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  1. How will this magazine create community connection or involvement besides taking submissions from fans? I see talk of a website, but will there be a separate forum/chat for the readers of the magazine to use? Or will blog comments be the extent of it for the moment? How closely will the D6-Zine (D6 Scene?) affiliate itself with one publisher over another or the WEGFansite?
  2. I too go into the chatroom as frequently as I can, always seems to attract very friendly people. But I think a problem I have with it, is that I'll continue to browse the net with the chat room in the background, and I'll miss out when someone speaks to me... I can't figure out how to get a visual alert from it like I would a stadard IRC room... So if I ever ignore you, it's not on purpose! I also seem to experience a auto-logoff from the forums after a certain amount of inactivity/idling... And without even closing my browser (or clearing cache/cookies). It doesn't boot me from the chat room when it does this though, at least not apparently from my end.
  3. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I'm partial to this mix: Might, Agility, Wits, Persona (my modified Min-Six list) For games that probably "need" more skill variety: Muscles, Toughness, Speed, Finesse, Knowledge, Intuition, Grit, Presence
  4. TheGameDistrict is one of my most frequented bookmarks concerning D6 rules. Very grateful for the hard work you're putting in
  5. For what it's worth, Grimace was kind enough to walk me through a very simple encounter to find out how things work exactly. (this is an example of how welcoming this community is to newbs ) And here is the transcript of the conversation that took place in the chatroom: Grimace says: Okay, I'm gonna run you through a quick round. Character stats don't matter, I'll set up a situation. Grimace says: You're at a bar, sitting at a table, minding your own business and sipping on a drink. Into the bar walks a pair of men...dirty, rough, and looking to stir up some trouble. They move in, the various patrons scurrying away from them. They see you alone at the table and move over to you, figuring you as an easy target. "Hey..maggot! You're at our table!" Grimace says: What do you do? PeteAtoms says: I stand my ground, "I don't see you're name on it." PeteAtoms says: I continue to sip my drink and stare into their eyes, unblinking. Grimace says: The men look at each other and grin. One moves over to your left, standing about two feet away. The other moves in to your right, leaning in so his face is about a foot away from yours. His breath is foul. "It's on the underside. Better get on yer knees and pray." Grimace says: What do you do? PeteAtoms says: I remove the drink from my lips, "Is that so..." I grip the drink hard and slam it against the foul smelling face and erupt from my seated position. Grimace says: Okay. So at this time you would roll Initiative. I would roll for the thugs. Your actions would be "slam drink against face" and stand up. I'd rule that you're probably standing up to be in a combat position, right? PeteAtoms says: correct Grimace says: Okay. So making an attack and readying position I would put at 2 actions. That gives you -1D to each. So you'd make your attack roll -1D. Grimace says: Then, whether you hit or not, your next action would be to stand up. No roll needed for that. PeteAtoms says: i follow so far PeteAtoms says: the initiative is unaffected by multi-action-penalites right? Grimace says: Okay. Let's say you hit. But you only stagger the guy. Next round occurs now. And yes, initiative is unaffected by the other actions. PeteAtoms says: i probably had "surprise" tho PeteAtoms says: so which order is initiative? Grimace says: So you are now facing one guy on the left and one guy on the right. Depending on GM you could make roll for initiative again, but beyond that, we'll say you go first and then thug 2 and then thug 1. Grimace says: What is your next rounds action? PeteAtoms says: I'm going to try and kick the staggered thug off balance. Grimace says: that's it? Grimace says: Okay, so 1 action...an kick attack. The thugs announce their actions. Thug one is going to defend and then swing. Thug 2 is just going to try to kick your legs out from under you. Grimace says: If you hit, you roll damage. If you miss, no effect. Grimace says: Thug 2 rolls his kick attack. Now since you didn't defend, you could get a reactive chance to parry if you want. Some GMs might say that since you didn't call it you don't get it. But I'll let you call a parry if you want. But you'll be an auto -1D to it. Grimace says: So you could roll your Parry -1D against Thug 2's attack at full dice. PeteAtoms says: but I couldn't decide to parry both thugs' attacks at -2D? or would that roll apply to thug 1's attack also? Grimace says: since it's brawling for both, the parry roll would apply for both. Grimace says: But since Thug 2 attacks before Thug 1 does, you'd roll first at the -1D for the attack from Thug 2. Grimace says: Now if Thug 2 hits, we roll damage. PeteAtoms says: say a 3rd thug lurking in the shadows throws a drink at me, would that parry also apply or would i need to roll dodge? Grimace says: If damage is enough, you're knocked off your feet. Grimace says: If Thug 3, hiding in the dark, decides to throw something at you, there'd be a couple things to work out. Did you see the attack? So I might make you roll your Perception to notice it, and give you -2D to notice it. Grimace says: Then, if you noticed it in time, you could get another reactive action of a dodge to avoid the thrown "weapon". But you'd be at -3D for the Dodge. Grimace says: And what you rolled for that Parry against Thug 2 would apply for the attack that Thug 1 is going to do on you as well (assuming you didn't kick him off balance) Grimace says: Thug 1 announced defend then attack. So he suffers a -1D to both actions, but he's got that parry built in right away. You declare yours later, after someone takes a swing at you, or after someone throws something at you.
  6. What I don't like about this concept, is that characters have to declare dodges/blocks and defenses to attacks that haven't been declared or even happened yet... "I'm going to parry the Black Knights attack, which may or may not be made..." It just seems like a block/parry/dodge could be seen as a reaction to an attack in progress. Maybe that's my problem, I'm looking at the active defenses as reactions, and I'm not quite sure how to put it together with the way it's presented in the rules. I like the idea of block/parry/dodge as a reactionary concept, instead of a preemptive, speculative, anticipation of future events. The Mini-Six static TN's for dodge, parry and block seem more to my liking, but it still doesn't seem clear. The static defenses act as the passive TN that an attacker needs to beat in order to his the target, and the character can still roll his/her skill as an active defense? The static numbers act as the passive defense values and don't replace active defense rolls right? And I recall being told that blocks/parry's were generally used against melee attacks, while dodges are reserved for defense against ranged attacks. So if an active defense roll (block or dodge) is used for all attacks agains the defender until his/her next round, why would you apply a parry defense roll used early in the combat round against a ranged attack that occurs later? Or should the character re-roll? Or fall back to the base TN of 10? Should a penalty be applied? So I guess a GM can allow characters to make active defenses before their turn, as free actions, but how/should this affect reflex penalties (multi-actions)? It seems like a character could potentially be applying a cumulatively increasing penalty as the round goes on... I also don't particularly like how declaring the intended number of actions you plan to make at the beginning of the round limits the fluidity. Sorry for the vague post/thread, these are just a couple concepts I'm grappling w/ at the moment :confused::mad: Are there any house rules out there I might be interested in?
  7. Sounds good I might not get a lot of time until next week however, I am in the process of moving into a new apartment. When I get enough time, I usually idle/lurk in the chat-room anyway (having more than 0 people seems to attract more chatters )
  8. I was hoping to find a quick game and hopefully get some more experienced players to show me the ropes. Not too concerned about fluff, or even a well thought out plot, just something to get more familiar with rolling dice and mechanics in general. I'm completely new to RPG's (Disclaimer). So I was hoping on using Mini-Six or the core rules found in D6 Adventure (or D6 Fantasy). I'd prefer a pbp game, the 'slowness' of it isn't that big of a problem for me. Or if a game in the chatroom can be organized/scheduled, I'm ok with that too.
  9. I kind of like that idea. Something makes me want to throw in some sort of search for a lost colony (read: Roanoke Colony) which leads the party to magic elven/native-americans, a civilization of Bigfoot-Wookies, and a vast Dwarven/Aztec empire... The Native Americans are various tribes of elves. The great yetis and bigfoots are wookies, and prowl the northern part of the continent. The Aztec Empire is thriving in Central America and Southern North America. The Aztecs are a death-cult of steppe-pyramid building dwarves. They are industrious and are in conflict with the Native Americans. Also drink copious amounts of rum (not ale). Reptoids roam the carribean, Florida and the southern coasts (rumors of a Fountain of Youth intrigue outsiders)... maybe a tribal culture of voodoo priests and savages... And of course a Dragon or something has to guard El Dorado...
  10. This looks like just the thing I was looking for. I was hoping to find a quick game and hopefully get some more experienced players to show me the ropes. Not too concerned about fluff, or even a well thought out plot, just something to get more familiar with rolling dice and mechanics in general.
  11. Hello WEG fans. A little about me? I'm brand new to RPG's of the tabletop variety. I played a lot of CRPG's though (Elder Scrolls, Baldur's Gate, Guild Wars, etc). As a PnP greenhorn, I've spent some time looking at the wide variety of games on the market. I found the Open D6 project and was immediately attracted to the simplicity and flexibility of the generic/universal system. I really like the Mini-Six lite rules too. I joined this forum for a couple of reasons. There aren't many D6 forums around, AFAIK... And I had a few questions regarding how some of the rules work, specifically combat (Reflex penalties, blocking/parries, etc). I'll probably lurk around and watch/read the PbP section for a while to get the general idea.
  12. Hey, I can post now Thank you.
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