this place is a tremendous resource and you guys are all a fantastic help with any questions people may have! If I'm to be make a lift of things i'm great-full for, for thanksgiving, you guys and this forum is one them. I don't see why anyone would move onto another system. I love OD6 for the fact that I can take any setting and place it here near perfectly. And if not perfectly, than with simple twists which makes it my own. Not to be a downer but, this industry as a whole has been in a huge decline for quite some time, right? Card games, role playing, miniature gaming, board gaming, ... at least from my experience it's all fading away. Here where I live I've tried to game with a number of small groups but it always tends to drop into video games, movies, alcohol, ... Maybe we're just getting older and our culture tells us that when we get older we can't be playing games like this, we're supposed to be 'watchin the game' and emotionally abusing our families. What has helped me is to set up groups at youth organizations (ymca, local library) where these people need human contact and that their imagination isn't something to be ashamed of. It's a huge topic...
  6. It's a Not For Profit show that I do as a hobby and it airs coast to coast across Canada on 6 Radio stations with a 7th that offers it as a podcast. Anyway so far I've been getting largely positive reviews, so I thought I would go outside of my sphere of friends and group members to see if I can get some really harsh internet reviews that are both insulting and deeply disturbing :-) That's why I came here :-) The show is only about 28 minutes long so if you are so inclined have a listen and let me know what you think. The show title is A-PAC Week of October 24 to 30, 2011 Annual Halloween Special http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fdailysplice.com%2F383344-station%2Fplay%2Fonly-5592&h=bAQF9FFYP If you have issues with that link try this one then just click on A-PAC Podcast (near top of page) http://chly.ca/the-program-schedule/listen/podcasts/ If you want to join my shows A-PAC Face Book Group page here is the link for that http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/148963665191174/ Thanks in advance to all that take the time to subject themselves to my humour :-)
  7. Hey, Omegawolf79. Welcome to D6 gaming, and welcome to the forums. I've played both the d20 and D6 incarnations, and use minis pretty regularly in my games. Usually it's just there to show relative position, some ranges, and generally add clarity. Rather than using a grid map, I use a white board so I can draw the features of the adventure, and we generally estimate ranges (or they're determined by GM fiat). As the game already has blast ranges, cover, and the like people just use the minis to loosely represent those features. But you're right. The Revised & Expanded book does not have tactical minis features. They do have a Star Wars Miniatures book, but that's more mass combat than it is tactical use of the minis in an RPG. The D6 books were very light and cinematic play, where later systems (such as the SAGA Edition) where very highly tactical. (Both of which games I enjoy, but for very different reasons.) Character points are the same that you spend for boosting rolls and for improving characters. It becomes a greater decision whether or not you're going to spend them if you know that you're depending on them to bump your character at the end of the session. If you're interested in more Star Wars D6 resources there is another board with a bit more traffic: http://www.rancorpit.com/forums but the registration can be kind of a bear. (Make a post here if you can't get in there, and I can talk to the admin.) And there's a pretty good podcast out there on the game: http://atthetablegames.com/shootingwomprats/
  8. How did the podcast interview go, btw? and where might we be able to listen to said podcast???
  9. That's a cool idea. Unfortunately my players are Norwegian, so that's the language we game in. Maybe someone else reading this is up for a podcast game though? -Havard
  10. Why not record it, and do a Podcast sort of thing?
  11. I liked the Weird Al Christmas song. Hadn't heard that one before. Lots of voices in the podcast, for sure! Thanks for sharing.
  12. The podcast is up with the interview for Resurrection. It can be found here.
  13. I'll be doing an interview tonight for Rho Pi Gamma: The Gamer's Podcast. It should be ready by tomorrow afternoon. I'm also working on a new YouTube video as a recap of the last month, the status of Resurrection and OpenD6, as well as the issues facing the community.
  14. Eric and I have been communicating trying to finalize the transformation of Resurrection into an official part of Open D6. Until then I'm afraid things are slow by necessity. This is one of the reasons I haven't posted much myself recently as any ground gained might need to be backtracked later. I haven't spoken with Eric since WEG main site went down however. We're going to finalize everything hopefully this week. Besides that I'm doing on interview with a podcast this week as well. I just thought I would throw some updates out while I could. Estoy muy cansado de la guerra.
  15. Hey all! My name is Thomas (aka JediGamer) and I've gamed for about 25 years or so. I started gaming back in the early 80's with the old Marvel Super Heroes game from TSR. Had a blast with my friends recreating classic comic battles. I first discovered the d6 system with the old Ghostbusters RPG. Never actually ran a session of that, but had fun reading the source materials and wishing to run. I picked up the original Star Wars game after I won $25 on a radio contest (no joke!) After I cashed the check, I went to a FLGS called The Game Shop and picked up the original hard back and a pack of dice. Again, I didn't play it much at the time as I really didn't have a group, but I read that book over and over again. Fast forward a few years - my girlfriend and I both read comic books and I had the itch to game so I pitched the idea to her and a couple of buddies. Going back to the old Marvel System, we had a blast. Then I read Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire". I fell in love with Star Wars again and went back and dusted off the old book. I suggested to the group that we give a one shot at this game and they hesitantly agreed. We never went back to supers! We ran the Star Wars game for about three or four years until the group blew up when the girlfriend (now wife) and I split. I didn't game for quite awhile after that and in fact gave away my gaming stuff. :eek: Fast Forward a few years - got married to a wonderful (but non rpg'ing) wife. We love board games and play a ton of those. Our nephew came to live with us when he was 5 and we started playing HeroScape (I know there's another Scaper on this board!) and I started interjecting story into the game. This led to us playing d20 Star Wars (which I had ran for several years as well, but never liked as much as d6!) Anyway, recently I was listening to the Meanwhile ... supers gaming podcast and they had the author of d6 Supers on. I got to thinking how much fun d6 was and here I am! Super excited at the concept of an OGL d6. And can't wait to hash out some ideas with all of you!
  16. The podcast is up and now you can listen to me be a complete jackass http://feeds2.feedburner.com/meanwhilethesupergamingpodcast
  17. The one we recorded is not up yet but you’re welcome to have a listen to the older podcast. The show is called Meanwhile and is part of the D20 radio network. http://feeds2.feedburner.com/meanwhilethesupergamingpodcast I was on an older episode talking about D6 Powers and HELLAS (episode 8) and Joe wanted to have me back to talk about the Batman
  18. I have already posted about the podcast on rpg.net as well as on a couple of other forums.
  19. What exactly is this? Some online PDF magazine thing that costs money or some sort of podcast (that also seems as if it costs money)?
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