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  1. Figment "partners"

    I have a player who wants their powers to be latent to him, but acting independently on their own as a imagined being that isn't always an ally. In this case the powers are ESP and Telepathy thus explains how the figment can see things out of the LOS of the player. This figment cannot physically interact with anything and can only use the powers that it embodies. I've had two thoughts on the matter. One is some form of modified Sidekick due to the independent nature. The second is a modifier on the powers themselves. Do you guys have an opinion or better way of implementing this concept? Thanks For Reading and Responding.
  2. Hello, I've been searching for insight into the Zeltron species, but I've found little more than carbine copies of the wookiepedia article. (here's were the "bit more" than wookiepedia is from: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=123856 No idea as to it's accuracy nor do I agree with all as stated) I'm running a game that has a Zeltron (NPC) in it, she's a Jedi battle master (NJO) and she feeds off of confidence in battle (I don't want to get too far into her character unless you guys are interested). Eventually I will be involving the PCs with her family and perhaps the home world and I'm trying to figure out strange customs or quirks that would be off putting along with rule of conduct. For example is the instance of being upset against a law or while it might not be law is there an action that has to be taken? Considering the empathic nature of the race it could be considered disorderly to bombard the area with such emotions. Another instance would be a kid drinking an inebriating beverage, considering their society and biology I would think that would be allowed, but might make "civilized" people upset. The safety of the child would probably be enforced by any nearby Zeltron any distress and it would be noticed. Current thoughts on culture\society. -Intentional use of emotion to disrupt is equivalent to disturbing the peace. -Age of maturity is probably loosely defined at around the onset of puberty. -The crime rate would be low, not zero, due to the empathic nature of the Zeltron. Most likely there would be distress on ether the victim or the criminal and that would raise attention. -There are sects of Zeltron that embody different aspect of things, the martial, art, scholarly things, etc. -I'm uncertain as to the extent of warrior pursuits, though there is dialog stating that they can fight, so is there an armed forces that just isn't used? -From the above site reference it states that the males are subjugated, I can't think of a reason for this. Does it make sense to anyone else? Clearly I have a start of my own, but expanding my knowledge and making the race more fleshed out I think would help in the RP experience. Thanks For Reading, Responding and contributing to my and our research\growth of the partying species!
  3. Zeltron Society and Culture

    Thanks for your input Grimace. I agree about the female society, remember when Hapse was special? It seems like a lot of the races want to be 'different' so they just go with gender reversal. What they could be doing is looking at what society they resemble then figure out spins on that factoring in environment and biology. I know I'll have to come up with my own spin on things, however since many brains are better than one I was figuring a grand discussion that would bear fruit for myself and others. While I hope others chime in, if they don't I'll just be limited to my own resources.
  4. Hello I'm working on a game world using eastern lore and I've decided to use D6 Powers (not R&E; though I've heard it's good). Now here are some questions: In trying to duplicate the powers of a Kitsune (Fox spirit) Powers does most of it. Now I'm trying to reproduce the ability of strong kitsune to make pocket dimensions. I've thought about making an ability using Spacial Warp and Dimension shift as a basis; maybe having the roll of the power dictate the size and material types within. Has anyone already tackled this problem? The other question I have is more opinionated, this world is based off of the Inuyasha Anime and I've been thinking about how to tackle the Shinto/Buddhist powers of the Miko. My current thought is to make a Manipulation type ability to cover basic to intermediate effects while using the other abilities for the more advanced things. the Other option is to use the D6 Fantasy Magic. Is it a good idea to mix the two? While I think I'm able to handle other aspects with the system I am open to your thoughts about how to simulate other eastern aspects with the system or ideas in general. Thank You for Reading
  5. This is the Out of Character thread for the upcoming and possible future adventures/campaigns.
  6. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (OOC)

    Thanks Finals for my term have taken up a bit of my time I'll definitely have time Tuesday to go over every thing. From my skim though it looks good. Sorry for the wait.
  7. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (OOC)

    The racial restrictions are only those based on the time period and even then with a good background can be circumvented. For Example Barabels haven't been discovered by the republic yet, however there are independent people and unsavory organizations around the area so it is not outside the realm of possibility that maybe a ship landed and took on a native as a slave or stowaway. In terms of droids, yes it's possible to be a droid character, though other beings might not acknowledge your sentience.
  8. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (OOC)

    Second Edition Revised with draws from other D6 Sources, like Disadvantages and Advantages. The details may be found in "House Rules and Extra Stuff". To be more precise on the time it's the last years of the Exar Kun Sith War and blaster technology is rare, *3 price with slugthrowers and pulse wave weapons being more common. The location information can be fount in Syria Sector and Factions. Additionally I'm merging the Parries and using the Martial Arts Expanded (download link- http://www.mediafire.com/?8r5tx2gmmyx) and a Lightsaber Form rule set similar to martial Arts. A background explanation will be needed for some Martial Arts, like Shadow Hand. Some Maneuvers will require a teacher or someone to train with. The Character creation limits are usually (race dependent) 18D Attributes and 7D skills, disadvantages will ether get you more dice or allow you to buy Advantages of equivalent level. Allies and Enemies are gained through background and play, they are not worth disad/adv points. Have fun
  9. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (OOC)

    Sure, just send me a character/background and lets hash out something. @Obi: Sorry for this long, weird delay, but ya can come on back too if ya want. Once we get you settled in we can kick start this thing again. Thanks for your interest and keep in mind the time frame. As stated elsewhere a I'm a sucker for a good background. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Welcome and, again, lets get the ball rolling again!
  10. A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away.... On board the Sirahn, deep space- The Tactical Command and Control deck was lightly crewed by multiple species, the blue hue of hyperspace fleeing and the rust orange lights kicked in as realspace took hold. The stations are arranged in an tilted oval style with a raised area in the center holding a throne, tactical map and three additional stations with no obvious means to reach the plateau. After a few moments the dark grey Bothan, Lanshik, turned in the chair of port plateau station to bring the throne and its occupants into his line of sight. "Kero has made contact with the Lanskeir, they are willing to assist us." Lanshik reports. Through the tactical map, sitting on the throne a woman listens to the good news. A small figure shifts in her lap as the bunny-like Kushiban feels the woman's hand stroke through its fur. "Good little pawns, acquiring secrets and power on our own would make us too visible." she pauses then speaks again in anticipation of Lanshik, "Of course we aren't going to be out of all the fun." Lanshik closed his mouth, "Apologies, I just feel out of control using autonomous forces" his chair swivels back to his station. "I understand your feelings Lanshik, however we don't have the protection of Lord Kun's fleet out here. Until we are ready we must stick to the shadows. On board the Transport Denel, hyperbeacon 113 Hava system- The Denel is a officially a bulk crew transport, but has been modified into something more akin to a cruise ship. There are pools, bars, game rooms and environment rooms for alien species of Type II atmospheres. It is rumored that the Denel can offer specialized entertainment and opportunities for those with the nose for certain business ventures. Though most people are only on board for transport their are two beings within the ship not motivated by money or the need to travel to a specific destination. They were guided here by what some might consider superstition, the Force. The two beings are Jedi Shadow Gyn and Jedi Peacemaker Xanthe. Both have followed their own sensings to the Denel though the reason is not immediately apparent as is the way of the Force. The ship slows having engine problems from hyperspace turbulence, something only a ruse to those whom are in the know. It is a signal for nearby smugglers and contractors to board to collect cargoes or collect from completed tasks. On board the Serenity, near hyperbeacon 113- Dante has been waiting here for some time as a part of a contract, the sub light engine damage light occasionally blinking on and off. He is to wait for the Denel and board it when it stops to collect several cases of TTI canisters and a stolen prototype injector system from the Basilisk Confederation. He is then to deliver them to a 'ship collector' he is ask for at the Tree Stryder bar within the Arin Dai capital in the Kajma system. The pay being 8,000 with a deduction of 200 per missing or damaged canister if there were anything to happen. His sensors finally picked up the vessel dropping out of hyperspace and slowing to a stop sending out a special beep code to alert ships like the Serenity to dock.
  11. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn & Dante- Sash Tei jerked and shot her weapon, the projectile going through the open door. Her subordinates slowly went for their weapons. Buroc took a few seconds then moved into the room heading for the chest. The Bothan was simply shoved by the Trandoshian into the parasteel window before he started rifling. The other two take a few more precious second to decide who'll cover the door and the chest. A look of anger formed on Sash's face, "Oh this is terrific." she spared a glance to the Weequay, Gran and Bothan, "What is it you want?"
  12. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn- The woman jumps to the side dodging the first blow. She wasn't prepared for the second attack and was propelled backwards and landed onto the luxury bed. Wincing the human sat up, "Fortunately for you I'm in no condition to kill you off. But the doesn't mean I can't still win!" Sash Tei brought out a small slugthrower and pointed it at the martial magician. Beyond the wounded woman and her followers, through the transparasteel window from the small rock field and broken moon came swarms of specks swiftly forming into star-fighters speeding towards the Denel. -Denel Bridge- "Welcome to the Sweet Zone Rouge Blade." said Captain Rastil Keed's voice crackled over the com, "Now we will start with our negotiations." A smile reformed on Rastil's face, "Now I thought we had already agreed to terms. BUt that's ok, tell me Keed. Do you know what is so great about the Sweet Zone." After a few moments of silence he continued, "This place is occupied by some friends of mine." "You've betrayed me." "Just before you betrayed me." Alarms went off as shields and weapons were brought up.
  13. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn- Sash Tei barely realized that the magician had moved, she tried to twist around to face him, but was hit in the back of the neck. She stumbled haphazardly and dropped to a knee. "What are you doing, get him." she commanded of her group. Her companions hesitated. The Bothan spoke, "Sash,we should get out of here." "Useless!", Tei took a step, swinging a knife from her sheath. The blade deflected off her target. "You don't feel that?"
  14. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn- An asteroid field came into view through the window with the backdrop of a larger, blasted, object. The human woman made a gesture towards the Gran and then the Weequey to do something to the 'magician'. However both took a subtle step back. "Useless..." the woman slowly took a few steps towards Gyn, "I'm afraid you don't know whom you are dealing with. I am the Butcher of Teta, the Ghost of Kashyyyk, Sash Tei!" Tei grabs for the crystal. As she made the attempt a sharp sense of danger erupts through Gyn's mind. (Roll Dex or brawling to resist her grab) -Dante- Within was a living area adorned with symbol tapestries and contained a couch set near a holo-entertainmnet system with a kitchen area in the corner along with a deactivated droid auto-chef. The droid looks as if it suffered some kind of malfunction with its arms frozen in a bizarre manner and it only had one of it's optical sensors glowing, an expanded restraining bolt is pinned to its metallic chest. There are four doors in immediate view. One is just to the left after the entry way. The second on the wall within the kitchen area. Another on the same wall, but outside the kitchen zone. The Final one is across from the kitchen zone designed to be less noticeable with a color scheme similar to the sand brown walls under the tapestries, though the door toggle is not dulled. The muffled words "Sash Tei" reached Dante's ears from one of the rooms near the kitchen area. Buroc agitatedly flipped his tongue out after seeing the condition of the kitchen droid.
  15. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Dante- The card panel opened easily unveiling a mesh of circuitry and wires that looked like they had been partially stripped and rewired a few times. Thinking for a moment the gunman traced where previous connections had been made and recreated the previous work with a show of sparks. The door made a clicking noise and opened a few inches, but the card reader was toasty. ((Security 3+4=7))
  16. I have a character that has been wanting to use Injure-Kill against objects. Is this possible? I could it working if it was like TK kill and is crushing/mangling stuff. However if It's pure force energy ie Life Force damage I wouldn't see it working? A Poll of whether it would work on item? Thanks.
  17. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn- The Gran's eye stalks blink while the weequay and human turned to face the uninvited guest with hands going to now visible holsters. The Bothan seemed too preoccupied by the amulet in his hand to notice. The weequay responded first, "We should gun him." The human female ignored her companion's remark and just smirked, "Just accomplishing today's mission, if you're after something specific take it. We are aren't snobbish thieves." The Bothan's item of preoccupation began to stir and move towards the new arrival as if by some magnetic force. he futilely tried to hold on as it's silver and gold chain slipped through his fingers. The human woman noticed as it entered her periphery, her eyes widening slightly. She took a step and reached out to obtain the floating jewelry, her last two droid fingers on an otherwise human hand almost grabbed it. The Entu amulet swerved away to continue to the apparently empowered guest. "Where are his Jedi robes... a Sith?!" the Gran said "Jedi or Sith, whatever you are that," the human pointed at the item, "is ours. Return it before something unfortunate happens." -Dante- Buroc stopped checking his pockets, "What." It took a moment for his brain to process, "The room is high class, it should have auto-lockss." However despite the statement he pressed the button anyway. The door chirped in a negative. A feeling of unease, bordering on fear tugged at the Trandoshian's face for a moment, but swiftly squashed it. "Do you know anything about getting around doors?"
  18. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Dante- "Maybe they'll like you and let your ship go." The low bit music ended as the lift doors opened. Buroc began at a brisk pace as soon as the way was clear. The two navigated the plain passenger corridors smoothly noting that it was empty of either civilian or security. Though that fact didn't seemed noticed by the rushing reptile. He reached to pull out his Key Card and insert it and was surprised when his scaled fingers hit the card reader. His passenger card was wasn't there. The trandoshian let out a noise part hiss and growl as he started searching his own pockets.
  19. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn- Moving swiftly you trigger the door panel just outside the kitchen area. Beyond the door is a luxurious room layout with a large variable tension bed, independent environmental controls and a safe. The rather warm room was not unoccupied as there were four individuals around the safe one crouched down with tools. These were the small group that vanished slightly before the scuffle in the casino. One, a Bothan male, was opening the safe. "Finally." announced the Bothan. A nearby female human glanced over, "Is the amulet there?" "Yes." A Gran glanced towards the door with one of it's eyes, "We have company..." The fourth individual was a Weequay who turned towards the door.
  20. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn- The door to Buroc's quarters slid open. Within was a living area adorned with symbol tapestries and contained a couch set near a holo-entertainmnet system with a kitchen area in the corner along with a deactivated droid auto-chef. The droid looks as if it suffered some kind of malfunction with its arms frozen in a bizarre manner and it only had one of it's optical sensors glowing, an expanded restraining bolt is pinned to its metallic chest. There are four doors in immediate view. One is just to the left after the entry way. The second on the wall within the kitchen area. Another on the same wall, but outside the kitchen zone. The Final one is across from the kitchen zone designed to be less noticeable with a color scheme similar to the sand brown walls under the tapestries, though the door toggle is not dulled. -Dante- Teebo whistled an acknowledgment as you enter the lift and the doors close. The trandoshian punched in the deck number. A low bit version of Ithroian music played as the lift moved. "The Katana Guild are a ruthless bunch. They have been known to steal or extort cargo then leave the vessel with dissabled propulsion and life support systemss. That is of course assuming they don't destroy you or you find someway to be usseful." He paused in reflection for a moment, "When I've had dealings with the Guild they had brought beings with slugthrowers in military grade armor, or at least it appeared that way. From what I've seen on the Denel the active smugglers may be able to hold their own, but the security would have a harder time, unless the armory has anti-assault gear. Cruise ships aren't known for their weapons or security... I wonder why the ship isn't under attack already? It looked like there were enough ships."
  21. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (OOC)

    Just recently got internet back, so no problem.
  22. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Gyn- Looking for additional security measures at first doesn't unveil anything, until you look deeper. Unlatching the panel to gain access to its circuitry was too easy and some poking around shows why. This lock has been 'picked' rather recently and whomever did it was too hasty in putting the panel back together. The connections to the reader and the locking mechanism aren't connected properly, it would only take a few seconds to fix.
  23. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Dante- Buroc gripped Dante's hand, "I just want to get out alive. I can lose some winnings." h stared at the ships for a moment more, "They're in my cabin, 261." The Trandoshian turned and steeled himself, bottling up the stress of the situation. He strode towards the nearest lift, leading the way. -Gyn- The hallway was empty, there wasn't even security. The reader accepted the card, but the electronic lock didn't change, the entry light remained unlit.
  24. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (IC)

    -Dante- "I am the Vice Administrator of the Confederation's Trade Commission." He paused for a moment, then stared at the Guild's symbol, "I have... contracts with them. Listen if they know I'm here and your with me I'm sure I can negotiate a way for the both of us to leave... unharmed." His voice sounded fearful. The Katana Guild Frigate kept pace with the Denel for a few minuets before pulling away enough into the distance where the entire vessel can be seen. -Gyn- The screen of the datapad came to life when the datachit was inserted. BASILISK INTERNAL AFFAIRS FILE -1A35B Case Agents: Marla Kings, Biggs Starfire Suspect: Buroc Kra Sex: Male Species: Trandoshian Position: VA, Stellar Trade Commission Residence:Taq, Lynx System Spouse: Lell, 3 Hatchlings Status: Under investigation for suspected shadow market and Katana Guild dealings. Preliminary Report: afred... ENCRYPTED BASILISK INTERNAL AFFAIRS FILE -1A35B The card has several small security numbers on its bule/gold surface, but the most prominate number is 261. The room should be on deck two as most of deck one is recreation. The beings in the common area were far too distracted by the observation window to bring much traffic to the lifts scattered across the chamber. A tension was building from the beings as some of them finally came to terms with what was most likely going to happen. Soon there would be a panic from the less hardened individuals of the Denel.
  25. Syria Sector- Keys to Darkness (OOC)

    Sorry guys. I only recently got the internet back. Power and Cable were knocked out from the hurricane.