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  1. One last week to go and hopefully, the big finish. on my end I have a lot of plates spinning as far as content is concerned.
  2. Sounds cool Why not make the native Americans the only ones who understand the production and cultivation of Protoculture spores. That’s gives the nations a lot of leverage in the New World Order.
  3. I love this movie. I’ve bought it in different format almost as many times as Star Wars. The movie does have a slow burn but that’s what makes it good. Watch the movie China Town which is another good Noir film. Same pacing with a good payoff at the end. The Great thing about Ridley Scott movies is that they continue to tell stories after the movie is done. The movies are so layered and textured (Alien, Blade Runner, Prometheus etc.) that there are countless stories in the background. You watch the movies and ask “what’s the story behind that?” or who is that incidental character who just walked on screen. The movie hints that Dekard may be an android too. Just as unaware as Rachel is at her status as a replicant. Another scene that backs up that Deckard may(is) be a replicant since the dreams are always the same
  4. Sounds good I look forward to seeing the charcters:)
  5. Here is what I’ve been working on. Warning it’s a big file (24megs) http://www.godsendagenda.com/art/GA3_Beta.pdf
  6. They aren’t very compatible at all but are easy to convert.
  7. I’m also toying around with making some archetypes diametrically opposed to others so that when they meet in contention there is some sort of modifying affect....
  8. Nope, those systems already exist in GODSEND Agenda: Mythos although I will definitely revamp them . In Mythos it has rules for symbols, and pantheon but they aren’t as robust as I will make them later What I’m doing is changing fundamentally the way the game works with every hero in the game picking a archetypical god type to help focus roleplaying. It would also be tied to the wild die in such a way that if you roll badly a lot then you take on the aspects So if you a super human whose archetype is Sky god when you roll can accrue enough bad points you take on the bad aspects of the archetype. (less control of powers)Bad Aspects –OOOOOoOOOO-Good Aspects (expanded power effects) Think of it as sort of a limit break in Exalted The Godly Achetypes don’t mean that your character is actually a sky god just that’s the closest axchetype to the hero. Superman=Sky god Batman=God of Underworld Aquaman=Sea god Green Lantern= Magic god Flash=Messenger god In GODSEND Agenda the powers all come from one unified source and once they go out of control their will be some elements that are a constant
  9. I need help with something Im planning for a new GODSEND Agenda game. I need help codifying the different generic gods and their areas of expertise. I want a generic way to present gods so that a player can pick from a category and build from there Dominion-what the god typically rules over. Some gods will have overlap and others may need to be combined. Aspect- When the god takes on his full power what aspects show through the strongest. Example: A sky god may gather clouds around him, or a death god may leave bloody footprints where he walks. When I fire god calls on his full power or walks into a room does it get stuffy? Do nearby flammables catch and burn? Players would be able to embellish from here but I want a basic guideline for them to follow What I need help on is what aspects and domains the gods would have. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Sky God Dominion- the Sky, thunder, rain, storms, light Aspect- Lightning, strong wind Earth God Dominion- the earth, fertility, crops, plants Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling Fire God Dominion- fire, blacksmithing, the home, health, light Aspect- burning, soot, heat Water God Dominion- the sea, rivers, lakes Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling Trickster God Dominion- guile, speed, thievery, money/materials goods, trade Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling Animal God Dominion- animals, hunting, tracking, healing War God Dominion- war, combat, competition, anger, blood Love God Dominion- lovers, deception, beguiling, children Fertility God Dominion- the home, women, crops, harvest, food Death God Dominion- the underworld, death, life, resurrection, plague, sickness, shadow, sleep Magic God Dominion- reasoning thought, mathematics, creativity, music, artistry, Sun God Dominion- the sun, light, healing, excellence, Moon God Dominion- madness, secrets, evasion, prophecy, sleep, shadows
  10. No problem My work here is done so now I will walk off hitchhiking along the side of the road Cue music
  11. WOTC created an unsurpassed player infrastructure for their player base with the DDI. I wish I had the resources or online presence they created for D&D4 I wish I could sell out to the 2mill+ WOW players, I’d be rich Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll ever see a return to the D6 system for Star Wars. The game has been a non-D6 game for over 12 years now, longer than it existed at WEG. I think the new game will take the same approach that Dr. Who, or the One Ring, or Mouse Guard did. Personally I’m hoping for a version close to Smallville or Leverage.
  12. There are rules for it in D6 Powers Its doesn’t use Newtons third law but Fig Newtons law. They aren’t realistic at all which is a plus when you’re fighting giants or things that can shoot heat vision.
  13. I can comment more later but this struck me like a pipe across the face :eek: If you’re paying $10 for a paper or hardback you’re paying WAY too much. GODSEND Agenda cost (if my memory serves) about $5 (black and white) and HELLAS around $7.5 (color). Find a better printer
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