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  1. Hey man, I haven't seen or heard from you regarding that "issue" you were stalled on. How can I help?

  2. I'll see what I can do, RocketDad.

  3. Happy Birthday, amigo!

  4. Welcome to the boards! Sorry it was delayed in getting your posts on, but you should be all set now. Please read over the Rules of the Board on the FAQ and enjoy your stay here!

  5. Again...a nudge... If you get the time, check out ATD6 and lend your thoughts please.

  6. If you get the time, check out ATD6 and lend your thoughts please.

  7. sorry I missed ya. was making some grub. you're welcome back in the chat.

  8. No, Whill, you're not the only kook that likes to roll the dice. ;)

  9. Got the package today! Many thanks once again!

  10. Welcome to the boards! Please make sure you check out the Rules of the Board in the FAQ. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Look forward to seeing more posts from you.

  11. Yeah...what Whill said...Happy Birthday! And check out the All Things D6 social group...we've posed some questions for ya.

  12. I'd just do invites to people who you think will help out. You can also bring up the topic if there becomes a thread where the discussion of D6 Anime comes up. I think there's a thread about that somewhere on the boards. You could mention it there.

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