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  1. I understand the challenge. I had do deal with some hacks on a website at work. It's no fun, and it's a terribly frustrating ordeal. I'm glad to see that you had the committment to user security.
  2. Hey, Omegawolf79. Welcome to D6 gaming, and welcome to the forums. I've played both the d20 and D6 incarnations, and use minis pretty regularly in my games. Usually it's just there to show relative position, some ranges, and generally add clarity. Rather than using a grid map, I use a white board so I can draw the features of the adventure, and we generally estimate ranges (or they're determined by GM fiat). As the game already has blast ranges, cover, and the like people just use the minis to loosely represent those features. But you're right. The Revised & Expanded book does not have tactical minis features. They do have a Star Wars Miniatures book, but that's more mass combat than it is tactical use of the minis in an RPG. The D6 books were very light and cinematic play, where later systems (such as the SAGA Edition) where very highly tactical. (Both of which games I enjoy, but for very different reasons.) Character points are the same that you spend for boosting rolls and for improving characters. It becomes a greater decision whether or not you're going to spend them if you know that you're depending on them to bump your character at the end of the session. If you're interested in more Star Wars D6 resources there is another board with a bit more traffic: http://www.rancorpit.com/forums but the registration can be kind of a bear. (Make a post here if you can't get in there, and I can talk to the admin.) And there's a pretty good podcast out there on the game: http://atthetablegames.com/shootingwomprats/
  3. Thanks for the update. I really appreciate it. For some reason I hadn't seen you on in a while and figured I'd post in reply here. But don't worry, when our schedules meet up again I'll be bugging you and Brett.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, how are the materials coming? I'm willing to be really patient and everything, it's just that I paid an artist for the accompanying images on my adventure, and the licencing agreement only goes as far as their use in the mag. I'd just like to know it's going to see print so my money is not spent for naught. Again, I'm not pushing anyone. I'm just looking for an honest evaluation of how the issue is going.
  5. I don't want to go over too much of the same territory that Grimace has, but I've been using D6 Fantasy for years with an ongoing campaign. Granted, the sort of carefree and humorous tone we've set has a lot of bearing on the game, but it's the farthest thing from a D&D dungeon crawl. Though the players have put quite a lot of their stats in combat, a smash through a dungeon is the farthest thing from what our game is. Magic isn't really front and center in our game, but we do have some magic use. And yeeeeeeah.... I think if someone had taken a razor blade to the magic section of our book, then I probably wouldn't notice for months. I went ahead and created my own magic system that (unlike Grimace's) somewhat resembles a Force power mechanic, though it is NOT based on a Control/Sense/Alter system. I've got three skills the players usually use (and a fourth Necromancy skill that some of the villains have used), and a number of spells that players can learn underneath that skill. So, in that respect the mechanic is similar to the Force powers, but with a considerably different flavor. Basically, I've taken the basic ideas of the D6 Fantasy book, and ran my own direction with it. Yes, we keep the same basic core mechanics of wild dice, skill usage, and the like, but we've also ditched quite a lot, patched our own ideas in with it, and have experimented with several new ideas along the way. Overall, it's run well, and not at all like a dungeon crawl. Generally my players have found creative ways of maneuvering around many combat encounters when they see a more efficient method using trickery, stealth, and environmental factors to their advantage.
  6. That sounds like an article I'd like to read! It's always good to see what's up and coming in D6.
  7. If you're asking what was the intent when the author wrote it, then you're asking an exegetical question. If you're asking for my interpretation of those words, then yes, the writer probably meant for a +5 modifier for a weapon over 60 cm. Though I'm not sure that it's really going to get you anywhere particularly good. Let's assume that the author meant that the weapon incurs a +5 unless it's well balanced or whatnot. It's saying that you're going to take a +5 for swinging a yard stick. I've got a rapier that's almost double the 23 inch marker set by the rule (that is unless we're counting the hilt too, then I'm pretty sure it's more than double). To say that I'm the one taking the penalty to hit the guy of similar skill with a 22 inch "rapier" is stupid. IF the author meant that it necessarily does take a +5 , then I would argue that the author may have an improper understanding of the D6 system, the metric system, or the length of most melee weapons. Maybe all three. But that's just one factor among many, really. The rule is written in a really vague way. What makes it hard to grasp? What makes it difficult to throw? Certainly if things are particularly awkward, then it should probably merit a penalty... but then that goes back into it being part of the GM's discretion.
  8. There are a few instances where people have devised a sort of "mental damage." There is a psychic damage chart in the Star Wars module "Domain of Evil" which can be found in Classic Adventures Volume II. I have a document in my 4shared (link below) on the Jedi Academy Training Manual D6 Conversion that has a conversion of the Thought Bomb Force power. Though it isn't "fear checks" there are some things that can be ported over or at least give some inspiration. However, the clearest thing is in the D6 Magazine Volume 3 where they have an article on fear and madness checks. Let me know if any of those help.
  9. Thanks for the review Ur Athal. I've only been able to thumb through my pdf copy, and I appreciate being able to read a full review.
  10. I haven't seen 1st Edition in AGES and I've never owned a copy. Though I do remember it as being a bit different, and I also remember reading that there were changes from 1st to 2nd edition to make combat a bit riskier.
  11. I got my PDF of Westward. Has anyone else had a chance to look it over? I did a quick glance at it and it looks like WNG has had some real growth after Azamar. It's a fine looking product. Unfortunately I havent' done much more than just a preliminary walk through. However, i do see some familiar names in there. Hish did a fair bit of work, and it looks like Peter Schweighofer did some writing for it as well.
  12. I'll re-post the request on the Rancor Pit, but it's kind of a mix of new additions and long-time RPG enthusiasts. My guess is that if either Whill or Grimace don't remember it, then your chances of finding it are slim. I know that Topps was running a Star Wars Galaxy magazine, and they sometimes had RPG snippets in there. Though I don't think they had anything of that nature in there. Though if I can find my index of those articles I'll look through it.
  13. Heard! Ships and ship combat would be the biggest draw for me. Something where I can take a small catalog of ships and sprinkle a few varieties into a seafaring campaign would be great. I've got a good setting going already, but I've always felt relatively landlocked. And yeah, about as it is in the Star Wars D6 would suffice. Unlike the space combat which is purely fictional/theoretical the naval engagement could draw on a touch of researched realism and that would really have my attention. So, perhaps it may have a few more details than the Star Wars system would. Of course, there's only so much detail and fine tuning that the D6 system is designed to handle. But Star Wars isn't a bad place to start looking. They at least took into account gun batteries, fire arcs, fire rate, and the like. I'll tell ya, spending an afternoon on the gun deck of the USS Constitution got my gears turning as to the possibilities here. Unfortunately I'm too tied to a couple of other professional projects to really invest the time. But if there's any possibility Heroes of the High Seas had naval elements I could plug in without too much fuss, you'd definitely have me as a customer.
  14. cheshire


    Yay, I get a free copy... ... oh wait, I already paid for one in the Kickstarter. Never mind!
  15. Yeah, WEG really hit its stride with the 2nd Edition Star Wars books. You can find some inexpensive rulebooks on eBay sometimes. It'd be worth looking into so that you can get some game time out of them. Good find!
  16. P.S. In the end, though, you've got to make the supplement you want. You can't write the thing for me, unless I was your patron or something. Write what you think is interesting, and if I think it's interesting, I'll pick it up.
  17. Navigation rules aren't necessarily a huge deal. It would be nice if there was some optional structure there that I could use or not, but I'll be honest that I hadn't paid a terrible amount of attention to them. It's mostly when I'd seen that gun ranges weren't going to be a consideration and I had also received the impression that even the more basic naval tactics were not going to have a focus for fear that it would make the system too cumbersome. IIRC the general theme was that the focus was to force a boarding to have the swashbuckling moment on deck. Don't get me wrong, the swashbuckling moment is important, but I think that a product that had both would really catch my interest. I think I'd alluded to the idea that I'd even started to do some preliminary research into making a supplement about ships and seafaring, but I realized I didn't have the time to do something that had options of having the high seas adventure movies along with a component of real-life elements (such as representing statistically comparable ships such as frigates and carracks to their RL counterparts). I could be mistaken in my impression that the Heroes of the High Seas supplement in progress will have a few scattered elements of ship-to-ship engagement, but only enough to make the swashbuckling fly.
  18. With the talk of a small group of people thinking about products that might come into being perhaps it well fits the phrase "Dead, but dreaming." But seriously, folks, I'd love to see a full scale product of a more classic D6 (or even a mini-six) product. Particularly if it fits the type of D6 game that I like to play. But therein lies the problem. When D6 was in the process of going open WEG fell silent, and there didn't seem to be anything done. So a lot of creative and talented people went to work creating something in the vacuum. Some while after, WEG did open up the system, and there were at least three viable variations of the original D6 system. From that point on it seems like we picked our favorites or picked and chose between components of the systems we liked. At that point we kind of did ourselves a disservice because we like one aspects of one and not the other, and so we home brew parts of our own games fitting the system to our own needs. That is to say, some like D6 Magic, others like Grimace's magic system, and I'd been working on a (thus far unpublished) magic system on my own. Though it speaks wonders of the system's adaptability it also hinders potential marketing efforts of a larger-scale product. If we're a small community and we're all getting our own nuanced tastes, then how can a product appeal to all these niche desires of an already niche community? For example, we've had some talk of Heroes of the High Seas. It sounds like a great idea! It's something I've wanted to see for a while. Though on the other hand I see some things in the development conversation that makes me wonder if the product would really suit my needs. The question then becomes whether to purchase it and do the legwork to adapt it, or just leave well enough alone? One die, infinite possibilities indeed. But at this phase it seems that is a double edged sword. Again, I'd love to see a good product. I may even support a solid print book even if it wasn't quite what I was looking for just to bolster the D6 community. It just seems to be hard to get momentum at this particular juncture.
  19. Would the helmsman need to make a piloting skill roll, or would he/she just need to roll the maneuverability of the ship? On the one hand it would make sense for the two to stack in a dogfight, but it seems to me that even the best helmsman in the world wouldn't be able to affect the maneuverability of the ship to any great degree.
  20. It may also be that my primary experience is with Star Wars, and ship battles are occasionally part of the adventure. We know that one person is usually piloting, there are a few gunners, and we know how on board batteries interact with enemy range and hull. Basic maneuvers were included in the starship battle section of the books, as were the stats for a number of different ships. Though removing the real-world tactical elements from the high-seas adventure books it should still be reasonable to look at a few basic ship designs and have some statistical representation. For example, the high castle caravels are harder to board from a schooner than would be one carrack to another. Hee hee... it'd be a heck of a thing watching Errol Flynn smack into the side of the forecastle while on the rope.
  21. Great question. Here are my initial thoughts. Suppose my PCs are on board a basic 17th Century frigate, and they're trying to come to bear on a Dutch Galleon. Who rolls to determine whether they are in position to fire? How do they get into position. Who rolls on the Galleon to see if they can outmaneuver or outrun the frigate. And what degree of success or failure determines whether you get all of your guns to bear on the Galleon, or whether you only get 1/4 of your guns to do so. Further, if you're on a frigate like The Constitution you have different diameter guns capable of different ranges and damage. And if you really want to get accurate, you have different kinds of rounds designed to either be anti-personel, set fire to the enemy sail, or take out their mast. I've seen some basics on naval tactics, but not enough to know how one would outrun or outmaneuver the other ship. So, really some basics as to how the ship stats help interact with your strategy. Also, if (heaven forbid) I had a Roman or Phonetician galley ship, how would that make an impact (no pun intended)? There are many types of ships possible, and they are not on par with one another on the sea. What sort of stats would I see on those ships? What character rolls interact with those stats? Certainly the navigator would interact with the speed of the ship. The helmsman interacts with the maneuverability, but whose roll determines whether 10 cannons hit? Or maybe only 3 cannons hit? Maybe there are no cannons and I have to determine if one ship successfully rams another. Maybe I'm not trying to ram, but just get a gangplank on to the other ship and board. Whose rolls make that happen? I know just enough about marine combat to know that I don't know enough about marine combat to stat any of these things out either in terms of accurately representing the ships OR in terms of which party members have an influence over those statistics. Does that make sense?
  22. Tell them the show/game isn't what they think. Tell them it's a lot more intense than it use to be:
  23. Honestly, if you had a solid set of seamanship rules that would port well across settings, I'd buy it just for that. It sounds like you could very well have wind/oar powered ships in this setting. If you could just have a few of those statted out, how player skills interact with them, and how to make sea-based adventures part of the campaign, the material would well be worth it.
  24. Ya know, I've seen this, downloaded it and thought about it. However, I've never read it through in detail and run an adventure. I've got two young girls at home, and we've already been doing a sort of "D6 Jr." with them, and they LOVE the show. It would be an easy setting for them, but I've just never gotten around to running it. Has anyone actually played Pony Tales to know how it runs?
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