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  1. Yes, there is a site named D6 Universe....my site. And while the design as a whole is nice, if I were to use this particular graphic for something, I'd want to change the look of the "D6". The "universe" text is fine, but having the same type of text for both makes the D6 look a little.....off... in my opinion. But the space background and the text glow look quite good!
  2. I, in essence, agree with Nerdron. The D6 core is, in my opinion, something that entails something like the following: "Attribute dice plus skill dice get rolled and compared against the difficulty of the task as established by the person running the game. Roll greater than the difficulty and succeed; roll less than and fail." Pretty much everything else is "optional". Some people will have different attribute names, some have different skill names, some have different amounts of attributes or skills, some have different combat options. Some will use different magic systems, some different wound systems, some different scale modifiers. Some will use simplified dice mechanics, some will use advantages and disadvantages, some will use chess piece goons and others will want enough detail in their games to use miniatures. Basically, anything beyond the "core" is something that will be optional depending on the way the GM wants to run a game and how detailed or open they want that game to be. If you make things too complicated, as he said, you might have 75% of the people use X rule from the "core" but you'll have others that will never use that particular aspect of the "core" because their style of gameplay never uses it. For example, I never use advantages or disadvantages. If they were included in the core rules, something that couldn't be changed, then every single thing I created for D6 would alter the established core. So if you keep the "core" rules very, VERY basic, it allows for more optional things to be put on top and the game tweaked to the flavor desired.
  3. I would certianly use it! I've got a lot of D6 material just sitting around. Some of it is of a quality that I feel would be of interest to people. Settings and sourcebooks both. As nerdron mentioned, though, no "board" or some such. Let "free" be free.
  4. Considering how sporadic things are at WEG right now, I wouldn't believe anything that comes out of there. To some extent, Eric is sounding a lot like Brett Favre when it comes to what he wants to do with the D6 IP. Until the rights change hands to someone else, I don't foresee anything concrete coming out of WEG. Sad to say, but that's just what I'm seeing.
  5. Sadly I don't have the money available (without taking out a loan) to purchase the system. I'd love to have it, as I have so many ideas for D6. I would create (as I am now) a comprehensive system that would allow for simple, medium, or more complex use of the D6 system. It would utilize one set of attributes and an expanding list of skills that could be used for any type of game you'd want to play with D6. I'd work on cohesive stats for things that wouldn't vary depending on the type of setting you were playing in, and I would offer developed ideas for ways to run D6 in various different settings and genres. I'd also come up with a dedicated setting that I would release and expand upon, so people could have something they could play in without having to do a bunch of creative "build it from scratch" work beforehand. I've got so much stuff I've created that I could fairly rapidly come up with reasonable products fairly quickly. But...that won't happen, as there's no way for me to purchase the system.
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