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  1. For some reason I can only have one message at a time for private messages.
  2. Morph, blob of goo cost 16-7: 9 starting dice of 14 Omnivorous (2) Immunity (1) x2 +2D vs poison, toxins, disease Elasticity (1) Accelerated Healing (3) +1D Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon (2) +1D Natural Armor (3) +1D Immortality (7) from Physical & Force Enhanced Sense (3) taste +3 Enhanced Sense (3) smell +3 Enhanced Sense (3) hearing +2 Reduced Attribute (R2) can’t take Geek Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Symbiosis Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Magic Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Psionics Cultural Unfamiliarity (R2) social +6 difficulty Achilles’ Heel (R3) Metabolic Difference
  3. Trying to make a race like schlock from Within the rules as much as possible. Any ideas would bee helpful.
  4. Sneaky (thief, burglar, scout) The sneaky person in the group weather they sneak to steal or have fun they can get places. Require Dexterity 3D+ Choose one Blur (3) or Silence (3)
  5. I am contemplating how to do professions my way. An example. Face (aka reporter, noble) someone who is good at talking to others, who could if needed talk for the group. +1D social Skill Bonus (1) choose 1 [Acting: charm, con, disguise Charismatic: charm, con, persuasion Leadership: command, intimidation, persuasion] Choose 1 Authority (R2), Contacts (R2), Fame (R2) Or something like that. I am thinking 7D to make the profession. Some professions would have requirements.
  6. Lol, okay.... this reply came through by email about 1 or 2 mins after your post. So I guess that answers my question.
  7. How often do the email notifications go out? Is it specific times of the day? Or a time after a post?
  8. Pbp

    I am hoping with the rate I am going I might be ready for a game in about half a year. What is needed to setup a pbp game?
  9. Combat (aka soldier, mercenary, warrior) Someone who fights on the front line Require 3D+ in Body and Dexterity +1D to Body or Dexterity Endurance (1) Hardiness (1) Skill Bonus (1) choose one Athletics: lifting, running, throwing Close Combat: brawling, melee combat, dodge Ranged Combat: marksmanship, missile weapons, throwing
  10. Professions would be at the same time as skills and traits, after race and attributes.
  11. Cool, need to read it tomorrow
  12. So far I have these ideas Omnivorous (2) Immunity (1) ?×5? Elasticity (1) Accelerated Healing (3) ? was thinking natural armor to simulate no internal organs. energy weapons could hurt him but physical weapons just inconvenienced him.
  13. Body Skills Lift Climbing Running Stamina Swimming
  14. Working on a setting that is like 3 or 4 generations after a collapse of a federated group of planets (20-30) that had different governments and such. Some planets lost civilization others didn't. The can range from space tech to stone age. They may have magic and/or psionics, or have lost the knowledge. I am working on the magic/psionics systems. Then realized I needed to work on char creation. Then realized I need to work on traits(race stuff) and advantages/disadvantages. Sigh, keeps snowballing.
  15. Spirit skills Willpower Meditation <working on rules, faster recovery of stun effects and effecting spirit manipulation> Magic (casting, shielding, enchanting, summoning) Psychic (telekinesis, telepathy, teleport, telesensory)
  16. What order would people work on the rules for a new setting? Core attributes and damage system. But then traits, skills, professions (If used), extra.?
  17. attributes awareness = perception body = strength, endurance dexterity = coordination, reflexes education = how much you know spirit = magic, psychic, willpower social = get along extra attributes(can be 0, if start 0 must stay 0) Geek = making and fixing things (technology) Symbiosis = controlling things (mechanical) initiative = awareness melee damage base = Lift/2 roundup damage resistance = body damage type = wound levels starting chars get 1 race 18D attribute dice 14D for skills, equipment, and traits 1 profession 1 fate point 5 char points Equipment Each char starts with clothing, each piece of equipment cost it's bonus in dice or a min of 1D. Ships If a ship is part of the campaign it will be assigned.
  18. Interesting, played 2nd ed shadowrun a long time ago, dabbled in 3rd-5th ed. Was trying to make a magic system for d6 that used the drain concept.
  19. Like that. Cool it auto embedded but gave me the option to just show link.
  20. I see some of the old posts coming in. The formatting is off.
  21. Sorry, as forum topic.
  22. One thing I want to do is work on a setting, with the input of other gamers.
  23. Thank you for the work and site.
  24. one of the ideas I am working on for kind of heroic martial arts. chi maximum chi is spirit attribute chi used for a power is not available for other uses such as willpower checks you can have 1 chi power active and not count to multiple actions, for each chi power maintained past the 1st counts as actions for multi actions chi powers powers do not require a skill to activate, but may require a skill to use. May be maintained unless described otherwise. each power allows you to use chi to enhance or reduce an effect. some chi powers require other powers to use. *exclusive* designates that no other skills, powers, or spells may be maintained, used, or activated the round this power is used, the char can move if movement doesn't require tests.
  25. the char has 5D Spirit uses 2D of spirit for chi strike uses 2D of spirit for chi attack he makes an unarmed attack with -1D for MAP +2D for chi strike and gets +2D to damage if he hits. how ever all skills based off of spirit are at a -4D because his spirit is being used for something else. so if someone hit him with an attack later in the round that required a willpower check he would be at a -4D +MAP penalty if applicable.