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  1. game ooc

    Sigh. Was hoping to post this morning, life happened. Forgot how much of a pain it is to do a long post with a smart phone. Computer is dead. No eta on new one.
  2. Sith Temple, act 1

    As the ship glides forward. "You may approach and dock." Incoming data signal starts. As you move forward the sensor screen keeps updating. The system has one sun, one asteroid belt between sun and only planet, one asteroid belt outside the planetary orbit. There are energy sources that as you get closer resemble 4 legged spiders that are jumping around the asteroid belt they move to an asteroid and position themselves then an iondrive lights up moving the asteroid on a different trajectory to avoid the lane to the base. As you approach the base you can tell it has shield generators and what looks like ion cannon and turbo laser batteries.
  3. Sith Temple, act 1

    As Stardust enters the edge of the asteroid belt, it becomes clear the the path is maintained once thou get past the outer edge. However sensors are impeded by the composition of the rocky bodies. The flying is moderate any reasonably skilled pilot can get through. As Stardust follows the path it becomes apparent the path leads to a large asteroid with a beacon on it. "This is asteroid 1, declare your reason for visit."
  4. game ooc

    Sigh. Sorry was waiting.
  5. game ooc

    Krack he could also be part of the crew, and he convinced the others to go looking for the "treasure" for shares. Selling the AT-PTs to someone in the rebellion would work for him. Or it could literally be, that he hired the group.
  6. Characters

    Krack Olive green verpine that has white spots that look like old wounds. Krack has a harness that carries a few tools and a firearm of some type. The firearm and tools show great use with care taken for them. He is looking around most of the time.
  7. Sith Temple, act 1

    As the Stardust drops out of hyperspace. The scanners start reporting in. The system seems to be the one Krack gave you the info on. There is a planet in approximately the right spot within deviation for time passage. There is one asteroid belt that you will have to pass to get to the planet. There is a few beacons in the asteroid belt, they seem to be for navigation.
  8. game ooc

    Talking over how the crew formed would be good in occ I am hoping to post tonight. Life should start claiming down soon.
  9. game ooc

    Heh, I was having troubles also...... I had forgot to tell one player they could post hope they can post soon. The plan is everyone is on the same ship. I am going to have one NPC that had hired passage to get to the system. He is looking for an old shipment of AT-PTs, that he thinks went to this system. He has a large crate with door that he spends most of his time in.
  10. game ooc

    Okay hope to start this coming weekend. The two of you that I okayed your char can post the public descriptions and such.
  11. game ooc

    Two chars "done" waiting on #3
  12. game ooc

    You three are it. anlarye, kytross, netjedi As soon as I get chars we can start.
  13. game ooc

    that works I get full sheet, then there is a public sheet posted.
  14. Characters

    When I okay the char. post here.
  15. game ooc

    That is a good question. It depends on if you want something hidden from the other players. At minimum you should have a physical description. will talk to all players first. One has a ship and you are the only two that have submitted characters.