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  1. Honestly I am intentionally keeping my expectations very low. I was utterly disappointed with the prequel movies, because of a number of elements too numerous to count (Stalker Anakin, and Napoleonic Battles with blasters are just the tip of the iceberg), this couple with the fact that Abrams movies have been very hit or miss for me. His storytelling lacks real depth, and while this might make for a decent high speed adventure it generally lacks a sustainable drive. I sincerely hope I am wrong but I am expecting this movie to be a fun ride, without any real lasting quality about it, somethi
  2. T = Teleport Rank E = Extended Range Rank (T+[(E/2)*T])*10m=Total Range T=1, E=1, 6 CP, Range 15m (1+[(1/2)*1])*10m=15m T=1, E=2, 9CP, Range 20m (1+[(2/2)*1])*10=20m T=2, E=2, 12CP, Range 40m (2+[(2/2)*2])*10=40m Hope that helps.
  3. Well it generally helps if you note the book and page number for the items you are referencing, anyway. Each factor of extended range costs 3 points and raises the range by .5. So for Teleport 4 (12points) Extended Range 1 (3 points) the Range is as if you had Teleport 6 so 60m. With Extended Range 2 (6 points) your range would be as if you had Teleport 8 so 80m. With Extended Range 3 (9 points) your range would be as if you had Teleport 10 so 100m. With Extended Range 4 (12 points) your range would be as if you had Teleport 12 so 120m. So your third example is incorrect. The range
  4. My suggestions are as follows: 1) Require a basic skill in whatever you use to represent computer use, but don't consistently require rolls. 2) Require a Research or Search roll to find stuff. Search engines are great, but you still need to know how to query, or what to query for. This can be very time consuming. 3) Always add a time element to the game. If you know a skill or how to do something you should get things done quicker, and usually without any glitches. 4) Misdirection. You know that Google, and Apple Maps are not 100% accurate. 5) A website is only as good as its last upda
  5. Thank you gentlemen. Also the Blog options are still not working for me, FYI.
  6. I recently attempted to use the contact us option, and also sent a private message to an admin with no response. It has been almost two weeks, so I am wondering if it is perhaps a system issue. Thanks for any assistance.
  7. You can structure a "technique" with a couple of variable, at different difficulties. That should cover some of the on the fly nature, and only bust out the full ruleset when thye decide to do something completely over the top.
  8. Interesting discussion. Anyway my couple of cents, since I tangentially have something similar in a project I am working on. The setting book I am working on is distinctly a fantasy setting, however the "magic" of the setting is science based. Some of the "spells" involve making an Archetypal Companion. What is this? Think of an Artifical Intelligence in a piece of jewelry. How does it work? Very much like a modern computer, except it thinks for itself. How is it constructed? Well usually it involves rare elements, or in the most recnt case a sheet of glass with weird runes on it, so
  9. I have responded via private message, so check your inbox
  10. Good to hear. My head almost exploded when I found the godaddy advert
  11. Well the D6 sytem is an elegant game from a more civilized time Naturally the forum would be pretty cool.
  12. Well honestly the way the dice work and skills are set up in many games are very similar. Shadowrun (All editions), World of Darkness (New and Old), and FUDGE all have enough similarities to make the same claim. I mean really the only reason to claim association with D6 is to partake of the customer base, legally speaking if things are different enough it is a case of no harm no foul. Also just because you were influenced by a particular game system does not mean you have to "do a shout out". I know during the process of making my "D6 Legends" variant, it started as a Mongoose Runequest se
  13. I have been working on this game for about three years now in my spare time, and it has been playtested over the past year and a half. Currently the rules are simple, streamlined, and undergoing some final editing. The goals for the system were in order 1) Provide a quick to read, easy to understand game for first time players. 2) Ensure rolling the dice is meaningful and quick. 3) Minimize special rules, subsystems and charts; everything you need to run a game fits on a single reference sheet. 4) No special materials required to run the game, no dice other than d6. 5)Character completi
  14. I look forward to seeing this as I will be rolling out a D6 Legends variant aimed at simplifying and shortening the core rules at some point in the near future.
  15. Thanks for the info I might be trying it out since my Scribus is acting up as of two hours ago...of course I will probably play around until I get it fixed. If there was no "working under the hood" aspect to using Linux and Open Source Programs it would not be nearly as much fun for me. Today I would just rather write and watch football
  16. I felt the name change would be more confusing for players than a concise definition of what was being tracked. You already track Character Points and what I was commenting on with the Spent, Unspent, and Total was essentially a more detailed version of tracking Character Points. When you introduce additional terminology which is not very clear it easily leads to a "WTF are Progression Points?" moment. I can be guilty of finding complexity in things at times, but when you do a lot of playtesting with kids, items which might seem simple often become glaring complications. So while I agre
  17. I generally use Scribus. Free is often a good enough motivation for me to learn how to use something Of course I might give this VivaDesigner a look since it is a HTML5 based web application assuming the price is right. Since I run a Linux Distro on pretty much everything I own Windows based options are something I tend to avoid and well, honestly after Adobe decided to head to this $50.00 a month subscription model they can quite frankly go pound sand.
  18. I think some of it is still being over complicated, or adding clutter to simplicity. For instance you could simply track Character Points as Spent, Unspent, and Total. Realize that the restrictions on use are just not my cup of tea so take this with a grain of salt, why add an additional item to keep track of. In my experience difficulty with a real cost (i.e. Body Points) are natural restrictions and keep use to emergencies when a CP will be dumped to ensure success; at least with regular D6. In D6 Legend an added item to track would not be as much of a pain since the integer value is muc
  19. Was this responding to my post or Grimace?
  20. Don't see a problem with this. Don't see a problem with this either,because... ...that is exactly how I would handle it Nothing crazy yet. I mean that is exactly how the spell design system works, so why not use it to get the desired result in game. I understand your desire to perhaps limit the concentration of experience in some hihg impact skills by doing somehting like this but I really have to say that a class and level system is not the ideal manner to do it in D6. Personally I like some games that use classes and levels (Earthdawn, 1st edition Palla
  21. When I used wound penalties in "Standard" D6 games I always used a fixed value. -1D was a flat -3 to the skill roll, quick and dirty. It was a real penalty, but it was one for which the GM and the Player could account for. Subracting full dice removes the luck factor, and the imploding Wild Die you suggested can result in an even bigger swing in results. For me at least the thing that moved me from regular D6 to D6 Legends being my preferred option was partly the wild swing in results as you added die. A static penalty helps ameliorate that. Of course YMMV.
  22. Enjoy the food coma. I am finally beginning to recover, from the gastronomic bonanza. Hopefully everyone else recovers as well. Happy Turkey day.
  23. Clearly you had your answer when you asked the question. If you were looking for validation of your reading of the rules, apparently the consensus does not validate it, and in fact disagrees. To then turn around and accuse people of "fitering" to make themselves happy is really a bit much. If I misread what you are saying please do tell me, but this smacks of the kind of garbage that goes on in assorted D&D forums.
  24. I really don't get what you are going for here, in D6 it really is however YOU as GM want it. Any game is that way in reality but for D6 it is kind of a central tenet of the game. If you don't want it to be situational and for it to apply under all circumstances go right ahead, just don't expect to arrive at a consensus of what is and is not "right". In my games it would be purely situational based on my reading of the rule, and my personal experience with a wide variety of weapons but hey YMMV.
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