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  1. That may be part of it too. I wonder if the Tauntaun carries less since it is bipedal? I don't have my star wars book with me at the moment, or else I would look it up. It may all be just guess work at what makes sense, but even it if its, there may be a way to make it work out with rules to help convert things more easily.
  2. Perhaps it is scaled up with the size modifier. I know bigger things to more damage to normal size because of scale. Perhapse it works off the same mechanic... or could.
  3. Like everything a lot so far. Looking forward to seeing more.
  4. Thanks, that helps a lot. I thought about that after I got off my computer last night, but didn't have a chance to go look up Ars Magica yet. That really helped clarify the set up. I will definitely start using this magic set up in my games soon.
  5. I am about to start running a D6 Fantasy campaign, and I really like this idea for magic. I am going to use it in my games for sure. I am really new to D6 stuff (used to play star wars back in the day though) and so I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how things should work at times. Anyone have any ideas of how to detail out each of the skills? What exactly would each one pertain to? Most of them are pretty easy to figure out, like the verb ones, its some of the noun ones that are a little tricky (like magic). I am also going to be using the verb words for Arcane casters, and the noun words for Divine casters (like Rerun is using in his Dark Sun conversion...very nice so far by the way).
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