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  1. LOL... Yeah, I just traded emails with him a few weeks ago, and I didn't get it yet either. I just figure he has a lot of requests. -Chris
  2. He just posted over on facebook that he had just finished sending out 50 copies. -Chris
  3. Also, the books are free for download on rpgnow.com and I would assume other similar sites. -Chris
  4. It appears to have accepted my vote for nerdron this time. Only bad thing was that after I voted and it updated the page, it was showing the correct poll but the wrong thread. It looks like this was a known issue though, as others had posted in that older thread about it. Hope that helps with the troubleshooting. Thanks! -Chris
  5. I just tried voting, and it tells me that the poll is closed. I thought it was supposed to be open until the 31st? I was trying to vote for Nerdron by the way. edit: Actually what it said exactly was, "The poll you selected is closed. Please press back to return to the poll." Thanks! -Chris
  6. Life intervened, and I've been absent from the forums for awhile. But, I'm back now and am excited to see this moving forward. Eric, is there any update on the PDF's that you mentioned in your 5/31 post? Thanks! -Chris
  7. I guess I've always looked at it from the opposite angle. The lightsaber is not just some random weapon. The Jedi chose it because it allows them to focus the force. They just can't do it with other weapons because other weapons can't focus the force the way that the lightsaber can. As for the rules, are they "broken"? If you are looking at the game from a balance standpoint, then the answer is probably yes. But if you are looking at the rules from the standpoint of simulating the Star Wars movies, then I would say no. I personally play to simulate the style of action portrayed in the movies, so I don't believe that the system is broken. Other players'/GMs' mileage may vary. -Chris
  8. Because it is Star Wars. There are multiple instances in the movies where this is shown to be possible in the Star Wars Universe... The emperor and Darth Sidious using force lightning, Obi Wan and Yoda being able to stop force lightning (one with his lightsaber, the other with his own hand), Vader stopping Han's blaster bolts with his hand, Qui Gon Gin and the blast door, etc. The rules are there to simulate the movies, not real life. This topic has strayed from whether or not a specific set of rules are broken, to why something fictional should or should not be possible. -Chris
  9. I haven't checked out Jerry's site for awhile, so I didn't realize that this had been released yet. This will definitely be one of the first books I get once the 'ol finances allow. For now, I'll just have to make due with the 1st edition book. Thanks for pointing this out guys. -Chris
  10. yeah... "the customer is always right" bit is a relic of their past. -Chris
  11. Funny story about Wal-Mart's customer service when I worked for Wal-Mart back in the early nineties. Their customer service was summed up by their motto, "The customer is always right". Sometimes I would have to grit my teeth because of the things that I would have to endure because of that policy. I worked part time in electronics at Wal-Mart in a college town. It was freshman week, and the freshman at the college were all coming in to get stuff for their dorm rooms. I was called up to the service desk for a price check on a return. A kid was trying to return a VCR that he claimed that his mother had just bought for him at the Wal-Mart back home before he left for college. I took one look at the VCR and told the person at the service desk that we couldn't accept it. The thing was a wreck, we did not carry that brand VCR, and it had a manufacture date right on the back label that said 1987 (it was currently 1993). I headed back to electronics and didn't think anything of it. When I went to the back for my break, what did I see sitting in the return cart but that very VCR. The manager happened to be walking by and I explained to her what I had told them at the service desk and pointed out the manufacture date. She said that she had been called up to the front of the store because the kid was throwing a fit. She let him exchange it, because as she told me, "The customer is always right". Stuff like that happened all the time. -Chris
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