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  1. Interesting idea. If you give it a play through, let me know how well it works.
  2. Maybe "Thinking Based" as well, for the educators, inventors, scholars Otherwise, I think you have the vast majority once you add in Pilot based.
  3. Somehow I don't think so.
  4. Savar, you may be at or very near capacity for your messages. I sent a message to anlarye, but before I could, I needed to delete some messages from my inbox. I was "over" capacity. I believe all of our prior messages from the old site also ported over, and this site has less capacity for keeping messages. So clean out your inbox and see if that alleviates the problem.
  5. No, that was under a much older discussion board format. This site has undergone a number of changes since then and the chat room is no more.
  6. If a profession has a "requirement", will you offer opportunity for a starting character to gain skills needed for the requirement before they actually get to chose a profession? If not, it may be a bit like a "unicorn" in that people see a profession but cannot get it because they cannot meet the requirements, so they chose a different profession and will likely never think of changing their profession once they achieve the requirements. Or am I misinterpreting what you mean by "requirements"?
  7. I would suggest the order in which a person would need to learn it in order to play the game. However, as I know from experience, sometimes the ideas for a particular idea flow more smoothly than an idea that you MUST come up with because you are trying to keep it in order. So attempt to keep some order, but don't let the order bog you down if you end up getting a brainstorm on a particular idea out of order. Just make sure you assemble the rules in the correct order.
  8. Yeah, it can really build upon itself. At least you realized what else you needed before you thought you were all done.
  9. Good to see this back up and running! Thanks Magman!
  10. Yes, you could make a completely new mechanic PI, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of OGL. Just think if the creators of Mini Six did that. You wouldn't be able to use any of their material. So do a favor to those who may very much enjoy your new mechanic.... make it OGL (non-PI) so others can use that idea in their works just like you may use some works from others in your work. If you want to keep aspects of a SETTING as PI, then by all means do so. That way only you can legally expand on that setting. But if it's a mechanic for D6, consider putting it into OGL so that others can use it in future works as well.
  11. If things are multiplied, such as attributes, the cost is added BEFORE multiplying! Unless you find that too costly, then put it after. But my gut says put it before multiplying.
  12. I think, to better fit in with D6, rather than putting a "maximum" and reducing it upon each reincarnation, you make it more and more difficult to advance the character with each version of themselves. So a person that is on their first version is just like a regular character for skill advancement. But once they die and come back, now they have to pay +1 more to do what they used to in order to advance. They die again, and come back, well now they have to pay +2 more than normal. Third death, now everything is +3 more expensive. This is for skills and and attributes! So while they get the benefit of always being able to come back alive, they have the drawback that it's more difficult for them to learn things. It doesn't "reduce" anything of theirs, it just makes it more difficult for them to get up to a high level of skill. That provides some negative feedback, so to speak, for dying too much. Plus, you can weirdly track how much a character has died based on their penalty. A character is at +7, that means they have died and come back to life 7 times. But advancing from 2D to 2D+1 in a skill now costs them 9 Character Points instead of the usual 2.
  13. Yeah, I, too, am puzzled by the auto-failure of the spell in the 4th round AND the suffering of potential damage. Why in the world would a person EVER keep it up if the failure is automatic AND there is damage to resist? You need to determine if the benefit of the spell is worth enough for the person to keep it up, regardless of the pain and suffering they might experience. At the same time, don't have the spell automatically fail if they go over. Only have it fail if they fail to resist the damage inflicted upon them by holding that spell up even into the threshold where pain starts impacting them. So if the spell was, say, "Fast Speed" and a person got to double their movement each round, but didn't have to make checks for the increased movement, they might not want to keep that power up if it starts to cause damage to them. However, if they are being chased by a cybernetic ursine that intends to shred them, they may feel the need to resist that 22 Stun damage is worth keeping it up because the alternative would mean being torn apart by the metallic bear. Also keep in mind that you can't necessarily have the same effects for keeping spells up. Inflicting "stun attacks" against a person for keeping spells active might be rather mundane if there is a spell that increases a character's endurance to resist damage to a significant degree. So maybe some could affect the body, while others affect the mind. Imagine a mental check that, upon failure, causes the person to lapse into a sleep-like blackout stage for a number of rounds. So it doesn't physically damage them, other than they might fall down, but their brain is hindered to the point that they shut down.
  14. Again, I have one setting that used this idea, and I was dabbling with another. Professions make sense in some settings, but not in other settings. So use professions carefully, and make sure they make sense for the game you are running. I also tied initial starting skill choices to profession, besides starting funds. That way each character had a different feel from another. Kind of like how templates worked in Star Wars.
  15. In one setting, I used 8 attributes once. It worked for that setting, but would not have worked for every setting. What's great about D6 is that it allows a person to make tweaks to it, and use it how they want for certain aspects. The one I used it for was a Gamma World type conversion to D6.