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  1. Kamar will begin industriously cleaning up the area, delicately gathering up the appropriate organs and bringing them with delicate alacrity to their erstwhile owner. He will mumble in Chakan patois about the "poor wee beastie" while helping it to re-assemble its scattered parts.
  2. Kamar utters a stream of colorful Chakan profanity having to do with chlen beasts and someone's mother while struggling to tear his eyes from the horror and to draw his sword. Kamar's Physique (3D): 6, 1, *3 (Wild) = 10 Kamar's Accumen (4D): 5, 2, 2, *5 (Wild) = 14
  3. Kamar speaks with a mixture of warily feigned contrition and bruised pride. "Well, honoured priestess, we can't as have greasy Salarvyani lacking respect for their betters from sacred Hmakuyal. Else these jumped-up foreigners may go thinking just because their ancestors betrayed our Lord Ksarul for some green-eyed slatternly mix-up of Lady Avanthe and Lady Dlamelish, that they don't have to honor them what have served the Blue Prince since before the treachery at Dormoron Plain." He pauses, realizing he has drawn himself up and let his hand drop to his sword hilt unconsciously. "They can't go seating you down among the merchants and scribes, you being a noble woman of ancient family. They'll hear it from me an' they try again."
  4. As reading is definitely not Kamar's strong suit, he will content himself with fetching supplies and food for the priestess while she works, and cheerfully offer his opinions as to what various phrases or constructions might mean until she learns better than to ask him. He's fairly certain that any *good* history will feature swordfights, evil sorcerors, forbidden love, and demonic followers of the One Other, and will offer translations which spice things up a bit.
  5. Kamar is a bit lost in his reverie over the many strange events of the last few days, but senses his principal's nervousness. He tries to stand up straight and project keenness and professionalism, but probably succeeds only in looking uncomfortable in his ceremonial armor. He takes his position before the priestess and nods to the priest from the temple of Lord Qon, wondering whatever it might be that makes Osure so uncomfortable.
  6. Kamar will attempt to make himself useful, possibly by restraining the "patient" and helping to arrange things for the lady and the healer. He will certainly help to boil bandages and thread, order servants to fetch necessary supplies, and generally get underfoot.
  7. Kamar will rush forward, ignoring the surprised cries of the Salarvyani, and gingerly pick up the wounded monkey. Quickly determining that its wounds are both serious and beyond his meager field-trained ability to bandage, he will then carry it in search of his principal, calling out, "Honoured priestess! Your specimen requires your mastery of magic for its preservation!" He will, in typical Tsolyani fashion, assume that shouting orders loudly and slowly will help the staff understand his demands to be taken to the priestess.
  8. (Okay, here goes.) Kamar puts his back to the wall against the corner of the hallway leading into the chamber where the lemur-demon is threatening the Salarvyani. Mumbling a quick prayer to Lord Mentutekka, he nocks an arrow and pulls his fingers to the right corner of his mouth. Holding his breath, he steps around the corner and sights and lets fly all in one motion. Kamar's Marksmanship (4D+1): 6, 5, 5, 3* (Wild) +1 = 20 (Phew!)
  9. (The lemur-thing is holding a hostage; has it apparently seen Kamar? I ask because if it is not specifically aware of his presence as yet, he could duck back around the corner and nock an arrow and expect to try a snap-shot at the thing before it kills its hostage; if his Stealth roll above wasn't good enough to fool it, then he will have to face off with it instead, since trying to ready a shot will probably provoke it).
  10. Kamar will make a quick nodding bow to the giant N'luss and mumble, "A pleasant evening to you, O Glorious Warrior," while attempting to see around his massive soldiers to determine where the quarry has fled. "Ah, no, not a pet. Wild animal. Must capture it for the Honoured Priestess," as he jabs a thumb towards Osure. "I need a net. Do you think any of the servants might be able to bring me a net?" He attempts to slip quickly but quietly around the N'luss and down the hallway to follow the creature. Kamar's Search (5D): 4, 4, 4, 2 +3* (Wild)= 17. Kamar's Stealth (5D): 6, 6, 6, 4 +4* (Wild)=26.
  11. Kamar will be brought up short by both the strangeness of the creature, which he believes must certainly be a demon of some kind, and by the order to take it alive. He will approach the creature warily, sheathing his sword for now, and cast about for something which could trap the little being--a tapestry to use as a makeshift net? A planter to put atop it? A rope with which to tie it up?
  12. Kamar will say in a conversational tone, "I think I'd best get you some more chumetl from the kitchens if you're going to try to stay awake to read the whole library, honoured priestess," and walk around the shelves towards the door, making a great deal of noise as he does so. He will then double behind a shelf and proceed as quickly and quietly as possible to a point between the intruder and Osure, drawing his sword and preparing to ambush the ambusher. Kamar's Stealth (5D): 6, 2, 2, 3, *5 (Wild) = 18.
  13. Kamar first scans the room, doing his duty by ensuring there are no hidden assassins, secret doors, or lurking monsters of the tsu'urum waiting to devour his principle. He then idly wanders the library, occasionally nervously pulling a brightly-colored scroll or codex from its place on the shelf, realizing he cannot read it, and replacing it. Kamar's Search (Acumen): Roll 1: 6, 1, 1, *5 (Wild), = 13. Roll 2: 5, 4, 1, *6 (Wild) +1 = 17. Roll 3: 5, 5, 4, *2 (Wild), =16. Roll 4: 6, 4, 2, *4 (Wild), =16. Roll 5: 3, 3, 2, *5 (Wild), =13.
  14. (Kamár will stand and pursue Osúre, his principal, while muttering under his breath about wandering off alone into the darkness.)
  15. ...Kamár will want to strike at the enemy while protecting Osúre. He will stand in front of her and fire arrows as long as there are no melee combatants from his side in the field of fire; primary target is the spellcaster. If the rush of his friends into the fray, or the risk of hitting one of the dominated animals, makes this impossible, he will draw his sword and protect Osúre, striking only at those enemies who come close to the priestess. (I never spent XP for Kamár, so I would like to increase his Marksmanship by +1 for 4 XP and his Charm by +1 for 2 XP, leaving one XP unspent). Kamár's Marksmanship (4D+1): 3, 4, 2, +4 (Wild) + 1 = 14 Kamár's Melee Combat (4D+1): use the same roll for Melee if he uses that instead.
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