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  1. It works
  2. Same here
  3. Tested, I deleted my in box but it only showed one message. I sent a test message. I discovered you can only send one message a min. After that min I tried to send a second and it said muy box was full.
  4. I will look into that. Other wise I am having to delete everyone I wan't to send a new message.
  5. Morph, blob of goo cost 16-7: 9 starting dice of 14 Omnivorous (2) Immunity (1) x2 +2D vs poison, toxins, disease Elasticity (1) Accelerated Healing (3) +1D Natural Hand-to-Hand Weapon (2) +1D Natural Armor (3) +1D Immortality (7) from Physical & Force Enhanced Sense (3) taste +3 Enhanced Sense (3) smell +3 Enhanced Sense (3) hearing +2 Reduced Attribute (R2) can’t take Geek Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Symbiosis Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Magic Reduced Attribute (R2) can't take Psionics Cultural Unfamiliarity (R2) social +6 difficulty Achilles’ Heel (R3) Metabolic Difference
  6. For some reason I can only have one message at a time for private messages.
  7. Sneaky (thief, burglar, scout) The sneaky person in the group weather they sneak to steal or have fun they can get places. Require Dexterity 3D+ Choose one Blur (3) or Silence (3)
  8. Lol, okay.... this reply came through by email about 1 or 2 mins after your post. So I guess that answers my question.
  9. How often do the email notifications go out? Is it specific times of the day? Or a time after a post?
  10. Combat (aka soldier, mercenary, warrior) Someone who fights on the front line Require 3D+ in Body and Dexterity +1D to Body or Dexterity Endurance (1) Hardiness (1) Skill Bonus (1) choose one Athletics: lifting, running, throwing Close Combat: brawling, melee combat, dodge Ranged Combat: marksmanship, missile weapons, throwing
  11. Professions would be at the same time as skills and traits, after race and attributes.
  12. Cool, need to read it tomorrow
  13. I am contemplating how to do professions my way. An example. Face (aka reporter, noble) someone who is good at talking to others, who could if needed talk for the group. +1D social Skill Bonus (1) choose 1 [Acting: charm, con, disguise Charismatic: charm, con, persuasion Leadership: command, intimidation, persuasion] Choose 1 Authority (R2), Contacts (R2), Fame (R2) Or something like that. I am thinking 7D to make the profession. Some professions would have requirements.
  14. Pbp

    I am hoping with the rate I am going I might be ready for a game in about half a year. What is needed to setup a pbp game?
  15. So far I have these ideas Omnivorous (2) Immunity (1) ?×5? Elasticity (1) Accelerated Healing (3) ? was thinking natural armor to simulate no internal organs. energy weapons could hurt him but physical weapons just inconvenienced him.