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  1. I too would be quite interested in seeing how you all set up ship-to-ship combat as well as a range of ship template options.
  2. Has anyone used any sort of social/mental combat in their games? I don't mean psionic battles, but rather something for fights and arguments that don't descend into actual physical combat.
  3. In my homebrew we have something like a class system, but geared to be as open as possible for the d6 system. We have specific schools within the setting that offer unique training in skills that we refer to as feats. These are distinguished from the general list of abilities that everyone has access to, and require instruction/training to be attempted. They are effectively powers, or groups of powers, which function similarly to the Star Wars D6 force powers. But instead of just putting experience points/training as a Jedi, you could train in a variety of schools (Brawler, Elementalist, Illusionist, Assassin, Shaman). There is no penalty for "cross classing" and we have had plenty of odd combinations of Necromancy casting marksmen, priest/prophet/gladiator/frost mage, martial arts trained blademasters, and biomancer secret agents. We've also had several forgo any academy training and just use general abilities, putting points into social skills, dodge, and weapons. Generally the "class"-based feats give special bonuses (to damage or hit rate with a particular weapon, to movement, avoidance, or resistance), or they allow the user to do something otherwise impossible (raise dead, cast a fireball, speak with plants, grow claws, etc). There is enough range that no two characters ever feels quite the same, even if both are trained in the academy of geomancy.
  4. Heh, you're only a couple days in and at $1,882 out of $3,000. I'm getting ready to donate now. You have 58 days to go I'm excited to see those stretch goals!
  5. A) Auriculotemporal, vagus, medial occipital, and may some aspect of the opthalmic division of the trigeminal interfacing with the neural system of the masquer B) Sufficiently advanced bio-technology is indistinguishable from magic C) The same nerve that let George Lucas interpose Jar Jar, make Greedo shoot first, and reject Luke's marriage. What nerve indeed!
  6. What resource do you think has the best stats? Is there a compiled chart or table you find most accurate?
  7. I am trying to incorporate an alchemy system into my d6 fantasy world of Alatha. This stuff looked good and re-kindled my interest. Any ideas on where to find more or similar?
  8. This is entirely my opinion with no hard data backing it up, but I would imagine it would allow for the movement of head-tails and thus the capability to use the language, but not necessarily the knowledge of the language itself to be able to communicate in it. I would say the same for wookie masques: claws and the ability to produce the difficult Shyriiwoook sounds, but not the fluency in the language. So someone like Han, knowing the language well, but normally unable to speak it, would blend in fine. Jiri the random Jawa with minimal Wookie contact could make the sounds, but they would be random and probably nonsense. That's just my two credits worth...
  9. Alatha


    I think you should just say April 1st, and then call it an April Fools joke if it isn't finished
  10. “*GM in character*: ‘Tell me your name.’ *Player*: (after pause) ‘I tell him my name.’

    *GM*: ‘You can’t remember your character’s name, can you?’ *Player*: ‘No.’”




  11. Hey everyone, I'm a long time lurker but I thought I'd finally introduce myself. I first discovered rpgs in middle school, around the mid-early nineties. My friends and I were always making up games anyways that involved role playing elements, so things just got quickly incorporated into running around outside or setting up lego wars. Since I had always loved Star Wars, I quickly snatched up a copy of WEG Star Wars rpg when my friend pointed it out. That became our default game, but we made up plenty of other settings and adapted whatever part of the d6 system seemed appropriate. From modern spy escapades and gonzo alien federations to tribal dinosaurs competing for resources and were-creatures in the bleak north woods (before White Wolf and Twilight), our imaginations and a loose d6 system were the portals to play. If the game had a gm, I took the role, and spent plenty of time drawing characters. We played a non-magic castle setting and SW through high school, until life got more rushed and serious. Through college we occasionally reminisced about our games and the crazy stories. Going rapidly from over-booked to hours of free time during the fourth quarter of my freshman year in college, I took to random projects, including starting to create a language. With that evolving, I began to draw the beings who would speak my language, and combined them with a sociology project to create a society. Drawing on Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern motifs, the world of Alatha was born. I did soy me more work the following couple years, but but had nearly forgotten it by graduation. I moved back to my home town, and broke out WEG's Star Wars again with old friends. At some point, one suggested I make a game for "my world". It has been four years, and we've been playing and working on it since. Alatha is my pet project, always growing, adapting, and expanding with our play. And though it is somewhat heavily modified in places, the D6 core is central to the game, and through it the evolution of the world. Someday we may make something to share Alatha with the world, but for now I'm just excited to see a remnant of good ol' d6 fans still out in this 'verse.
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