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  1. Savar

    Grey vs Green

    Going to try to make a 2 page Mini 6 setting like in the base document. Was thinking the characters where caught in the middle of a war between greys and greens. For the Aliens I was thinking max Might 3 and Whit 5 or would that mess things up. I am trying to decide if I want the aliens to be player chars or not. I guess I would need to make a race perk.
  2. Savar

    Mini six magic specializations

    After a time away and returning to look at the rules.... I was thinking treating Magic as a general skill that you must take a subset of. Magic (Psionics) or Magic (Necromancy) Then a specialization of Magic (type) would be a specific spell?
  3. Savar


    Perk School (6) Idea is that you spend 6 of your starting skill dice to go to school. You get 7 dice from the school. But you must take the skills listed. So you only have 1D for skills that you can choose. Magic school [] -Sorcerer -Magic +1D Choose Specialization [] -History +1D Specialized [] -Language +1D Specialized [appropriate for school] Pilot [] -Athletics +1D -Navigation +1D [appropriate for vehicle type] -Pistol +1D -Pilot +2D [] -Repair +1D []
  4. Savar

    materials health ?

    Thanks anlarye for the save. I have great memory for concepts, when I am not confusing diffrent systems, but not for specifics.
  5. Savar

    materials health ?

    I think so, I am away from my books so couldn't look up the rule. I just knew there was a conversion that you could just substitute .
  6. Savar

    materials health ?

    Use the hit point calculations but use the resistance dice as body dice.
  7. Savar

    game ooc

    Limbo, one player that was posting regularly had a life change.
  8. Savar

    Machine guns

    Thank you for the feedback. Pick one target, make attack roll. Test roll against all targets within 2 meters of the primary target?
  9. Savar

    MiniSix Options

    Total dice
  10. Savar

    Sith Temple, act 1

    As the ship is going on for a landing, Ashlan stats to use the local net. Chip gets an alert from Stardust that someone is trying to access the ships computer from the other side of the connection. As the ship lands the pad indicator lights go out and some area lights come on lighting up the ship and area.
  11. Savar

    Machine guns

    Trying to do a simple rule for mini 6 for machine guns. Ideas I have thought of theses are not combined I am looking for one. A) reduce MAP for multiple shots. B) one attack role and compare to each person in an area. C) reduce cover penalties (excluding full cover). Any comments or thoughts would help. Even other ideas for a simple useful effect. A friend and I are working on a quasi military setting post WW3. See twilight 2000, "Dusk Years". Most things people are already stated but there is no machine gun rules.
  12. Savar

    Stormglass links

    Is cool.
  13. Savar


    Has anyone done a D6 version of Stargate?
  14. Savar

    Sith Temple, act 1

    As Stardust passes through the containment field at the mouth of a crater you see the cavern is large enough to hold several freighters. There is one Guardian Light Cruiser that looks like it is being refitted on one side. There are a few of the jumping 4 legged spider like things being worked on. There is a hand full of slips to dock at. The lighting is good and the atmosphere is human normal.
  15. Savar

    Perk unarmed combat

    Was trying to think of something that would give martial arts something but not be rules intensive.