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  1. Colour is an option, but for now I am doing a sort of 80s throwback design
  2. Hey there, You might remember me from this thread. If not that's okay too. Anyways, a friend and I have decided to revive this little project. More news to come, but for now... here's a temporary logo I worked up. Stay tuned as we will be seeking playtesters to help break it and build it back up! Cheers!
  3. Yes FASA Inspired, yes to your sizes and ranges I would use the FASA ones myself.
  4. Bingo, you got it. Different specializations for various departments/tasks. Computers is more programming and using computers to do research. The latter is for physical exertion/exhaustion and the former is for resisting drugs and such. I may post about it here after. Also here are my fast and dirty weapons; Standard Weapons [table=width: 500, align: left] [tr] [td]Type[/td] [td]Stun*[/td] [td]Hvy Stun*[/td] [td]1[/td] [td]2[/td] [td]3[/td] [td]4[/td] [td]5[/td] [td]Power[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Phaser 1**[/td] [td]15[/td] [td]25[/td] [td]3D[/td] [td]4D[/td] [td]5D[/td] [td]6D[/td] [td]7D[/td] [td]200[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Phaser 2**[/td] [td]20[/td] [td]30[/td] [td]4D[/td] [td]5D[/td] [td]6D[/td] [td]7D[/td] [td]8D[/td] [td]250[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Phaser 3**[/td] [td]30[/td] [td]40[/td] [td]6D[/td] [td]7D[/td] [td]8D[/td] [td]9D[/td] [td]10D[/td] [td]400[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Disruptor[/td] [td]-[/td] [td]-[/td] [td]4D+2[/td] [td]5D+2[/td] [td]6D+2[/td] [td]7D+2[/td] [td]8D+2[/td] [td]200[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Needler[/td] [td]***-[/td] [td]-[/td] [td]3D+2[/td] [td]-[/td] [td]-[/td] [td]-[/td] [td]-[/td] [td]10 Shots[/td] [/tr] [/table] Note: Energy Consumption is 10x the setting level, except for Stun settings which use 5 and 10 each *This is the target number for a Soak roll to avoid being stunned. **Phasers can be set to wide angle, allowing for multiple targets to be hit, but it doubles energy consumption. ***While there are not stun settings, needles can be coated with various toxins. Cheers!
  5. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B3I8wRQY53MeS1VTRzJRcFJlVDA/edit There is a link to the character template I made for my Mini 6 Trek campaign. We play on Sunday, I'll let you know how it goes. Oh I give the following considerations; 9 dice for Attributes 10 Dice for Skills Perks (use your favs) are purchased with Dice Hindrances (again use your favs) give dice back A die can be broken into 3 +1 pips, the 3rd pip crests to the next Die, as per normal. A die can also be broken down into three Specializations for skills. Cheers!
  6. Acha! So I think I will be adding the +3 pip, it gives just a LITTLE more diversity between characters. Cheers!
  7. So not sure if folks here have seen my blog posts to G+ about this, but I started making my fan hack of SUPERS! (which my company owns the rights to) and D6. Check it out. • Introduction • Cover Art • Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 • Part 4a • Update 1 • Update 2 • Part 5 There is still more to come, but I offer this up for the community to enjoy... or rip to shreds Cheers!
  8. How does adding +3 make it go wonky? Seems, based on the math, that it wouldn't really upset the apple cart. And yeah, that's what I was talking about
  9. While I see the math, how does that relate to my question of using +3, +4, etc... to expand the skill range for diversity amongst characters?
  10. Sorry I am not understanding this. Can you spell it out for me please? Sorry to be thick.
  11. I looked it over, not quite groking how it relates to this question, can you elaborate please?
  12. Excellent, now let's get back to it What are you feelings, concerns and insights on expanding the Pips to include +3 or +4 or +5?
  13. Grimace, I am detecting a hint of negativity in your post. I hope I am wrong and you don't think I was dismissing your ideas. I was merely continuing the conversation, and hopefully evolving it. If I misread your post, let's chalk it up to the limits of text to convey inflection. Let me know and let's continue the chat. Also, no one has said anything about expanding the + beyond +2, has this topic not been examined here before? I am le curious
  14. I don't think doing away with skills and replacing them with descriptives is the way I want to go. Certainly that is a trend in rpgs these days, falling out from FATE mostly, and I see the value, but I choose D6 for just a bit more crunch than that. Grimace, I think you may have something, but I am not sure I want multiple Intelligence related stats, I think it always breaks down best as one for problem solving, one for noticing things and one for information... same thing for physical, something about physical strength, reflexes/speed and overall constitution and then for the third one something like charisma, general willpower and maybe an empathy stat, for relating to others. I dunno, any thoughts?
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