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  1. Typically - you can 'delete' a thread if it is still just your initial post - you can just delete the post. Once your initial post has been replied to - all you can do is what you did. For the most part - as a big security measure - the ability to delete threads should be with admin/mods as, I don't think any forum software allows that ability to be given so you can delete only your own posts/threads.
  2. I just went through all the posts in this thread and - well as usual I see some of what (to me at least) seem more renaming that which has already been named (like calling "internet based storage" now "cloud based storage" - about 20 people passing me 'official' definitions of "the cloud" and it still comes down to 'being way sexier than Internet and a great marketing gimmick') So anyway, what I'd love to see from a new "core" book is just that - one set of names for the stats/attributes with the of course corresponding set of standardized definitions for these stats. I mean, through the three books at least half of the six stats are the same thing but with different names. Also, have everything in it as a good solid "all you need to start is this book" core book - this isn't D&D or Spycraft or Stargate SG-1. It's OD6 and you should be able to at least start building a game set anywhere and anytime from "survival of cavemen" to "The science-fiction gawds travelling between galaxies in a blink of an eye". So: Unified set of Ability/Stat names-definitions All the basic info to run in any genre-time period (all three books in one) Lots of equipment. The three currrent books really lack equipment (and rules on pricing variations between genres) Lots of Skills (not all will fit in every genre) Technology Levels - this is big. Now, let me explain "Technology Levels", aka Tech Levels, Progress Levels, Advancement Levels. GURPS 4th has "low tech" "high tech" and "ultra tech" basically like (off top of my head) up to 1700's, 1700's - 21st century, Near future and beyond. Traveller has 16 basic tech-levels defined (Classic Traveller even has a table showing what was at a particular tech level for about eight categories of items). Tech Levels allow a GM to say more easily what fits into their game. In Traveller the official setting (The Third Imperium or '3I') TL goes up to like 12 or 13 (on their scale) but the average in Imperial Space is TL 10 (we are TL 8-9) and some planets are as far down as TL 6. So if I want a TL 10 laser rifle, it's going to cost major bucks on that TL 6 world (if you can get it imported at all). I don't care what it's called, or how granular the scale is or isn't - but I've felt so strongly this is missing that I did work up my own (borrowing the concepts from the CT Book 3) along side my overhauled "1-second round Simultaneous Combat Mechanic" (needs a smaller name, but everyone who's played it loved how it works). my 2 imperial centi-credits.
  3. Sorry I missed the chat - my wife decided that *today* was the day to do our monthly grocery shopping while we were out (I hate trips to 'Winco', a monster Costco/Sam's Club-like big-box supermarket) Any chance of a summary of what was discussed or even another chat session scheduled? Thanks, Al
  4. Sorry I missed the chat - my wife decided that *today* was the day to do our monthly grocery shopping while we were out (I hate trips to 'Winco', a monster Costco/Sam's Club-like big-box supermarket) Any chance of a summary of what was discussed or even another chat session scheduled? Thanks, Al
  5. That was a discussion a bit back, kind of just fell flat for some reason.
  6. Based on my personal gaming experiance and digging through my game library the round Lengths that I've encountered (by no means an exhaustive list): 1 SECOND: GURPS 3 SECONDS: Cortex (Serenity, BSG, Supernatural) World of Darkness (nWoD) Shadowrun 4th ed 5 SECONDS: OpenD6 ChthuluTech Warhammer 40 RPG (Inquisitor, Rogue Trader, etc.) 6 SECONDS: D&D/d20 Hackmaster Savage Worlds Space Opera MegaTraveller 10 SECONDS: Rolemaster BattleTech Mekton II 12 SECONDS: HERO system 15 SECONDS: Classic Traveller VARIES (GM Decides): Aftermath Star Frontiers Now, I won't toss out the "how can in the same round 'CharacterA' affect 'CharacterB' when a game states 'all actions in a round happen simultaneously' "? I know the fire that discussion drew the first time I tried to bring it up.
  7. Enjoyed S4-E1, things are interesting, wished maybe they had waited a few episodes before starting to have "ghost-peter" showing up to Walter
  8. well I'll go digging on the Fox site and see... all I know is what Comcast/Xfinity put up in "on-demand" Done, The last episode is "Day We Died - Season Finale" at "http://www.fox.com/fringe/full-episodes/50018/the-day-we-died-season-finale" and for some reason when i watched it through "on-demand" it stopped with Olivia taking a round to the forehead. Wow that last 12 minutes or so is a big eye opener... I withdraw my previous protest and now eagerly look forward to Season 4!
  9. End of Season 3: Peter gets into machine, then ends up what is 10 years in the future married to Olivia and at the end Walternate kills her. Hype by Fox for Season 4: Back to "now" where Peter has "served his purpose" and evidently vanished from reality or whatever, and we "must never know what is happening". WTH is with Fox and the Fringe writers? Big setup to jump the story 10 years and they make the commercials sound like that last episode was just "Pam wakes up to find Bobby Ewing in the shower?" I may just go watch Teletubby reruns instead.
  10. Flag weaver, the deadline is: Hope that helps.
  11. X-Men 3, at Iceman's home when the police show up Logan's claws come out (in front of the cops). When they tell him to "drop the knives" and he replies "I can't" of course the cops feel a bullet to the head is the "proportional response". I do like when he got up about a minute or so later, after taking a round straight to the forehead (and wasn't bleeding either)
  12. I'm sorry Paragon, I'd love to contribute but my OD6 games don't use the combat system listed in any of the book - instead using one that uses 1 second rounds and several concepts that have been pretty much declared too heretical to be discussed here. So, unfortunately, the combat system in the books pretty much eludes me except on the most basic of questions. I wish you the best in finding the answers you seek.
  13. Is that "video" someone's idea of a joke, or is there some claim that Lucas is actually making that claim? I can't tell whether to laugh or be outraged... (probably laugh at the entirty of the absurdity)
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