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  1. Psionic Surgery - skill Requires Telekinesis and Telepathy @ 3D+ each Roll skill + Targets Spirit vs assisted healing chart. Using Telekinesis to hold wounds together, and Telepathy to convince the targets body to heal itself faster. The Psionic heals the wounded.
  2. Lol, same name different effect 😁
  3. Battle Meditation Requires Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleport @ 3D+ each. Test to see how long active. Get a number of dice equal to Spirit, that can be split among, movement tests, defensive tests(not damage resistance), attack tests (Not damage), initiative tests. Pool restores at start of turn. Not compatible with Precognition.
  4. All true
  5. In D6 Fantasy there is a disadvantage called Devotion R1, R2, R3 In the core book there is a disadvantage called Fanatic +3D Now they seem about the same just devotion is in stages. Now with my magic system I have an element called faith. That element requires faith in something. Elements are skills that fuel magic. I could state that Faith requires you to be a Fanatic or Devotion R3, or Devotion in steps and each step raises an artificial cap on the Element: Faith skill. Any thoughts?
  6. I like the concept. I know of one system they had two ways of doing spells. On the fly and learned. On the fly spells took two rounds to cast (if i remember right) but a learned spell only was an action. So moist of the time you used precalculated spells, but had the option to make something up on the fly if you ran into something wierd.
  7. Thank you. Thought that might be the case. I know there was collectible cards for 4th ed d&d that had game effects. I am guessing they where something like that.
  8. I have ran into a reference for game enhancing cards in open d6. Anyone have a list and how they work?
  9. Lol, I am having troubles of my own with difficulty numbers and drain effects. I am also working on a scale modifier for ranges.
  10. Yup..... I was just trying to think of a way to use it as an attribute, because of the Special list from the Fallout games. Something I guess to think about after I get my current project done.
  11. The luck attribute? The others are givens, but how to handle luck?
  12. Thank you for the response. The is a special ability called Luck and Great Luck. This is an attribute. Working on a couple different thoughts.
  13. Sigh, just found a new addiction, fallout: shelter. Has anyone made a D6 Fallout game? I remember seeing any old ones years ago that was % based. Created a spreadsheet to keep track of chars.
  14. Yes, have to get someone to playtest. My time tends to be broken up so I could do a play by post but even a real time chat game wouldn't work at this stage of life.
  15. Thinking have skill hand to hand. Wrestling, boxing, brawling, martial arts <choose your flavor> Would all be advanced skills. Each dice of the advanced skill would allow a special maneuver. If you have multiple styles you pick your style on entering combat and can only use the abilitys of that style, unless you spend an action to change stances. For skill checks you would add the advanced skill to your hand to hand skill? Other ideas or suggestions, I am looking at the maneuvers list from rebel special forces handbook pg. 116.
  16. I know 😀. How ever with martial arts as a specialization the skills can advance fast. I was trying to slow that down some with changing the skills around some. Need to do some mechanics testing. Not able to run an in person game at this time to test char advancement.
  17. Thank you, didn't think of that. Now with a better working list, going to restart my professions, I sorta like what I did with them but..... don't think they will work right.
  18. Combat based Sneak based Talking based Fixing things (organic or inorganic) based Jack of all trades Supernatural Am I missing any general concepts?
  19. Yes, I was referring to the renown and infamy in the packages would be associated with the group. So because your a part of the group you're famous as a knight templar not as George
  20. Idea for starting characters. Having a package of traits that represent being a member of something. Organized crime. Contacts, ?wanted?, notorious. Travellers aid society. Contacts, cultures, ?? Knight of ????? Authority, renown, day job. As a concept what is ones thoughts?
  21. The renown and infamy would be linked to the group, would be separate from the char personal fame. In a fantasy setting, knighthoods and guilds. In other settings could be clubs and society's.
  22. Yup. Was thinking listing the profession as a general name. The player could call it whatever they wanted. Ugh forgot pilot.
  23. It works
  24. For some reason I can only have one message at a time for private messages.
  25. Same here