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  1. We struggles with making Living Lands more exciting as well. We stole ideas from the web and made stuff up but came up with adding the following laws: Law of the Fittest (home made) Add Law of Savagery but also being a realm of living and survival, the Realm blessed those that excelled in actions with gifts (mutations). These gifts would make the being more adaptive and further them as the fittest. Examples would be a sneaky creature may get camouflage or a person that fought a lot increased strength or hands turned to talons. Treat these as mutations (with Possibility cost). In game, any time a creature takes an action and succeeds with a Glory-like result, the target undergoes a mutation as the world blesses the being. The GM decides the mutation and its impact (normally a modifier to the applicable skill or stat as well as visual blessing) and if an attribute increase add a Possibility cost. The Law of Spirits (from web) The Living Lands grant even supposedly inanimate objects the Charisma and Spirit attributes. Note that this does not grant inanimate objects the ability to speak, or any degree of actual intelligence, but it does make it possible to have some degree of social interaction - equivalent to the Charm, Persuade, Taunt and Intimidation - with not only other beings, but plants, rocks, animals, etc. In general, objects that do not specifically have CHA or SPI can be assumed to have them at a value equal to their Mass Value or TOU. Highly specialized objects that perform a specific function can have values as high as the value of their functional Attribute, Skill, or Damage or Armor Value or Limit. Most however have no more than their Mass Value plus the Power Push of their highest ability. Devices with any knowledge of problem solving capabilities, equivalent to PER and MIN, are made equivalent to animate beings by this world law, and their attributes should be determined as if they were any normal character. Or even Prated character - Spirits have the same ability to Transcend as any living being, for an average Possibility Rated population of Rare(55). The LL skill of Spirit Sense is used to sense the strength and mood of the spirit. Law of the Tribe (from web) This world law grants a bonus to communal actions. Groups of two or more have their Many-on-one bonus increased by an additional +1. Any actions which are successfully coordinated - at least one successful coordination roll - also gain a +1 bonus in addition to the value bonus. In addition, the difficulty of all coordination attempts is reduced by 3. Note that this also applies to communal Miracles, granting the +1 additional bonus and reducing the Community Rating by 3, another reason the Church and Religion in general has retained so much power in the Cosmos. Groups aligned with the Empire - defined as the entire group seeing itself as working towards the goals of the Empire, or all having Faith(Imperial Orthodox Church) in the case of Community bonuses - gain an additional +1 bonus to any group actions.
  2. I always thought moving Aysle to Japan (or China) made more sense for a more samurai (or wuxia) like cosm akin to Ninja Scroll with shoguns and demon and asian mythology. The Honor and Corruption would work great as would the magic and birth stuff. I might change the Highlord to being a dragon or something.
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