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  1. "Ngangmura, Commander," Neqo says excitedly, giving a deep bow to Jathali. "I am ready to commence at your word. I have discovered that there may be a connection of interest with my previous investigations we should perhaps discuss." Blushing slightly at his breach of etiquette, Neqo turns to the assembled, "Ngangmura, tusmikang, tusmishan, tusmingaru, tusmikru. La, so many Tsoliani in one place. It is good to be among you all, especially after so many days here among the foreign." Turning to the priestess of Ksarul, he adds, "Tusmishan, it is most pleasing to hear words of devotion to our Emperor so far from our noble homeland. In my work, I have seen both lan and bussan from many, regardless of creed or clan. I am sure you will join me in agreeing that noble action is our calling, and service to the Petal Throne can never be other than this." Hesitating, smiling curiously and blushing again, he adds "Let me also assure you that I share your zeal for knowledge. I look forward to our further acquaintance." [[Thanks Osure! Very much looking forward to it. I hope I can keep up with the level of writing. The past adventures are a great read!]]
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