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  1. Thanks for greeting =) I thought about using Acumen or Intellect for the second example but ultimately decided to consult more experienced GMs before decicing once and for all. I believe Acumen is the best choice. Thank you for advice!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to D6, and while reading D6 Fantasy I've met a little detail that, IMHO, is a mistake. I'm talking about a Alternate Attribute Option, where there is a statement concerning Riding skill: Riding: Agility for using mounts as a means of transportation; Agility for evaluating a mount or another’s style As far as I'm concerned, there should be two different attributes mentioned here. I believe first example (using mounts as transportation) is right, while second (probably) should mention some other attribute (Intellect?) Is there some *official* version of this rule? Or, if there isn't, how do you rule this out? I'll appreciate any opinions or ideas =) Thanks in advance!
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