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  1. Gyn shrugged, "Nope sorry, maybe you should try using a real weapon. I mean seriously, a knife? How passe... Oh, and for the record, I'm not trying to cop a feel..." Having said that, he came around and executed a spin kick to the side of the woman's head. Followed by a drop into a low stance, and an open handed claw strike to the space between her breasts as he tried to knock the wind from her. He knew the sooner he dealt with this one the less likely the others were to find their backbones and try to gun him down. He had to be fast and brutal, two things an Echani excelled at when they put their minds to it. Defense = 17 [2 + 6 + 5 + 4] Martial Arts = 15 [3 + 4 + 3 + 5] Multi-Strike = 16 [3 + 5 + 5 + 3] Damage 1 = 12 [4 + 4 + 3] + 1 Damage 2 = 16 [6 + 2 + 4 + 3] + 1
  2. Relying on his danger sense and the Force to guide his movement, Gyn pivoted on his heel so that he was perpendicular to, and outside of the woman's attack and then slid past her as smoothly as if he was skating on ice. As he was doing this he used his one hand to slip the crystal into his pocket, and the other to deliver a swift chop to the back of the woman's neck with the intention of sending her sprawling to the deck. "Yeah, yeah... and I'm the kriffing Batman." Precognitive Round (Danger Sense) Enhance Attribute - Str: 15 [4 + 6 + 5] Actual Round Martial Arts Defense: 20 [5 + 6 + 4 + 5] Battlemaster Martial Arts: 15 [4 + 4 + 2 + 5] Damage: 12 [(3 + 6 + 2) + 1]
  3. Gyn shook his head and grinned inside his hood before holding up his fingers as if he were counting off points, "Ok, first off... type-casting much? I move one small object across the room and all of a sudden I have to be a Jedi or something. Never mind the fact that magicians have been doing that trick for centuries, or that there are plenty of other groups out there that practice with the Force. Second, you and I both know that this isn't your's, as it belongs to either the owner of this suite or whoever HE stole it from. And finally, assuming you're right in your first assumption as to who I am, do you really think that the 'unfortunate something' is really going to be happening to me and not you?"
  4. Realizing that he'd been spotted, Gyn decided to wing this one with his usual flair and see where it took him. He was fairly certain that he could take the four burglars if it came down to it, it was just a question of whether he had the time to do so given the current crisis. He had to take this one step at a time though, and first things first, he needed that amulet. With that in mind he began moving into the room, doing his best to maintain the gap between him and the gang as he moved over to one side of the room in an attempt to get a better look inside the safe and locate his target. "Stop me if you've heard this one... A Bothan, Weequay, Gran, and Human break into a suite on a cruise ship. They're so sure that no one would have noticed them leaving the casino during the brawl they engineered that they don't even bother posting a lookout. And as if the universe were playing a sick joke on them because of this oversight, upon locating their prize a devilishly handsome stranger appears seemingly out of nowhere and asks, 'Whatcha doooin'?'" As he finished with his adorable catchphrase, he reached out with the Force and tried to pull the amulet to him before the thieves realized what was going on. Hopefully the ensuing confusion would buy him enough time to bolt. Search: 11 [(4 + 5) + 2] Telekinesis: 14 [3 + 6 + 5]
  5. Aware of the time crunch he was under, Gyn decided to make a quick assumption, hoping that the floor plan for this cabin was similar to his own and made a break for the door which would have led to the sleeping area in his own quarters. Assuming this was a universal setup, then that was also where the safe was likely to be.
  6. Less then amused that someone had apparently tried to beat him to the punch, Gyn quickly set about reassembling the locking mechanism properly. A few seconds later he was ready to try again, his free hand hanging down near his utility belt just in case he encountered trouble on the other side of the door. Sliding the card once again, he waited for the door to slide open and reveal the room on the other side. Ready for whatever or whomever might await him in the room beyond.
  7. 'Kay, that's cool with me. Hope things calm down for ya soon... on a separate note, has anyone heard from our 3rd intrepid hero recently?
  8. Cursing under his breath at the apparent conspiracy working against him finishing this job efficiently, Gyn removed the passcard and checked it for damage before attempting to swipe it again. He then took a moment to examine the cardreader and lock themselves, checking to see if there was some additional layer of security that he wasn't familiar with from his own cabin. If that was indeed the case then he was going to be seriously pissed, he didn't have time for this sort of poodu after all. Security: 14 [4 + 6 + 4]
  9. The chaos of the adverted brawl combined with the panic caused by the sudden appearance of the Katana Guild seemed to be working in his favor, as the figure was able to make his way over to the lift shafts with little to no distractions. From there it was a short trip up to the next deck and a slight walk down the hall to his destination. Once there he plugged the key he'd pilfered from the Trandoshan into the appropriate slot on the door and waited to see the result. Assuming that this was indeed the correct room, then he would merely look like one of the many passengers scurrying to secure their valuables. If not... well there was always Plan B...
  10. Satisfied with his prize, the shadowy pickpocket flowed with the crowd towards one of the nearby exits before slipping out into the corridor. Careful not to draw too much attention to himself, he continued down the hall for about a minute or so before drawing his datapad and sliding one of his newest acquisitions into one of the available dataports. It was while he was waiting for the data to load that he took note of the frigate eclipsing the window outside. Uttering a mild curse under his breath, he picked up his pace slightly as he checked the keycard he'd stolen for a room number. It looked like they'd decided to add another player to this little game, which meant of course that he was going to have to pick up the pace if he was to get out of this unnoticed.
  11. Seeing the impending brawl as his chance, the figure waved off the Ishitib and slipped deeper into the crowd, attempting to use them as cover as he approached the Trandoshan and his human assailant. Quickly closing the distance with his quarry, he made a show of brushing against the struggling Burec as he attempted to break free from the other's hold, hoping to play it off as merely being bumped by someone struggling about in such close quarters. As he was doing this, he made a play for the Trandoshan's pocket, hoping to relieve the sentient of the keycard to his cabin so that he might secure the amulet before the Arkanian Dark Sider was able to make his move. In order to make things proceed more smoothly he tried to quietly call upon the Force, taking his time to focus and using it to telekinetically snag the object he was seeking in order to pull it up into optimal snatching position. If everything went well then he'd been in and out before anyone noticed anything, and be one up on the bad guys. If not... well, he could always try vanishing into the crowd again. Sneak: 2+(4+6) = 12 Telekinesis: (4+4+5) = 13 Pickpocket: 2+(6+5+2) + 2CP(6+6+5+2) = 34
  12. The time to make his move was fast approaching, with the hand drawing to a close he was going to have to move quickly if he was going to track down that amulet they'd been discussing earlier. He still had no idea what powers it held of course, but given the Arkanian's display of Dark intent earlier he doubted that it could be anything good. That meant that he was going to have to intercept their little transaction before things got out of hand. Leaving a few credits on the table to pay for his meal and tip the staff, the figure rose from his seat and began making his way down to first floor, inadvertently brushing past the disguised security guards as he did so. His attention was to get in close to the card game before it ended, thus making it easier to tail the players back to their chambers where they were likely to make the exchange. That was assuming of course that no one decided to cause any trouble in the interim that might disrupt his plans.
  13. Now truly intrigued, the figure turned his seat to face the game head-on, no longer worried about being noticed as the commotion down below was already drawing the attention of numerous patrons and thus his interest wouldn't seem abnormal at all. He wished that he had a means of quickly running a check on the names that had just been dropped, especially the Arkanian's, but that sort of technology/resources wasn't exactly readily available to him at the moment so he was just going to have to make do with what was on hand. Instead he merely leaned forward, folding his arms over the railing and resting his head down on them as he focused on the game going on below. Sense: 15 (4+3+6+2)
  14. The mysterious figure seemed to perk up slightly as the Arkanian approached, the ripples in the Force catching his attention and causing a slight smirk to cross his features. Shifting his position slightly, he made sure his danger sense was still extended out as far as it would go and began focusing on the card game starting below. It became immediately apparent that the Arkanian was after something, the body language of the two sentients indicating that whatever they were discussing was important to the both of them. There was also the blatant use of the Jedi Mind Trick, yet another piece of information for the puzzle playing out below him. As a general rule he didn't mind when someone used to Force to cheat at gambling, or at least so long as said cheater didn't use his gifts to affect the other players and only enhanced their own talents. But this Arkanian was not only breaking that rule, he was being so obvious about it that a blind monkey lizard could have figured it out. Either this newcomer was ridiculously overconfident, or there was something else going on here outside of the obvious. Extending his senses so that he could listen in on their conversation, the figure settled in for a long wait. Danger Sense: 14 (6+4+4) Magnify Senses: 17 (6+6+5)
  15. Works for me, just figured I should check before cutting someone off.
  16. Now that everyone has posted, I've got a quick question. Just so I know for future reference and don't go putting a virtual foot in my mouth, do we have an established posting order on this yet or are we just winging it on a 1st come 1st served sort of basis?
  17. As the Tradoshian made a big show out of making a pain of himself, a lone figure sat at a corner table quietly overlooking the scene from the level above. His features were currently being concealed beneath the hood of his well worn black bantha hide jacket, the only thing really visible being a stray lock of white hair that was poking out from within the hood. If one were to take a closer look at his profile they would find him to be a rather unassuming individual, no different then some of the other patrons meandering about the compartment in search of various entertainments, both legal and illegal. In fact the very air around the individual seemed to radiate boredom, causing others to completely ignore his presence and go on about their business as if he wasn't even there. Few would realize just how much effort was being put into creating that atmosphere of disinterest, and even fewer would care, as it wasn't in most people's nature to go messing with someone with a blaster strapped to their thigh who seemed to want to be left alone. This individual had been a fixture on the Denel for a little while now, having boarded a couple of weeks back with little notice, and periodically appearing in the various diversionary facilities as if looking for something. What this something was no one could say, few even remembered seeing the individual, and those who had didn't recall him doing anything particularly interesting aside from winning a couple of low-stakes hands of Pazaak. Even the man himself didn't know why he was here, having been pulled here by a mysterious call that seemed to have come out of nowhere, and the source of which was seemingly biding its time before revealing itself and its intentions. One could only be patient for so long however, and the man was beginning to grow impatient. The source of the mystery was going to have to reveal itself in some manner soon, if for no other reason then the fact that the Denel was likely approaching the end of its run soon. Cruises didn't last forever after all, and whatever had been the source of the ripple he'd sensed in the Force was quickly running out of time if they wished to involve the modified bulk hauler in their plans.
  18. I can work with that I think. I'll try to get something up shortly since kalzazz seems to have gone MIA.
  19. After his experiences earlier in life and at the academy he had become fed up with the whole situation and couldn’t stand by and watch other people getting pushed around by those who were stronger than they were and thus began to slide back into the old patterns of conflict which had led him to take over the Crimson Gundarks. Both Naomi and Yumi decided that they had seen enough and concluded that the problem Gyn faced was a lack of focus and discipline in his life and decided to take steps to try and help him stop getting into trouble. Under order from his patrons Gyn began to look into the various extracurricular activities offered by the academy and after careful consideration decided to try and get in touch with his family’s ancestral history by joining the history and fencing clubs respectively. In addition to this he wished to ensure that he was capable of protecting himself when unarmed and thus began studying various forms of martial arts, namely the forms used by the Jedi Battlemasters, and continuing his studies in his native Echani styles. He also devoted numerous hours of study to the art of the draw-strike known as Battōjutsu, and to the use of the less well known Jedi Katana. Yumi’s idea was a bit more subtle, she asked him to help her with her volunteer work down at one of the civilian orphanages located near the edge of city nearest the Jedi compound in the hopes that spending time there helping to care for the children would give him some happiness and a place to get away from the harsh world he had created for himself at academy. All of these ideas helped Gyn learn the confidence and discipline necessary to handle a situation calmly and guide him off the troubled path he had been on while refocusing his energies onto something less self-destructive. As a result his grades improved and he found other means of protecting others that stopped getting him into trouble and cause his teachers to fear for him. They were still less then thrilled with all of the time he was spending on martial training, but they were understanding of his cultural heritage and understood that for him combat was closer to a form of expression and not the quest for power it was for some of their other students. Upon graduating from padawan status, Gyn was assigned to one of his sponsor’s closest friends to serve as an aid for their Watchmen duties. He quickly rose through the ranks as his skills improved, soon attaining the honored position of Jedi Knight and finding himself transferred over to the Jedi Shadows at the request of his new commander due to his advanced proficiency in the martial forms and his past experience with the underworld. It was at this point that he truly began to develop his own style of fighting, specializing in the use of highly acrobatic precision strikes and advanced martial techniques taken from both the Jedi and Echani. This allowed him to seemingly come at his opponent from all angles through a combination of speed and deception. Life was going well for Gyn, he'd earned the respect of his peers despite his unusual appearance, he'd brought his fighting skills up to a whole new level which allowed him to protect even more people then he ever could have hoped. He'd even been added to the list of potential master candidates when he was old enough for that honor, and then it all came apart. The fall of Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma tore the Jedi Order apart at the very core. Dispatched to defend the Rim and protect the sentients there, Gyn rushed to the aid of those he had once sworn to protect. Their deployment had not been quick enough however, as the entire area was already swarming with hostile forces lost in a sort of feeding frenzy as they made a mad grab for territory. He and his unit fought desperately to defend the Outer Rim territories, fighting on long after the order to retreat had been given, but in the end their efforts were not enough and countless lives were lost to the enemies' insatiable hunger for power. As the situation began to deteriorate more and more, the Jedi began to turn on their own, seduced by the powers of the Dark Side and the silver tongue of Exar Kun. Caught in the middle of the chaos as Masters turned on their allies and their subordinates, Gyn found himself cutting down men and women he had considered friends and family for more then two years as all that he had worked so hard to protect imploded from within. Allying himself with his former Master he was forced to detach himself from his emotions and become a living weapon in order to survive, killing his own kind in the vain hope of ending the strife around him and restoring balance to the Force. It was also during this time that the Mandalorians made their move, taking their war with the Republic to the next level as they came to the aid of the Sith and bringing yet more death and destruction in their wake. Now forced to fight a war on two fronts, Gyn became even more withdrawn, realizing that if things were to continue on as they currently were there was going to be no end to the fighting. Eventually however the Jedi were able to push back the Sith and their allies to the lands from whence they’d come and begin the process of rebuilding. Gyn however would have nothing to do with that process as he was destined to leave the Order behind in search of redemption for the sins he’d committed during the galaxy’s time of civil war. Following the conflict, Gyn took to the wanderer's path on a form of walkabout, hoping to find a way to atone for the deaths he had caused and give meaning to the lives of all those who had died at his hand, while at the same time trying to reclaim the humanity he had lost. Even on the road he continued his training, seeking new levels of power and skill as he worked to try and make the lives of anyone he came across just a little bit better. His journey took him to all corners of the galaxy before eventually leading him to a Twi'lek woman by the name of Seras and the order of the Baadu. With the aid of Seras and her teachings he was able to confront and at least partially subdue his inner demons through the Force, thus regaining his resolve and one of the strongest and most sought after abilities known… the power to wield both sides of the Force equally via careful control and meditation. Feeling that he owed Seras for what the Baadu had done for him, and beginning to once again feel the sense of kinship he had once experienced back during his days in the Jedi Order, Gyn decided to stay on with them and help protect his new home. Since then he has found his niche working as an unseen protector of those less fortunate then himself and working to better the lives of those he has sworn to protect. His training as a Shadow keeps him ever vigilant of Dark Side influences, his new understanding of the Force aiding in his quest to prevent the tragedies of the past from repeating themselves as the Republic attempts to rebuild.
  20. Background: Born on the Echani homeworld of Eshan, Gyn was raised by a poor family of farmers. Despite their impoverished lifestyle his parents loved their son dearly and did everything they could to provide for him in every way possible. Raised on tales of the great and noble warriors and heinous villains, the young boy dreamed of one day distinguishing himself in battle using the ancestral arts of his clan and earning enough prestige to take his family to the city and save them from the pains of life as a peasant. Fate has a peculiar sense of humor however, for when he turned six years of age a group of Mandalorian raiders came to his village and demanded tribute in exchange for their protection. Outraged by such a bold insult to their people and culture, and being a man of great courage and even greater ideals, Gyn's father convinced his fellow villagers to stand up against their would be oppressors and led them in a revolt against the bandits. Despite their strong cultural martial skill and having caught the bandits off-guard, the farmers simply lacked the necessary experience and equipment to best them in battle, and as a result both sides were almost completely massacred in the fighting with their blood thirsty opponents. Realizing what was happening and despite being severely wounded, Gyn's mother fled the village with her son as the few remaining bandits began to burn it to the ground. They ran through the night and into the morning before they reached the point where his mother could no longer continue and was forced to surrender to her wounds. As she lay dying she implored her son to leave her behind and continue running before they were captured and made into an example by their pursuers or brutally slaughtered in a fit of vengeance. Now alone, unable to avenge his home or even provide his fallen family with a proper burial, the young boy fled deeper into the woods in the hopes of evading his pursuers and finding somewhere safe to hide until he could figure out what to do next. He was on the run for almost a week before he came upon his would be savior and the man who would prove to be one of the more influential figures in his early years, as well as one of his more helpful teachers: N'rnn Holt, leader of the Crimson Gundarks swoop gang. For the next few years he stayed on with the Gundarks, coming to think of them almost as family while learning the ways of the rogue and earning himself a small reputation as a skilled swoop racer. They passed the time making a living as outlaws, a small scale robbery here, a rigged game of chance there, the usual sorts of things one would expect in their line of work. Eventually they expanded into mercenary work and even a little bounty hunting, but call for this was fairly limited seeing as they didn't possess a means of getting off-world. The more they did the more Gyn began to feel that things weren't right, that the Gundarks were squandering their limited resources on foolish things and in the process becoming more and more like the Mandalorian raiders that had driven him from his home. At the age of thirteen he challenged N'rnn for leadership of the gang, defeating him in one-on-one combat and assuming his position at the top. From that day forward he changed the focus of the Gundarks, using their skills and resources for the betterment of those around them and becoming the unofficial protectors of their sector. They still continued to ply their various underhanded trades, but now it was to keep up the necessary resources to keep others from suffering the same tragedy that their leader had, not entirely for personal gain. A couple of years passed and as his prowess grew through daily training and numerous street brawls, so did his reputation. Eventually word of his accomplishments reached the authorities and the Jedi Watchmen charged with protecting the region, sparking the interest of some of the sentients there, specifically the Watchmen's recently knighted apprentice. Intrigued by the stories she'd heard, she decided to head out to Eshan herself to see if what she had heard was true. What she found, while not what she was expecting, did not exactly disappoint either. She found the object of her search just as he was in the middle of one of his interventions. As she watched him fight she could see the raw potential that was buried beneath the surface, his techniques were crude and unrefined, sure signs of having been mostly self-taught due to incomplete training, but once one was able to see past that you were able to see the seeds of true talent which were hidden underneath. Following the fight she approached the young man in the hopes of recruiting his talents. The two of them got to know each other fairly well over the next few days, and after listening to the child's story, she took pity on him and offered to take him under her wing as her first apprentice on the one prevision that the boy did not hinder her journeys in any way, saying that with what she and the others could teach him he would be even better equipped to protect those who were unable to protect themselves. Dazzled by the weapon the woman carried, and realizing that she was a Jedi Knight, Gyn agreed to the woman's terms and began to follow her as her unofficial student. The two of them wandered their corner of the galaxy for almost a year before he ever even set foot in an academy as his master quested for ever stronger adversaries and the source of the growing Sith rumors. The training was hard, and on several occasions he was tempted to give up and return to his old life amongst the civilian populace, but his new friends among the other initiates in the region would have nothing of it, specifically a Pantoran girl by the name of Yumi Férn who was his closest friend and confidant. Yumi's strengths lay more in the sciences and the spiritual aspects of the Force, while his were more focused into the martial arts and specifically the use of the lightsaber and the physical aspects of the Force. She was always experimenting with new techniques and building strange little gadgets, but despite this the two of them shared a like temperament and sense of humor, soon becoming close friends as they shared the experience of training together. There were problems for Gyn outside of his training as well however, as adjusting to his new life amongst the Jedi proved to be harder than expected. The raised tensions between the Mandalorians and the Republic caused an undercurrent of mistrust to creep into people’s lives and a rise in hostile sentiments as the galaxy began edging towards open war. Although most of the galaxy's citizenry were more than willing to accept the various and diverse cultures who lived among them, there was a small group who blamed all warrior cultures for the rising tensions and loss of life that was coming about as a result of the Mandalorian Crusades, and these prejudices were eventually picked up on by their children and even some of the students as some of the more rash Masters began thinking along the same lines. As the only warrior born student in his class and a native of a race known to be at odds with Mandalore to boot. The rise in tensions had a snowball effect with Gyn’s tendency to speak honestly and caused him to make a few enemies at the academy he was attending who harassed him almost constantly. Most of these incidents took place off academy grounds due to the constant surveillance of the faculty and as such went unreported and unpunished. This would continue until his tormentors were either dismissed from the Order or taken on by various Masters, but even after it had stopped his record of disorderly conduct continued as he took on a new challenge: preventing the bullying of others.
  21. Personality: As a member of the secretive Baadu Order, Gyn is a follower of a philosophy similar in nature to the theory of the Unifying Force, and as such does not really believe in the Light and Dark sides of the Force in the traditional sense. He does still believe in good and evil but thinks that one's motivation for using the Force are more important then what you do with it once you call upon it, a very interesting trait for one who has been added to the ranks of Jedi Shadows and charged with rooting out Dark Side corruption. Very much a creature of instinct, he prefers to live in the moment and fly by the seat of his pants as opposed to planning things out ahead of time. This trait made him one of the more proactive members of the Jedi Order as he is not one to sit around meditating over such trivial things as cause and effect when there was obviously a job to be done. While many of the traditionalist masters thought this behavior was reckless, his own teachers the Jedi Shadow Naomi Seiryuu and the Baadu Master Seras, worked to further cultivate this trait. Believing it to actually be his greatest strength and essential to following the way of the Unifying Force. On the other hand though, because of his displayed behavior patterns and the fine line he walks as a follower of this philosophy he constantly finds himself questioning whether or not he is truly acting for the right reasons. His greatest fear is inadvertently corrupting himself despite his good intentions and becoming consumed by his own inner demons, thus “Falling to the Dark Side” and eventually becoming that which he has spent years trying to stop in one way or another. On the surface Gyn comes across as cocky and unfocused, usually spending his time cracking jokes or making sarcastic remarks as he makes his way through any given situation. On the inside however he is a deeply caring and complex individual, albeit somewhat insecure. He cares very much for those who he considers friends and loved ones, holding them in the deepest regard and and will go to great lengths to help them out whenever possible, including listening to their problems. This same trait does not hold true in reverse however, as he is usually unable to share any of his problems with others. Preferring instead to keep his own issues internalized and work through them on his own. This tendency tends to worry those who know him well, as they're afraid that one day his bottled up issues might come to the surface and become his undoing in some fashion. In these troubled times however, such a compassionate personality doesn't really fit in and can often be exploited by those with less then noble ideals. Thus he has taken to hiding his true nature from those outside of his small circle of friends and trying to do what he can behind the scenes as he hides behind his cockier half. He tends to try and be the comedian of any group he is in, using his joker/flyboy persona in an attempt to keep troubling situations from getting overly gloomy with sarcasm and variable qualities of jokes. This is especially true in situations where he feels nervous or threatened, as humor is his default coping mechanism under stressful conditions. He is not afraid to speak his mind if he feels that what he has to say needs to be heard, regardless of who he may be talking to. This has had the unfortunate side effect of putting him at odds with a couple of his less then open-minded peers on more then a handful of occasions. He also possesses a bit of a competitive streak, using others as a comparative benchmark for which to gauge his skills and then setting his goals to surpass them. While this trait allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks and emerge near the top of his class, it can also be exploited as a weakness and has been known on occasion to cause Gyn to push himself past his limits and into some really dangerous situations. Aside from his unusual philosophical beliefs, he has also inherited the seemingly engrained Correllian distaste for the odds and love for piloting that has driven so many of like him and his teacher into a state of wanderlust among the stars and to places far beyond. On the flip side of that however, he also displays the stereotyped dislike for elitist personalities, and finds himself somewhat easily annoyed by people who insist on constantly correcting him for no apparent reason. In recent times he has come to rely heavily on his intuitive piloting skills as he suffers from a mild case of dyscalculia, a learning disability similar to dyslexia only dealing more with numbers, which can often prove detrimental to a pilot due to the complex calculations sometimes required to operate a modern ship. These intuitive skills have saved his life on more then one occasion due to quick reactions or guidance from the Force. One of his more unusual characteristics is the way in which he expresses anger. In keeping with his internalizing nature, he has a habit of turning his anger and frustration inward, becoming quieter and more level sounding as the feelings increase. This has led to several interesting situations, especially during the troubled period of his school career, in which the person who was causing him frustration (usually a bully of some sort) failed to realize that they were doing so and continued to egg him on thinking that he was backing down due to his seemingly docile temperament. As a result they were greatly surprised when he would finally lash out and defend himself or whoever it was that he had stepped in to help. This trait does have its darker side however, as all that internalizing can lead to an impressive build-up of frustration. And as with most build-ups, it must be vented somehow or else it will cause damage to the vessel containing it. This means that when Gyn does finally snap and lash out at an aggressor, he does it in a particularly swift and brutal fashion. It is this tendency combined with the pig headed and elitist attitude of one of his peers which led to a small incident during the last part of his training. Aside from that though, there haven't been any real problems with his temper since his enlisting in the ranks of the Jedi Shadows. Having been raised by a warrior culture and born on a world devastated by war, he is no stranger to conflict. The social problems he experienced during his primary school period have cultivated within Gyn a strong dislike for bullies and other people who abuse their power. This has caused him to develop the habit of sticking up for the little guy and trying to protect those around him from abuse. It was this trait that eventually led him to apply for training as a fighter pilot prior to his recruitment to the Shadows, hoping to find himself on the front lines and become the sword that defended his home should the worst happen and the current peaceful state of things collapse. Despite having a general dislike of violence, he is more then willing to go that route to solve a problem if he believes that its justified, and to that end has made sure that he is more then proficient in numerous ways of defending himself. This has gotten him into trouble several times in the past, but has not deterred him from his wish to do what he can to improve the current state of things. A trait which has been attributed to his late grandfather and one that his mother sometimes wishes that he hadn't inherited quite so strongly. It is all of these factors which have earned him the callsign “Katana.” His unusual temper which has been described as being cool as steel, and is partnered with a stubborn will which is just as strong. His finely honed and potentially deadly combat skills, including years of training with the weapon from which the nickname is derived, which he won't hesitate to employ at a moments notice should he feel that they are warranted. The fine line he walks as both a Jedi Shadow and member of the Baadu Order, and finally his theoretically razor sharp wit. Which in reality has been known to fall short on more then one occasion but never fails to draw a laugh from his peers, even if they are just laughing at his failed attempt at humor.
  22. Name: Gyn Kyolanti Type: Jedi Shadow Race: Near-human (Echani) Sex: Male Age: 17 Height: 177.8cm (5'10”) Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs) Physical Description: Dexterity 2D Dodge - 4D Grenade Lightsaber - 3D Lightsaber: Djem So - 5D Heavy Parry Jump Strike Lightsaber: Ataru - 5D Backflip Double Strike Missile Weapons Pulse-wave Weapons Pulse-wave Weapons: Blaster - 4D Knowledge 2D+1 Languages Planetary Systems Streetwise Survival Willpower Mechanical 2D Astrogation Repulsorlift Operation Sensors Space Transports Starship Gunnery Swoop Operations +1d Perception 2D+2 Hide Con Persuasion Forgery Search Sneak Strength 2D Climbing/Jumping Brawling: Echani Martial Arts - 4D Multiple Strikes Whirlwind Attack Brawling: Jedi Battlemaster Arts - 4D Hand & Saber Weapon Juggle Technical 3D Computer Programming/Repair Computer Programming - 5d First Aid Lightsaber Repair Repulsorlift Repair Demolitions Security Control 3D Sense 3D Alter 3D Accelerate Healing ©, Control Pain ©, Enhance Attribute ©, Combat Sense (S), Danger Sense (S), Instinctive Astrogation (S), Life Detection (S), Magnify Senses (S), Bolt of Hatred (A), Injure/Kill (A), Telekinesis (A), Lightsaber Combat (CS), Control Another's Pain (CA), Force Lightening (CA), Affect Mind (CSA), The Cleansing (CSA) Special Abilities: Echani Martial Arts – Perfect Body Jedi Battlemaster Martial Arts – Tranquil Combat Advantages and Disadvantages: “Jedi” Pilot (2) Resources (1) +5000 credits Age (-1) Disorganized (-1) Hinderance: Dyscalculia (-5) +5 difficulty to Astrogation, Computer Prog., & Droid Prog. Trouble Magnet (-2) Weirdness Magnet (-1) Move: 10 Force Sensitive: 2 Force Points: Yes Dark Side Points: 0 Character Points: 3 Hit Points: ([100]99-81) Uninjured: 43 (80-60) Stunned: 34 (59-40) Wounded: 25 (39-20) Severly Wounded: 16 (19-10) Inacapacitated: 8 (9-1) Mortally Wounded: 4 Equipment: Lightsaber (4d) 3 Med-aid packs (+1d First Aid) Stow Bag Infra-goggles Pulse-wave Pistol (4d Damage) Quick-draw Pistol (3d Damage) Code Slicer (+1d Security) Fibra-rope (50m) Gyro-grappler (+1d Climbing) Wide-scan Binocs Breath Mask Castaan Staad suit (+1d DR) Climbing Boots & Gloves (+1d Climbing) Glowrod Recorder + Datapad + Link Combat Gloves & Boots (3d+1 Damage) Electric Gun Sight (+1d to Hit) 5 Powerpacks (3 Normal, 2 Mini) Gunslinger Utility Belt Varicloth Clothes (+1d Sneak) Quick-draw Holster x2 (+2d) 800 credits Personality: See Follow-up Post Objectives: Maintain the balance and ensure more tragedies like his own don't occur. A Quote: “Light, Dark... In the end we're all just a bunch of kids with shiny sticks trying to make a difference on the playground...” Background: See Follow-up Post
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