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    me personaly would rather wait till you better in both cases . i for one like your gming i will wait!...and very sorry to hear that keep your head up man
  2. Vincent starts laughing as the thought of a rock chewer was pretty funny he then turns and looks at his new found captain "so quick question skipper can i be cheif of security on your ship asuming you feel im fit for it after some time?" he says with a smile on his face
  3. Farshadow

    Out of Character (OOC) Chat

    i'd say u could post now i don't think u posted recently o yea when u get a chance aika
  4. Vincent glances over and nodes " sounds good to me" he says as he leans back over to the window to sight see some more even tho now all there is is people rushing to where ever they need to go the walls of closing shops and the occasional 'thugs' so to speak he then looks over at the cab driver and says "so how long u been a cab driver? you like it so far?"
  5. Vincent looks over at kendir " o sorry this wasn't meant for ya just a reflex: he says with a smile on his face as he puts it away. He then reaches out to give a handshake "names Vincent the bounty hunter" he then looks at Captain jorax and says" little from what i know of this place it would be a good move to get to a safe haven or somthing cause we all know thats going to piss them off!" he then leans his head on the window to stare out some more.
  6. Vinecent looks over at the falling debre. he then glances over at the cab driver as he speaks with a hint of fear in his tone. "so what just happend " he says as he pulls out one of his 2 knives just in case. he then look's over back out the window to notice falling debre " Well somone doesn't like the communicatoons. " (per 3d.(4+6+3=13
  7. Vincent stares absently out of the side window as he pass's the store's in vendor's by. He likes scenari but this is just babrly enough to keep him satisfied for now. He then turns his head to look toward the front of the cab. " so driver what is it you have to do exackly.if you don't mind me asking."
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    Out of Character (OOC) Chat

    Hey dread pirate. Am i in the cab with you or was i left behind?
  9. Vincent turns faceing the captain."lead the way when your ready sir" he says as he extends his hand"by the way im Vincent" he then looks over at the barkeep and says"thanks for the drinks hope you enjoyed the game" he said with a smile on his face
  10. Vincent nodes as his captain tells him what to do "o yea captain"he says as he reach's in his pocket of newly winnings "here i figure we are a crew we split what ever comes are way" he says with a smile as he hands his captain 80 credits "thats half of what i made hope it helps" he then turns toward the exit and says. "o yea do u have a spare room on your ship i can use?"
  11. Vincent looks at his winnings.Then finally grabs them "so what now boss" he says refering to the ship captain.
  12. Vincent hurls a few times cause of the fact he drink to much.He then gets up and walks back to the bar and says "Barkeep wheres my winnings?" he then looks at shaymus for a few seconds trying to not laugh
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    Out of Character (OOC) Chat

    it is no problem at all like a told janus befor if i gambled a little i would make a killing on the dice ones :)
  14. Farshadow

    Out of Character (OOC) Chat

    ok i was just lokking at my rolls from my latest to earlier in the posts i'm rolling well abouve average i have started to tak pics of my dice rolls for clerifacation just in case. if people wish to see them i will be more than glad to share just saying cause that was a once in a lifetime type roll lol
  15. Vincent dashes towards the closest facility jumping over tables weaving threw the crowds (dex 4d) (6+6+6+6+1=25)