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  1. I wrote out about 3 and 1/4 pages worth of translations, which amounts to a rundown of selected character type/templates and the skill that come with them. So, for example: for Smugglers I have written out the skills Coordination, Deception, Knowledge (Underworld), Perception, Piloting (space), Skullduggery, Streetwise, Vigilance. Under Smugglers I wrote out each of the "subtypes": Pilot, Scoundrel and Thief. And then the added list of skills that go with each Subtype, for example: Scoundrel has the included skill of Charm, Cool, Deception, Ranged (light). I put the Skills organized by
  2. Hello there everybody, it's been a while! Material on this site led me to investigate the details of WEG's other games, and Shatterzone caught hold of my curiosity, although admittedly it's for Star Wars-centric reasons. I came across reference to the notion that Shatterzone was an arena for ideas and concepts that were proposed for the old SW RPG back when WEG had it, and they were able to use Shatterzone as a setting where they could make sure that those concepts and ideas would still have a home, after being vetoed by LFL or whoever for not fitting with what they wanted SW to be. I gu
  3. Second Session My player took the time to ponder possible tactics and strategies for combat with the Battlepods; I also wanted to open up a little with their capabilities. Turns out this meant that we were both wanting to make combat more 3rd dimensional. So, for the follow up combat action with the Battlepods flooding out the Zendtraedi ship crashed in the middle of downtown Phoenix's tallest building, my player took his Gladiator-mode figher into a hover at a higher altitude. I was already thinking along those lines anyway, so I had one of the Battlepods leap up and fire. A brief exc
  4. Hey there, thanks for looking in on my thread here! I definitely agree, after just a short session of combat, I felt like the D6 mechanic (helped along by the MDC hit points from the old Palladiium because I was lazy and couldn't figure out the what the hull codes for the various mecha would be, particularly in relationship to each other) simulated rather nicely what I've seen in the TV series and read in the novels. I like and am fascinated by the Palladium Robotech books, and always find myself bemused by their production model. They are useful for visual reference, their broadstrokes
  5. So last night my player and I were able to run the game for at least 40 minutes (all sessions with this player will be short out of necessity). I had most of the character prepped for him, asking him to come up with a pilot callsign. I was surprise and amused that he picked, of all things, "Ace" which I chewed him out on, good humoredly, on the grounds that I couldn't imagine a more cliche callsign. This seemed to work out well, as he got online and googled callsigns to get ideas while I brainstormed out loud for him; he eventually settled with "Timezone" which I got the impression both of
  6. Great minds think alike! I had a brainstorm about that the other day. I promised myself that if I ever had a chance to play with GMing a Robotech game, I would involve the Flower of Life for their enigmatic, semi-mystical properties; inspired by The Sentinels novels (though perhaps making the Flowers more vague in what kind of effects they have on people and equipment). I had an image in my head of Khyron ingesting petals, as the novels suggest that he did; and with the Native American angle drifting around in my head at the same time, the two ideas floated towards each other to say hi. Th
  7. An opportunity came up recently, when I met a willing potential player, to cobble together something of a Robotech game, using D6. I'm drawing some inspiration from the very generalized outline of the post-Apocalyptic setting that greets the SDF-1 when returning to Earth, with the Zendtraedi armada crashing down in the wake of their defeat in the face of Human Culture. I've been fascinated for years by the old RPG's broad strokes description of Earth's Reconstruction/Zendtraedi Malcontent uprising as a Texas Rangers or Wild West kind of thing. I also wanted to keep the gaming simple, becaus
  8. I know that some templates would have to be patterned off shipboard positions, and I figured a little bit of mysticism would be fun to play with. I was trying to think broadly outside the box, and I thought that the game's boundaries would establish themselves by regarding which templates are extreme beyond the intended scope of what is conceptualized for it. For what it's worth, I do think the airship angle would be more advanced that what is being looked for, and I do also think the Sea Devils and Mer-Folk are farther in the fantasy department that what are being looked for. Throwing them
  9. Depending on what what specific type of Star Trek, I see D6 is perfectly legitimate. Especially if it's patterned off the 2009 movie, which many fans have noted for how it's action, energy, and story beats echo Star Wars, while still managing to be Star Trek. I have the Coda system version of ST, which I read with an eye out for the simplest aspects of game mechanics that parallel D6's most functional components (meaning I looked for difficulty or challenge ratings, and qualifiers for character stat numbers). It seemed to cover quite a lot of ground in the sense of being able to be used
  10. Sure! The Sea Devils are of a race of sentient reptiles who were the civilization before Humans. They're a bit like a humanoid Sea Turtle, without a shell. Within the context of Doctor Who they were an adversarial alien race with a twist: they weren't aliens, they were Earthlings, just like us; so they were just as entitled to claim the planet Earth as theirs as we do. The Sea Devils were the ocean dwelling branch of these Earth Reptiles, the whole race when into a controlled sleep or hibernation for millenia when the Earth was threatened with a cataclysm (either the asteroid that killed t
  11. Thanks! Yeah, I think witch doctor was more what I was going for, that sounds much better. The shaman/witch doctor and priestess are for GM's who want to have it be low fantasy, the Fallen Star idea (I was trying to really think outside the box as much as I could here) for kicking it up into high fantasy. The underwater dwellers would be great for a twist on that trope of finding exploring a Lost City, which has ended up at the bottom of the sea (where it once was above land; or maybe always was an underwater city). Having slept on it for a few hours, the one character type I can thi
  12. What kind of template concepts would work well for this? There are a lot of generic versions of sailor/adventurers, starting with your basic, generic Sailor (some specialized variations may be Cabin Boy or Boarder). Explorer, such as Sir Walter Raleigh (this template would be more scholarly, a cartographer; also with experience navigating the politics of a king or queen's court). Disgraced Naval Officer. Mercenary (who knows how to fight, but not necessarily how to sail very well). A rescued Castaway (after being marooned alone on a small island, he's an excellent survivalist, but with so
  13. Oh, I'm flattered to have my post spin off into it's own thread, thanks barrataria (I'm probably getting unduly excited, it's never happened before). I confess, I hadn't given much thought to issues of keeping track of damage, even for the regular player characters (early generic monster encounters speak for themselves as a simplistic game play house rule). I bounce back and forth, D&D's hit points, or SW wound levels. I like the notion of hit points in keeping with D&D (because the work I've done with conversions is specifically meant to be thought of as D&D, just using the D6
  14. I tinkered a little with trying to adapt a rough translation of 3rd edition D20 Dungeons and Dragons to D6, so that I could play D&D using the D6 system (Eberron in particular). It's a serious kludge though, an eclectic compilation of notes with some translations that I did using the Star Wars D20 translation suggestions, coupled with hastily copied notes from the Fantasy D6 corebook. I only realized how weird it was when I did a comparison of D6 Fantasy's Orc with my own homemade translation; the D6 Fantasy Orc seemed comparatively dangerous. I've never tried to play it, because I neve
  15. I picked up this new Marvel Superheroes RPG for a number of reasons. For one thing, my life feels saturated by enthusiasm for all things Marvel. The cable channels are running all of the movies based on individuals superheroes that feed into the Avengers movie. I joined my dad watching the second half of Iron Man (which I've seen a couple of times and like very much); and my whole family caught the Captain America movie which we all liked as a period piece for WWII action. I've already seen the Avengers, and Captain America helped to fill in a gap I was missing. And the bookstore I fre
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