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  1. What kind of stats are you looking for? Creatures? Spells? Weapons?
  2. Grimace

    D6 Summerland in the Halloween sale

    Cool. Downloading it now. By the way, it appears the "full size preview" does not show anything. It says the file is corrupted.
  3. Grimace

    Ranged attack rules ?

    It is more balanced according to the D6 System book, as that is what I used because D6 Fantasy wasn't produced yet when I made my fantasy rules. Basically, my armor protects against Slashing, Piecing and/or Blunt damage. So each weapon had that damage type listed. When a target is hit by a weapon, the target rolls Physique + Armor (vs. type of damage) and the attacker rolls Physique + Damage of weapon. So my weapons and armor are balanced to work with each other. It should roughly work with D6 Fantasy, as it is D6, but if you don't use both the weapons and armor, there's no guarantee of balance.
  4. Grimace

    Ranged attack rules ?

    Yes, if you use the range modifiers, then I would use it. Honestly, I don't give any added benefit for Point Blank range. For me, Close is 0, Medium is -10, Long is -20. No bonus for Point Blank. But if you are playing with all modifiers, then I would apply the Point Blank for Melee IF (and only if) the target is not actively dodging/parrying.
  5. Grimace

    Ranged attack rules ?

    Okay, looking at the page you listed, the following aspects are applicable: Base defense of 10 is correct. That is what a person gets if they are not doing anything to avoid the shot. No Partial or Full Defense rolls. So firing as per your examples is correct...if the target is not doing anything to dodge or avoid the shot. Now, as for your melee combat example, that's not entirely accurate. If you have a person with a sword attack a person close to them, chances are the target is not going to just "stand there" and get the base 10 example. But, if they did, you could easily put the base defense at 10, and then -5 for being in "point blank" range (melee range), puts the difficulty to hit the person at 5. Realistically, though, it is going to be an attack and a defensive roll by the target, which completely takes the place of the Base Defense 10. An example: Fighter 1 attacks Monster 1. Monster 1 intends to fend off the attack of the fighter, and swing for the fighter's head. Fighter is going to take a vicious swing at the monster in hopes of cleaving it in two. Fighter rolls Fighting of 6d for his attack. He gets a 26. Monster 1 is taking two actions, so -1D to each action. First is a parry of the attack. Monster's Fighting ability is 5D+2. But this roll, with the multi-action penalty, puts the roll at 4D+2. It rolls a 20. With the +2, that makes it 22. The monster is hit! If the monster survives the hit, it can take its second action, also at a -1D due to multiple action. The fighter, on the other hand, would have a Base defense to avoid the attack, since the fighter only declared 1 attack. Damage of the sword is 3D+Physique. So the fighter rolls 7D and gets 30. If using Body Points, the Monster takes 30 hits and depending on what percentage of the total hit points is lost, it could be wounded or even dead. If using Wound Levels, the Monster rolls its Physique and gets to minus that amount from 30 to see what level of injury was inflicted by the blow. Say the Monster rolls a 16. That would be a difference of 14. That would put the Monster is Mortally Wounded and knocked unconscious. So the Monster would not get to roll its second action. If, instead, the monster rolled a 27, that would put the difference at 3, meaning the Monster is Stunned, suffering an additional -1D to any further actions that round. Then the Monster would be able to attack the Fighter, but would roll Fighting -2D to see if it hits. Fighting is normally 5D+2, so that is reduced to 3D+2. Monster rolls and get a 9, for a total of 11. Fighter did not have any other actions, so his Base Difficulty is 10. But, considering the range, that puts a -5 to the difficulty. Thus the fighter is hit on a 5 or greater. The Monster roars and swings its massive claw at the fighter's head. The Fighter realizes too late that he wasn't ready for an attack, and catches the blow on the side of his helmeted head. Now the Monster rolls damage, which is Physique. Say it rolls a 21. We can add +2 for the claws, making it 23. The Fighter would normally not get to roll if using Body Points, but in this case he has a Helmet on, which provides protection! So he does get to reduce the damage in Body Points. Now they don't have a helm listed, but you could extrapolate that a Buckler is +2 (Page 116 in D6Fantasy), so an armored helm might be +1. That reduces the damage by 1, making only 22 points of damage that is lost using the Body Points system. If you use Wound Levels, the Fighter would roll Physique and add +1 for the helm. But there is also the option of inflicting additional damage on the head (Page 70 in D6 Fantasy) of +12. Yes, it also adds to the difficulty to hit the target, but in this case, the Monster still qualifies. So now it's 22 + 12, for a total of 34. In Body Points, chances are the Fighter is going down from the blow. Using Wound Levels, the Fighter would roll Physique and add +1 due to the helm. So if the fighter got a total of 19, that would be a difference of 15, putting the fighter in Mortally Wounded status. Hopefully this helps you understand it more.
  6. Grimace

    Software Testers Required

    I wish you luck in your endeavor. I use Windows, and have good knowledge of D6 in all of its iterations. I could help out with testing if you are in need of people. I cannot help out monetarily.
  7. Grimace

    Ranged attack rules ?

    I'll look into your examples for pages and get back to you with an explanation. Saw this too late for a full explanation.
  8. Yeah, there are a couple of us who still look into this place every so often. Here's hoping things work out and your inventive juices get flowing again!
  9. Grimace

    New to WEG Star Wars

    Classic Adventures is decent if you are hurting to come up with ideas for adventures. But honestly, I think after you read through the first two books you have, you'll probably have plenty of ideas for adventures. So I don't know if I would call Classic Adventures an "essential" addition. It's decent, but not essential.
  10. Grimace

    New to WEG Star Wars

    Welcome to WEG Star Wars! Once you go WEG, you won't want any other. As for "must have" material, since you got the special 30th Anniversary set, I would say you have the essential! The main RPG and the Star Wars Sourcebook! I've used the Sourcebook for so much, as it's jam packed with Star Wars good stuff! If you're really itching to pick up some other 1st edition sourcebooks, I would look for the following 3: Rebel Alliance Sourcebook Imperial Sourcebook Tramp Freighters All three of those give you so much to go on, you can run massive amounts of adventures with those and the two books you start with in the Anniversary set.
  11. Sounds correct to me!
  12. Looks like, upon my cursory look over, that you've put some good effort into this. I downloaded it to look at with a more discerning eye as things slow down. Thanks for sharing!
  13. So,...everything working well now?
  14. Grimace

    Grey vs Green

    Really kind of depends on how you view the Greys and Greens. Maybe Greys get more Brains. Greens get more Brawns. Give the Greys the possibility of "Mind Control" for a limited time. Give the Greens something like the mytosis, so they can, with a certain roll, split into two, giving them greater numbers. Or whatever you decide is the difference between the two. Unless you purposefully WANT some to be notably stronger, I would suggest being careful with the escalation of stats for the races. You can accomplish the same thing with scale or with caps on stats and not inflate the stats.
  15. Grimace

    OpenD6 Wikia have been Resurrected!

    Hey there Dunell, I have a couple of OpenD6 things that I created that are free for anyone. They are called "Quick Hits". You can feel free to share the links on your OpenD6 wiki. "Holding back the Red Turbans" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7K13QUX-9lrcEowUDBfcm9RN3M/view?usp=sharing and "The ghosts of Allendown Moor" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7K13QUX-9lrUzFLUzVlZF9zUzA/view?usp=sharing