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  1. Sounds awesome ... need any help?
  2. So now that WotC has decided to not renew their SW license any chance that WEG would be interested in regaining it and making a new version of the old rules?
  3. I would second that Hero Lab works on this ... I use that program and love it!
  4. SOLD! But I would like a better format ... maybe something like taking the good from Saga and the good from d6 and combining them
  5. I think if the guys at Wolf Lair made a d6 module for Hero Lab, it'd do well ..
  6. I think the thing about d6 that keeps me coming back is the resolution system. Since the 1st ed d6SW, I've been a fan of the wild die and general skill/combat resolution. What I'd like to see in Od6 is a better way of handling Advantages/Disadvantages. I've found the system currently used a bit clunky (much like I found Masterbook as a whole) and could be improved upon. One suggestion is adopting something similar to the Complications rules rom Mutants & Masterminds, which rewards in-game rather than at character creation. d6 has always felt like a more storytelling system and having some rules that encourage that would be nice. However, a book/chapter of optional rules would also be nice, especially if it could have a decent tactical system for those of us wanting to use minis. To be honest, that's a big appeal to me with the d20/4e stuff. Also, a return to templates would be nice. Nothing better than to have almost ready PCs with a bit of tweaking available for pick up games or to teach people the system. As far as what kind of books ... a Od6 Bestiary would be nice, either covering the whole enchilada of genres or just genre specific. As would an arms & equipment guide and maybe a template book that would include templates for a particular genre. A book on power creation would also be nice, but only if it worked as a fairly bare-bones approach. Khepra's d6 Powers is a great book, but I'm thinking even more bare-bones, maybe closer to Hero/Champions in concept.
  7. So I started plotting some ideas here and there ... and I think I may use Star Wars as a start rather than d6 Space. There's a few new parts that I think I'll insert as well ... like a slightly different advantage/flaw system and some additional psionic rules.
  8. Good to know TGG Might be a few before I get anything solid done ... I'm tweaking the rules a bit and making some notations here and there as I do research. I'll have some stuff up probably after Halloween ...
  9. Hiya Gang, I've been kicking the idea of working on a Star Trek TOS campaign in d6. Does anyone know if some of the ideas have been covered? Anyone interested in playing with the builds? I've got a few things I've been working on, but I'll hold of until I see what people think
  10. I've been considering doing some stuff with the d6 system ... maybe run some d6 Star Wars if it hits the rotation in group I'm just hoping that we see the Open d6 project go foward.
  11. I don't think that was the idea at the time ... many of d20's initial OGL books were horrid. And most smaller publishers wanted to ignore that train wreck. Sure it got the name out there, but a lot of it turned people off the system completely. Now would it be a good idea for OGd6? Maybe. Depends on what people are planning in the long run, production quality and press quality. It could be that same train ready to run of its tracks again. Personally, I think Green Ronin has the right idea on that philosophy. It's OGL, but it still has to meet an approval. Nothing like seeing a Book of Erotic Fantasy for your favorite system
  12. IMHO, the d6 game needs to own up to the times a bit more, while also retaining past charms. First thing I'd do is make a single rule book. Doesn't have to overly huge like Hero, but more detailed than Savage Worlds. Within, I'd like to see: Ditch the Ad/Disad system for something more like d20's Feats and M&M's complication system. Keep Templates as easy access characters, but also encourage template creation and characters from scratch. Have an ability construction system. Basically something that can be used to construct powers, magic, psionics, weird science, etc. But have them able to make sense within their proper context. For example, Weird Science should still be something that requires construction rather than just a wave over of some special ability. Have a healthy amount of genre construction rules and include a mix of templates, a bestiary and equipment. Keep quality design and illustrations throughout. Too many books ignore that. On the heels of the core book, start coming out with a series of books that follow this formula: Genre Book (contains additional rules, templates, equipment, GM advice, etc), at least 1 Setting (contains setting history, additional templates that are setting specific, NPCs, etc.), Bestiary (genre critters) and PDF Adventures/Adventure Path. Again, good graphic design and illustration. If possible, I would like to see at least 2 settings a year (maybe one original and one licensed when possible). The first setting I would publish would be d6 Torg To take another page from WotC and Hero, I would also make an optional tactical system for d6. Nothing over complicated, but something that allows for a good minis system within the game. Maybe taking an extended look at the d6SW Minis rules. Oh, and I'd like to see a well done character folio that's around 16 pages and free to download. A resource like that should be something that's downloadable and not charged for (as it's really promotional for a system). But hey, I'm not asking for much ... am I?
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