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  1. Jeffrywith1e

    OpenD6 Toolkit

    I think this is fantastic. Thank you for creating it. Has rekindled my interest in D6 again.
  2. Jeffrywith1e

    Future of forum.

    I've been checking it out. Seems ok. I think I liked G+ better. Other alternatives to G+ I've seen were not as good as Mewe
  3. Jeffrywith1e

    Software Testers Required

    I'd be willing to help with maybe a minimum contribution financially, but also willing to test Windows and Linux. Sorry I won't be any help with the Mac effort.
  4. still around. I'm rooting for you!
  5. Jeffrywith1e

    Future of forum.

    Agreed. If there's no burden, then I feel better having this common touchstone out there. If there is a cost, then lets let it go. There are other platforms.
  6. Jeffrywith1e


    Charming game, Fallout Shelter. I'm surprised I haven't seen Fallout for d6 yet.
  7. Jeffrywith1e

    What have you been watching lately?

    Since last post the two most remarkable shows that have crossed my radar would be Stranger Things and Legion (FX) Those two shows have kind of ruined other shows for me!
  8. Jeffrywith1e

    Fires of Amatsumra

    Of course. I wouldn't be opposed to it. It's pretty much Firefly.
  9. Jeffrywith1e

    Mobile Smart Phones in Modern RPG

    I just finished the first Dresden Files book. A side effect of his powers is that phones and other tech tend to not work well around him.
  10. Jeffrywith1e

    Star Trek D6 Design Thread

    Sounds like this Spanish version is being translated to English https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bymt...1PQjhUSnc/edit http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?...5#post19447215
  11. Jeffrywith1e

    D6 Modern

    Nice work.
  12. to include a d6 Space adventure. http://oldschoolquarterly.com/issue-zero/
  13. Jeffrywith1e

    Breachworld featuring the use of Mini6

    Very successful Kickstarter, so when will it be available (or if it is, where)? Sadly I missed it.
  14. Jeffrywith1e

    Fires of Amatsumra

    I recently, finally, picked this up. My first impression was very Firefly. Think that was kind of the angle?
  15. Jeffrywith1e

    Ghostbusters RPG Podcast

    Nerdy Show has an actual play podcast of the Ghostbusters RPG. They've presented it on a nice and resourceful site - http://nerdyshow.com/gbrpg/ which includes the files. I haven't listened to it yet.