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  1. Hello everyone. I came across this the other day: Troll in the Corner's Retro-gaming, Actual Play! Palladium Fantasy RPG (1st edition) It's a game recorded by people of Troll in the Corner. Have anyone here done something like this? (record a game)
  2. Greetings. I don't know much about the rules (or riding for that matter), but it sounds good to me just as it is. How would you probably evaluate a mount or style? by experience, right? So if you know how to ride, you probably can say if a horse (if you use horses) is good and well trained, or things like that. And if you split it, you'll need to develop 2 separate skills. Again, I know little about rules so this is just a layman's opinion.
  3. Hello I was wondering if you would continue to GM precinct 13. I like how the story was coming and thought of maybe joining for a short while (see if I can "get the hang of it"). See you and take care.
  4. I had an idea a couple of days ago that seemed fun at the moment, although will probably get frustrating quickly. When I thought of it like space western or modern-age-detectives-vs-ogres, but may apply to any genre I guess. Here it goes... A scenario where PCs get a Special Advantage/Disadvantage. This would be Immortality (yes, both at the same time). "That would be a super advantage" you think. But no, it has an HUGE crippling factor... Your max attribute level is 3D (no going up, ever), and start with half the dice normal PC would (attributes and skills). I chose half of the dice cause that would put him just below a normal human and when MAXED OUT, just above. For now, skills are only limited on character creation but may be upgraded freely afterwards. The scenario I was thinking about was a group of immortals fighting evil, and many "die" during the fight. If fight is long enough they "wake up" in time to keep fighting, if the whole group "dies" they wake up later and have to start over (or lets say the bad guy got half the health he lost before, or something along those lines). As frail as the PCs are, the team will have to work together to succeed, or so I think. Maybe Immortality gives you a CP when you "wake up", if you die a heroic (or very funny way). Charly the PC - I'll distract him while you... - as he starts to run, WHAM, he falls dead on the spot. Mike the PC - Guys, we need more bait... The extra CP would maybe help balance the low stats. Someone who knows numbers and the mechanics might make this work. Just an idea anyway. I'll fiddle with it when I learn more, but if you like it and can make it work, that would be great too. I even thought about an image for the title. "immorTals. No, that's just a typo"... immorals written in nice font and the T written in red marker ("immorals" has nothing to do with it, as it says, it's a typo... just came to my mind). Let me know what you think. See you, and take care.
  5. Thank you all for your input. My daughter is still too young (4 yo) for a pen-and-paper. But the project arcgaden mentioned, would be a great way to start. As she doesn't read yet, the challenges could be "pick the right letter" or "pick the right number", maybe a few physical challenges like "jump this cushion". In two or three years (that gives me a nice time to become an OK game master), she could start with pen-and-paper. Lets see how it goes.
  6. My 2 cents How about?... letting the PC level the skill up without a fuss up to a point, lets say 3D. As you normally get better at doing things, right. And up to this point you could say no "regression" applies (maybe the PC used the skill when nobody else was watching, used it every other day or whatever). Now... to become "great" (going above 3D) at the skill you could apply the "tally mark progression" and "regression" rules. That way, if you are creating a balanced char, you'll try to hit 3D on your main skills before worrying about regression. If the player really want to go above 3D as soon as possible, well, they know the rules. (3D was just an example,alter as needed) Take care
  7. Here it is... I new I wasn't crazy... well, 50/50 My name is Eliseo, I live in a small city in Mexico. I posted my first post elsewhere, half of it was "on topic" so I didn't get scolded (at least not yet). I really am sorry, but now I know how to find the "wild die" if it ever hides again. Anyway, here's a (little more) formal introduction, it's a little lengthy but you know... I like to rant... I was the year of... 2009, and I was a very young man of only 30 yo. I went to a Anime convention and there was a RPG Stand, they invite me for a quick session. They played Werewolf the Apocalypse. I played Magic the Gathering a few times with one of them, he happened to be the GM. Anyway, it was fun. As I was (and still am) a newbie, I focused a little more on the battle/mission thing. I still don't quite get the idea of how to develop my character, but I'll work on that. That group played on sundays which was good for me. Because of work sessions were every other sunday. Then the GM and her girlfriend (also a player) got engaged and the sessions got to a halt. I've been working, plotting and what-not, but I wanted to role play once in a while. And about two months ago while giving a glance of a few other systems, I found OpenD6. So I'm here to learn more. I have a few ideas I want to develop. I hope I get to learn a lot here. Anyways, it's late and work is waiting for me tomorrow. See you all and take care
  8. Greetings My name is Eliseo, but call me yeyo or yeyoman. I have a question or two. First of all, I'm a newbie here, so a few words about me (didn't see a specific room for introductions so I hope this is ok). Well, I live in a small city in Mexico. I discovered the world of RPG (well, I knew it was there but never visited ) just one and a half years ago, at the young age of 30... The group played werewolf the apocalypse. Unfortunately (from the playing point of view), the GM and his girlfriend, who also played, got engaged. Because of that and their jobs, regular sessions came to a halt, meaning, I just played like 6 months. (So you can see I'm a newbie in a lot of ways. Anyhow, I'll leave the story at that for now or this post will be VERY LONG, I rant a lot). Anyway... my main question is: How young could you include kids into the game? And so... Could be younger if the system is simplified? (like a weird mix of Mini Six and Legends). I know probably the scenario should be appropriate for the age and taste of the kid. Also, how do you "learn" to be a GM? (I know probably playing a lot should help, but besides that? just follow your gut and a lot of cheat sheets? or a lot of planning?) Sorry for the crazy questions, it's just that I have a few ideas running around my mind, and I hope I can get something out of it. (At least the possibility of a family game night in the future... and my name running around all over the world would be nice too). I hope to have fun here. See you soon.
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