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  1. I will probably give it some time as I hate the crowds as well. I unfortunately though have seen most of the spoilers already on the Social Highways, so any surprise from the movie is out the window. I am ok with that, I am not big into "I can't know what will happen". Its the movie experience and another Star Wars notch in the belt for the saga storyline lives on that I am looking forward too. I love Spare Operas. <till this day, by far and large, the best MMO I have played is SWG> Perhaps this movie will re-ignite some traffic in the free game now and bring back the glory days it had, if not for a short time!
  2. I couldnt make GenCon again... very annoyed, but this is from the GenCon Facebook... https://scontent-lga1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xft1/t31.0-8/11754451_10153161066748155_5084188253810221922_o.jpg
  3. My apology to all about the downtime for the forum. The domain name failed to auto renew and I needed to reconfigure everything to work. Of course, I its been a while and needed time to put everything back in place. I have no intentions of shutting the forums down for those worrying about the future for it. Thanks
  4. I apologize for that, the listed email address was incorrect. I changed it. Grimace, if you would like, I can generate a shared email address we can use for this feature. Right now, it will only point to one that I have.
  5. Still Testing - Ignore please!
  6. Please Ignore this thread as well. Thanks!
  7. I am noticing some images and avatars are not showing up. I will need to look at this.
  8. For those that tried to access the Forums the last day or so found that it was down. I attempted to install the latest updates for vbulletin and the file ended up deleting all the data on the tables. It took some time and sweat to recover a backup that successfully worked. The current data is a week old so if you posted anything within a week, it does not currently exist on the boards. I am hopeful the restore was successful and will continue to monitor and check various portions of the forum to verify its stability. If anybody finds an issues, please email / PM me. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Magman
  9. For those using Internet Explorer as your browser, it was pointed out that the Date/Time is not indicated on each Post. I only noticed it when I open forum in my IE which I normally do not use. I use Chrome for everything where everything works fine. Again, this falls to having multiple themes that the users can select from, which I have not done yet. As for why the current theme doesn't work for certain browsers, I have not investigated yet.
  10. I do believe that option should be turned off for the users. What Forum was in question and I can check the permission for it?
  11. BoardSupport


    Grimace requested an update from me for the board changes, which made me think I should update everybody as well. I did upload and install the product review system I wanted, but am having issues with being fully comparable with the version of the board I have. So either I spend the money for the updated version of this review system, or I manually go in a correct the formatting issues. Haven't decided which direction I am going in yet. Though I want download features to be part of this review system, I certainly can have a page setup very quickly for a temp download area. If people point me to locations that has downloadable content they want consolidated here, just send me the link. I have tried a few image headers, but didn't like how any of them came out. I have yet to shop around to see if there is a more suitable color scheme or theme for the forums. I am open to suggestions from you guys. Just give a link to a possible theme and I will check it out. Though it really isn't used must, I believe those who wish to schedule RPG events can do so via the boards calendar. I believe users have the right to add to this, if not, somewhere in the setting I can make the appropriate changes. It was mentioned in a thread about knowing when events are - thought this could be a solution. That is it for now...
  12. Those are the images that came with the theme. I already had plans on changing them, but it calls for a little Photoshop work which I hadn't the time to do. But I agree, images should change.
  13. I am sorry for your troubles. I will say that this site as well as any other site that is hosted by a 3rd party, we are all subject to their firewalls and security measures. We have no control over how well or bad they are and cannot install our own virus protection on their servers. You unfortunately are the only one that I was made aware that had any real issues with this site (If it was the site). Whether it be just a fluke you got a virus the same time the site did I have no idea. But it seems other user’s had their virus software catch any attempts that this site might have tried to infect their machine. Perhaps it was the version of Vista you had which has a long history of being terrible for security, or perhaps it was your choice of virus software. Maybe it was a new virus which found a loop hole around particular security measures on your machine. It is even quite possible since this website is on a shared server, some other website allowed the virus in. We will never know. Any computer who does not have top notch virus software which updates daily is simply asking for trouble. As well as this software, any security updates for their OS has to be installed as soon as they come available. Hackers are constantly pushing ways to cause havoc on the net and unfortunately they are not going away. I don’t know anyone here can say what really happened to your machine, but I know how frustration it is. I have the forums updated with the most recent version, I lock out all new users until they are manually activated by an admin and I block IP addresses which I deem as security risk. If a hacker wants into the site and they are good enough, they are getting in. It is a fact of the internet and no matter what security measures you put in, they are getting through. I am again sorry for your troubles and would hate to see you not come back to the site. Maybe you want to take an extended period of time off from the site until we get feedback from the users that no further virus attempts are coming from it. Maybe that can ease some of the concerns you have? And I will close by saying I know you spent a lot of money you didn’t need to, but you really should see about installing Windows 7 (if you don’t already.) Vista is pure garbage in my opinion.
  14. No not yet. I will shop around and see if I can get a brighter one who those with sensitive eyes. Glad your machine is back up and running!
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