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  1. On page 91 of the Indiana Jones Adventures book by West End Games there are conversion notes to convert characters from the old MasterBook stuff from The World of Indiana Jones RPG into the D6 version in this book. For skills conversions it states: “To convert skills, apply the formula given above to the skill’s skill adds and then add that to the base converted attribute.” Then it gives an example by stating: “For example, a character with a Dexterity of 9 and a Vehicle Piloting of 11 [2adds] in MasterBook would have a d6 Coordination of 3D and a Vehicle Piloting of +2 [which is added to the base Mechanical score, since the skill falls beneath that attribute.What is confusing to me is do you add this value to the DICE or as pips to the base attribute? For instance, if my base attribute is 3D+2 and the conversion adds +2 to this would it be 5D+2 or 4D+2? I am additionally a tad confused how you apply the “formula given above” that it speaks about in my first paragraph here to skills. The formula it is talking about is to divide the value by 3 and keep the remainder as pips, so if the value is 13 it would come to 4D+1. Can any of you D6 and/or MasterBook WEG experts assist me with this, please? I am trying to convert Indy’s stats over to D6.
  2. I am looking to run an online campaign of the D6 WEG game Indiana Jones Adventures for some players online and I want to convert the movie characters (Indy, Sallah, Marion, etc.) from the percentile The Adventures of Indiana Jones game by TSR into the D6 system of the Indiana Jones Adventures game. Can anyone give me some guidance on converting from percentile into D6 please? It would be greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.
  3. Have any of you ever looked at the Stargate D6 game that was nearly finished by John Tynes? It is nearly a complete D6 RPG and was going to be the official Stargate RPG until WEG ran into financial difficulties. The game needs ship stats and things of that nature but is very usable right out of the PDF. Does anyone know if any other people have developed content for this such as ships and things like that? How difficult would it be to grok the system into Mini 6? You can download it here: http://gameworld.thesnakefarm.com/stargatesg1.php
  4. I might be interested in Azamar too. I am trying to get back into D6 and have Mini Six but have no idea what Cinema 6 is. I am looking for a sci-fi setting either space opera or hard sci-fi for Mini Six or Cinema 6. Anyone able to point me to something please?
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