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  1. No problem, thank you for the site. I learned about mini six here. I am just waiting to see if more show up, to play.
  2. Sigh, one player.. Will keep waiting.
  3. Yup. Although I house ruled 1 spell a pip.
  4. Lol, sorry didn't think to attribute.
  5. Pg 10 bottom left column in the PDF.
  6. This is a test.
  7. Lol, I think in yards, I missed the foot thing, when I redraw I will do 1 square is 10 ft for street/road maps, have to think threw for building diagrams.
  8. 1 square 1 meter Will redraft later, also will do a rough world map. Going to do a more detailed map of Stop Inn. Need the Stop Inn map before play.
  9. I looked at the PC templates. Some where correct some wrong, in the ones created for specific settings. I ignored the sample NPCs as they don't need to follow char creation rules. I did update house rules so you get 1 spell a pip so 2D would be six.
  10. The character knows two spells for each die allocated to Magic at character creation. To me that sentence means for each die added the player gets 2 spells, not 2 spells for each dice in magic. So a starting character would start with 2-4 spells with out specialization, a maximum of 6 with a specialization. Thoughts/comments ?
  11. Yes, the sticking point is "allocated". I could be wrong but to me that means how many dice you added over attribute dice.
  12. Sigh, only problem I see for Rhysem is I believe you only get 2 spells per D incress in magic.
  13. “Keep” Human male Dark brown hair Grey eyes 105 kg 1.8 m Quote “Welcome to the Stop Inn” Might 2D -Mace 3D Agility 2D -Dodge 3D Wit 4D -History 5D -Languages 5D Charm 4D -Diplomacy 6D -Persuasion 5D Complications: Gear: Stop Inn, leather vest, club Perks: Static: Dodge 9, Parry 9, Soak 6 (8) Once a diplomat and now retired as an inn keep, Keep trys to keep an clean inn. He doesn't care who stays as long as they keep the peace on the inn grounds. note: this is the format I would like to see chars posted in.
  14. For skill use then I am assuming that I would use Open D6 for guidelines, making adjustments for attributes and skills.