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  1. So sorry to hear this. Best to his family and friends.
  2. My group took a look and we were wondering with the files so much more available today than it has been since the 80s, what are you going for? Is this a fan update and slight expansion? If you are treating this like a work in progress the area that got themost attention, here and on the Nerdy Show forum was the addition to the ghost classification scale. I'd like to see that explained a bit more. What do the levels from 8-12 do that are different from a Gozer level 7. Anyway good luck with it.
  3. I'm sorry I didn't see this for Halloween. Thank you for making it available for Halloween 2014.
  4. Agrees Thanks for all the work. As soon as we figure out wether Heartblead has blown over I'll contribute. Thanks again.
  5. I ran your Henmarsh scenario this afternoon. I did need to fill out a few details such as introducing the teddy to give the PCs a fair chance at recognizing it as important. It doesn't really have a humorous element but the atmosphere of the fishing village and the fog more than make up for it. The players and I had a good time. Nice job and anything more you have in mind is most welcome.
  6. Sounds great. Are you using period published material, creating new stuff or mix and matching according to the theme of the issue?
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