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  1. Great. Thanks JP. It makes me wonder how compatible with other D6 related items this will have, and how interesting conversion will be since you are working to polish mechanics. Can't wait to see what is coming, but I guess I have to.
  2. Okay JP, Good to know, but can we get more than that? I really want to throw money at this project and get at the very least a PDF copy in my hands, but it would be snazzy to know how long down the road until the embers go ablaze and burn everything in their wake.
  3. I picked it up a few days back and so far I am enjoying the read. I'm very interested in this other project as well, whatever it may be. As far as a review, once I have finished the read I'll post one on Drivethru.
  4. Very nice. That second one in particular has me intrigued about racial templates in the game, but it's all nicely done.
  5. I already print a lot of mine, have them spiral bound and then archive the PDF, but the idea of print on demand has been exciting to me since SJG started using it for select titles a few years back.
  6. Hmm, a super hero game may be an effective way to rebuild a magic system as well.
  7. Thank you, though to be fair I've only been in the Sydney area just under six months. And technically I'm in Northmead, which is a far cry from Sydney proper.
  8. Sweet, this will allow me to do some revision work on a few conversions I was tinkering with.
  9. While I was really hoping to get my hands on the PDF so I could start digesting the magic system provided, I guess I'll have to create my own for the moment. Totally understandable on the delays because you want to have a superior product.
  10. Ouch! Though yes, one of the things I'm hoping to avoid with the D6 ogl is a similar number of the vastly useless and bloated projects that appeared for D20. Yep in OZ for the next three years. Good to know I'll be able to get a hard copy of the book.
  11. By far the best villain in my campaigns was actually a player's character, who started out as a Lieutenant and leader of the 'Rebel troubleshooting team'. Quin was a softy who fell for the older of two twin sisters on his home world. Both were the daughters and apprentices of a Jedi in hiding, but when Vader came to call the father was killed. One daughter survived and escaped (as a character on the team) and the other was presumed dead. Only she wasn't dead of course, and she showed up right after the first story arc as a student of Lord Vader. Quin's player was torn and came to me in secret to discuss options (Taking the GM out to the local family restaurant for coffee and a meal isn't a bad bribe btw) then came up with the idea to act as a spy and assassin for Tamara. We hashed out the details and then the player become more like an assistant GM than a normal player. Because his character was giving up the plans of the team only at just the right moments, they succeeded slightly more often than they failed - but it was played very well, and no one seemed to notice that some of the most important missions were losing propositions. It all went well until Quin started knocking off members of the team, facilitated by using separate rooms to play in when the party split. Usually it was made to look accidental so that no one would suspect it was assassination, but after so many characters died even the most trusting became paranoid. If a player lost a character in this manner, then he was initiated into the hidden story, and given extra characters to run when needed. At the end we had to bring everyone in on what was happening so we could decide how to resolve the betrayal. My players were awesome, and concocted a plan that basically insured that the group would be annihilated at the end. The very last member of the party died with a blaster shot to the back of the head. Quin went on to become the right hand to Tamara in the next campaign, and I told my players that they were welcome to create and run NPC's (with my approval) but we weren't going to have a PC villain again because it made extra work for me (although a good cheesecake bribe might have swayed me eventually).
  12. Okay, I'm impatiently waiting for this one, so since the "Hard Launch" date of December 1, 2010 has passed, should we expect the PDF at this point? I did see that the kickstarter didn't meet funding for the project, one I wish I'd contributed to, but the move from the US to Australia ate up any reserve we had. If that's delaying the projected PDF, fair enough, just looking for some news.
  13. I just saw this on RPGnow and I have to say, I'm looking forward to Christmas money so I can pick some of these deckplans up. Nicely done, sir. I find the Black Desert intriguing as well. Between this thread and the "Can I leave Space combat out" thread, you've given a new comer plenty to chew on in regards to how Hard a Hard Sci-Fi campaign should be. Keep on keeping on, and once I've caught up on this backlog of threads I'll be looking forward to hearing more.
  14. New Guy weighing in here, I like the idea of templates as implemented in Star Wars. I'll agree that I think they got it right, and I keep a folder that has all of the templates just for new player use. Templates really allow new players to jump right into the game without the need to build from the ground up, and they offer a small degree of customization (7D) so that you can put your personal stamp on the character. This allows more experienced players to jump right in without a second though, and can serve as a reference for building new and interesting templates within the game world. I generally allow more experienced players to do a bit of open build if they want to, but most of the ones I've played with don't. One of the brilliantly elegant things about D6 early on was it's adherence to the KISS theory of design, and I think the templates only enhanced that.
  15. Hey Dave, I downloaded both sheets the moment I got the notification from DTRPG. Now I'll admit that I often download free stuff to see if I can convert it to use for a system I really like, but in this case I'd been sitting in the limbo of waiting for a new wave of D6 goodness, and your sheet got me thinking of working on my own conversions again. All in all this is a nice sheet, and while I do have it on my wish list to be able to edit it to type in attributes, skills and information (especially when making templates for my worlds) I can say I'm happy with the design. Good job. I'm really looking forward to that announcement. S. Kelley
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