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  1. Just a couple of q's for the masters here, 1) Do you have a list of themes for the magazine for future issues? 2) What kind of material are you looking for? (I know, a loaded and very general question...) 3) format? thanks! Eric
  2. Has there been, or is one being created an SRD for the OpenD6 system? Just curious!
  3. For a great resource for time lines you can check out either the Essential Star Wars Atlas or grab the current novels, they've put a chronology of the novels in them for some time now iirc!
  4. Greetings all, My name is Eric Duckworth. I stumbled upon this forum looking for d6 books. I want to weigh in on this topic with for a minute. I've been "with" the OGL since it's inception. I did self publish under the name Black Hole Hobbies one book for d20 Modern, but only after several years of watching the OGl license be created and refined. On the matter at hand (GM Screen PI owned by Mr. Bernstein), he is correct. But, I would actually suggest that instead of releasing the material as open content, he should have the Prodict Identity section be updated to state "Chapter 1: Creating your Own World, is copyright 1996, Precis Intermedia and not released as open content." This solves the issue and protects the PI of his product. Hope this helps! -Eric Duckworth, Gamer at Large!
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