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  1. Actually, you only hear the sound in the fighters. The reason that a group of us came up with (smart people, not just geeks), is electromagnetic interference from engines. Fighters and space transports have open comm systems so the pilots only need to talk and listen, no comm stations. So, when fighters fly by or whe nthe ship is flying, you get the sound over the speakers. With regards to the bridge scene in Empire, when the Falcon flew by the Star Destroyer bridge, the sound was over the bridge loudspeakers. It was close enough to trip them and give the engine sound.
  2. Actually, that is a better version of Robotech than I made.
  3. Not to change the subject, but right now I'm doing a Space marathon. Space: Above and Beyond and Firefly.
  4. I've actually got a couple of old school sci-fi cartoons translated into D6. Robotech and Starblazers. Robotech was fun and actually got me thinking about something that I have been putting off until I have refilled my sanity enough to actually tackle it... D6 MechWarrior. But, right now, I am happily converying the Star Wars Saga Edition into a D6 variant with some updated rules to introduce d20ers to the 'Capital D gaming' of D6.
  5. See, I never really got the point of Injure/Kill. I never used it in my campaigns because it is too similar to the overpowered OD&D non-save insta-kills.
  6. What is the deadline (no pun intended) for article turn-in? Also, what format would you like it in? I am limited to Office and can't do pdfs. So, if you PM me an email address to send it to, I'll shoot it out before the deadline.
  7. I am trying to do a Ghostbusters update for use with the D6 Adventure rules. Skills, equipment, ghosts, etc.
  8. So, having your Attributes and Skills separate. For example, bows. You have 4D in your bows, 2D+2 in your Dexterity and 3D+1 in your Strength. You can add the 4D to Dexterity for your attack or to your Strength for distance/damage, however you wish. So, you attack a giant at short range, you add 1D to Dex for attack and 3D to Str for damage. Like that?
  9. In my system, you always take at least 1 point of damage if you are hit, regardless of whether or not you resist the damage.
  10. And this is why I have modified both systems to include something a little more normalized that is a great deal easier to understand.
  11. This is the thing. They were trying to get the online gamers into the mix with an easier to understand system that the online gamers were used to. You level up and have to select powers. When in combat, you use powers. Powers take some time to reset. After the battle, loot the body and get XP. I joined some friends for D&D4e a couple of months ago, thinking that if I tried playing with a bunch of 4ers rather than 3.5ers, it would be better. Well... it didn't go over too well. It was my turn and I said that I wanted to leap into the middle of a group of four kobolds and use my Whirlwind Blade, a tactic I used quite a bit in 3.5. The DM looked at me like a dear in the headlights and asked if I has the jump attack power. I did not. He told me that the jumping skill couldn't be used in combat except to jump across pits or to grab things overhead, that I couldn't use it to vault an enemy without the jump attack power. At another point, I waded into the thick of things (more kobolds), and was attacking normally. I wasn't using my powers because none really seemed appropriate. The other players began complaining that I wasn't playing the game right. First of all, I have literally been playing D&D longer than any of them have been alive. Second, I didn't know that you were forced to attack with your powers. Third, I was the only player in the entire game to not drop below half hit points. (I was a paladin and had healing). In all, it has again turned me off of the whole 4e system. The 4e system was built to get online roleplayers to play the game. The traditional D&Ders have since gone to Pathfinder for, as they call it, D&D 3.75e. I mean, to use or even view any of the game supplements online, you must subscribe to the WOTC online. I swear, soon, WOTC will come out with their own MMO... D&D 4.5e.
  12. There is ancient proto-Hebrew pottery shards found in Goshen below the armory. It's interesting because it looks like a newer form of Cuneiform, but with some minor variances.


    As for the find in Iraq, an amateur archaeologist Army officer found a room inside the Temple of Ur that they didn't know was in it. It had some pottery and Sumerian tablets in it (not Babylonian).

  13. Well, I actually began my major as Religion. It all changed after one class: History of the Old Testament. We went over the Enuma Elis and it made me realize that the Book of Genesis was just the Reader's Digest version of that document (tablet). That's when I started looking into Sumer and I found some very interesting facts. The reason the Book of Genesis is so similar to the Sumerian stories is because of Egypt... The Egyptians wouldn't let the Hebrews continue with their writing (part of their bondage), so their written history became an immediate oral history. Otherwise, it is interesting, especially with the current finds over in Iraq.


    As for Star Wars... I just love the story. :)

  14. They turned it into a computer game that you play without a computer. You can "design your character" for a subscription fee, as well as use a GUI to make your character look graphically, play and create maps in 3D, and do other things like a MMO. They sold out realy D&D to the WoW crowd, no offense to Wowers.
  15. It looks like you are using Persuade similar to the way it is used in SWSE, a one-shot for all charisma-based influence rolls.
  16. As long as he didn't work on D&D 4.0 (i.e. D&D: WoW, then he might be able to be brought back from the abyss.
  17. I have seen a similar form of this advancement system with a prototype version of a MechWarrior game that Fasa was looking at before it went belly-up. It was very similar to the WEG Star Wars 2nd Edition, but the skills and attributes were a little different. I will be using SWRPG stats, to make things a little more clear. Now, in the game, the number of the stat is how many dice you roll. 3 would be equal to 3D, but there are 3 pips in each skill.. You have a score of 3 in Dexterity and a score of 5 in blasters. In order to advance a skill, you have to use the skill 5 times for every point in the skill. So, to advance it to level 5+1, you have to use the skill 25 times. To raise it to level 5+2, you have to use it 25 more times more. 5+3 is another 25 times, with 6 being another 25 times. That means to raise your skill from 5 to 6, you need to blast 100 times. Attributes are something different. Attributes are used to roll non-trained skills and certain basic abilities. In order to raise an attribute by one point, you have to raise a number of skills by the same number of pips. So, to advance your Dexterity from 3 to 3+1, you need to raise your skills by at least 3 pips (1 pip per skills, 3 pips in a single skill, etc.). In order to get to level 4, you need to raise a total of 12 pips. In order to keep the character from becoming too powerful, there were limits for skills and attributes. A character could only have a maximum of 24 points in their attributes and 75 points in the skills. If a character is at their limit and wants to raise an attribute or skill, they have to take away from another one.
  18. Not at all. This encourages the character to save up and increase their attributes to get better at their skills. You bring up Han Solo and his really amazing blaster pistols skill (using my current skill set). However, don’t forget that he was also amazingly good in space transports, con, and gambling. From everything I have seen, he never really topped out a single skill. However, for those players who want to top out their skills to be the best <insert skill> in the galaxy, let’s look at their averages for the demonstration I gave above. A character with Dexterity 3D+1, and their topped skill blaster pistols 6D+2, and topped specialization blaster pistols: DL-44 10D. With Wild Die, they can typically fire any blaster with an average roll of 22.6. If they are using a DL-44, then their roll becomes an average of 34.6. That’s an average roll of Difficult (20) for any blaster and nearly Legendary (35) for the DL-44. Really, who can avoid being hit? And, when they do hit, what kind of damage will there be with +1 damage for every 5 points over the hit? At this point, even Boba Fett would be hard pressed to not die when the character shoots at him. I’m not quite as conservative in my CPs, but I am also giving my players more to spend their points on. Besides attributes, skills, and specializations, they also have abilities, professions, Force powers, and the typical in-game rolls. The characters in my game will still be diverse, even with the caps to their skills. This comes from the professions and abilities they have to choose from. I am turning the SWSE Advanced Classes into Professions that can be purchased if the character meets the prerequisites. Similarly, once a character opens a profession, they can purchase a Talent Tree (called Focus) to gain a single talent (ability) listed. They can then purchase other abilities from that tree. Likewise, some of the feats in SWSE will be purchasable as General Abilities and open to characters to purchase. It’s kind of complex, but you would have to see it to understand. Also, you bring up starfighter pilots. I’ll let you in on a couple of minor changed I have made to starships… First, I have eliminated the various shield skills from the shield list. Now, shields can be raised or lowered as a non-roll action. Additionally, they can be focused double-front or double-back as a non-roll action to provide twice the shield protection to the front or back of the fighter and no protection to the other side. Shields are changing from an actual die roll to a base number that is added to both the reaction and the damage resistance roll. If your ship is hit, even if you resist all the damage, you lose a point from shields. When the shields are out, you lose whatever bonus you had from them. Also, I am including the SWSE version of dogfighting. It’s more like melee combat for characters, but in space. It has the same penalties for firing into that melee combat has. Finally, I am working all of the rules to be used on a hex map.
  19. Flagwaver

    Issue 3

    Might be able to create a simple set of mods for the D6 Adventure set. Special skills, equipment, perhaps statistics for Ghosts, maybe a couple of rules detailing how proton packs and traps work... That sort of thing. Hmm... I might be able to take on this project since I have a couple of the old Ghostbusters books on PDF.
  20. Okay, thanks to a major crash in my portable hard drive that left it LITERALLY in at least five pieces over a one meter area, I have had to start from scratch. But, this is not entirely a bad thing. I am taking the entire thing back to pattern and going to be reworking a few things I have thought up from the beginning. First, there will be three sections to each book (the first I am working on as well as supplements). Part I - Player Section This section will include the necessary information for players to play the game. Things such as races, backgrounds (classes), skills, equipment, professions (advanced classes), the Force, vehicles, as well as GMCs (Game Master Characters). Part II - Rules Section This section will include the rules that Game Master's have to know and players should know, but don't necessarily have to, to play the game. Basics, combat, vehicle combat, skills, and miscelaneous rules that all have their own separate sections. Part III - Game Master Section This section will be all about the settings, GM rules, and campaign information that Game Masters have to know regarding the various topics not covered in the rules. Oh, I also plan to cap characters at 5D for attributes (modified by race), twice the attribute for skills, and three times the attribute for specializations. However, the characters will also have plenty of special abilities they can purchase for themselves. I completely understand what you mean, however this is just a hybrid. Also, I am modifying many of the things that I have previously written regarding SWD6. It is keeping more of the D6 feel rather than the d20 feel that it did before. It will also be a great deal easier to play than the SWSE was, especially when it comes to vehicle combat (taking more of the D6 feel rather than the d20). I loved the condition track from SWSE and have actually modified it slightly to cover the Wound Levels from SWRPG. I have also covered the 0G and space sickness rules, but have a little more tweaking to make them complete. It might be the way I did it, but my players were heavy D&D players who like to see the CP treated as if they were XP. I am hashing that a little in my D6 Fantasy game, but am giving my players something other than just skills to spend their CPs on in SWD6 I’m actually starting my characters out with a base stat from their species (approximately 6D split between the 6 attributes). They add 12D to that base stat to determine their starting attributes. Humans have a base stat of 1D in every attribute while other races have between a 0D and 2D in their attributes. However, the total is still 6D in their starting attributes with a couple of modifications (based on the race’s special abilities). Starting skills is still the typical 7D with 1D able to be used for specializations and no more than 2D used in any one skill. Also, characters start with a set number of skills. Those listed skills are rolled as the attribute (unless otherwise raised). Any other skill is treated as unskilled and the character takes a -1D to their rolls. They can purchase other skills for a certain price, and they begin as just a trained skill rather than +1 to the Attribute. I plan on using that in my game when I playtest the new build. I’m also going to be modifying the Dawn of Defiance game and including a module in each of the supplements I put out for this. I’m changing some of the things up so that players can’t get more than twice their Attribute in any skill or three times in any specialization. If you have Dexterity 3D+1, you are limited to blaster pistols 6D+2 and blaster pistols: DL-44 10D. If you raise your Dexterity to 3D+2, you then raise your limit for blaster pistols 7D+1 and blaster pistols: DL-44 11D. I’m also changing up the way some of the skills work. Command will be used to issue orders to GMCs (Game Master Characters) and issue orders to a crew aboard a capital ship. You roll against the Discipline of the unit you command (think Orneriness, but for people) for every action you command them to do. The total you roll over or under the Discipline determines the total bonus or penalty to the roll the GMC or crew makes to carry out that order. Each command counts as a separate action (commanding the troops to fire and then to take cover is two actions, commanding the ship to fire at a fighter and the engineering crew to effect damage repairs is two actions). You’ll see as I post all of it after doing a little internal playtesting.
  21. Flagwaver

    Issue 3

    Someone could dig up and convert the Ghostbusters rule set to a more modern variant of D6.
  22. I'm in the middle of converting the Original D&D (back when Elf was a character class) into D6. I guess that would be along the lines of a bastardization of the Mystara Fantasy World.
  23. Vehicles and Vehicle Combat should definitely be two different chapters, separate from Aerospace Combat. Aerospace Combat is different from vehicle combat because it involves flying vehicles and starships, both of which have similar behavior.
  24. Flagwaver

    Issue 3

    Has anyone ever came up with a good Zombie Apocalypse rule? As in how the Zombie bite actually works? If not, I could toss one together.
  25. I actually use Condition Penalties in a similar way to the Star Wars Saga Edition. The penalty is -1 to all Attributes, -1D to all skills, -1 Move. If you take a Wound Level of damage, you get a Condition Penalty. Also, several special attacks cause the same thing. If you reach 0D in any Attribute, then you are unconscious and stunned. Likewise, Stun Damage (and Ion Damage for droids) is rolled normally (a blaster that does 4D damage still does 4D damage). However after rolling your Damage Resistance, you take half of the damage that you don't resist. You also take a single Condition Penalty for every point of damage that you don't resist. When you get shot with energy of any kind, you still take damage. However, the damage is not like normal. As for Wound Levels, I use seven Wound Levels. You have a number of points in each Wound Level equal to your number of Strength dice. If you have Strength 2D (average for a Human), then you can take a total of 14 points of damage before being killed. Heroes typically start with an average of Strength 3D (depending on how they allocate their attribute dice), which gives them a total of 21 Wound Points before death. Also, when a character gets shot, even if they resist all of the damage, they still take a single point of damage. That way, unlike with the normal SWRPG, a strong character can't get shot 50 times without any penalty.
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