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  1. Ah ha, so I now know that players looking for games should post in the Game Request forum, cool! Thanks for the response Lee, I'll send you a PM shortly. Icarus
  2. Hi all, I just found this site and joined up. I've downloaded the free pdf's of D6 Adventure, Space, and Fantasy so I have the material. In the past I played WEG Star Wars so have some familiarity with the system in general. I'm looking to join a pbp game here and get the dust off my D6's. I have some ideas of adventure/campaign settings of my own, but want to refamiliarize myself with mechanics first, so I figure getting in the middle of a game would be the best thing for me. I've been looking with some interest at the Firefly pbp game on this site, and would like to get the word out to the GM for that game that I am interested in joining, if he's still interested in running it. In case you're wondering what campaign/adventure settings I have clanking around in my noggin...Here's a couple: Modern conspiracy/alien/weird events--the characters are part of a team that investigates Weird Stuff. Post-Apocalypse--something has happened that is throwing the world, or at least the country where the characters are located, into chaos. The characters are trying to cope with the situation/help others/survive whatever is happening. To the mods: Apologies if this forum wasn't the proper place to post my thread, but I wasn't sure of the best place. The pbp ads forum seemed to be for GM's posting ads for their games. Thanks! Icarus
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