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  1. Flagwaver: "We went over the Enuma Elis and it made me realize that the Book of Genesis was just the Reader's Digest version of that document (tablet). That's when I started looking into Sumer and I found some very interesting facts. The reason the Book of Genesis is so similar to the Sumerian stories is because of Egypt... The Egyptians wouldn't let the Hebrews continue with their writing (part of their bondage), so their written history became an immediate oral history."


    Whill: I wasn't aware of any conclusive evidence that the Hebrews ever had a written history before Egypt, but that defintely is a logical explaination for why they didn't have one in Egypt. It is certainly possible they had one before Egypt that is now lost. And I agree with the rest of your conclusions.


    Flagwaver: "Otherwise, it is interesting, especially with the current finds over in Iraq."


    Whill: Current finds as in new? I'll have to catch up on my Archeaology magazine issues!

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