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  1. "Kamar! Don't touch that. What are. . ." Osure trails off and stares at the young man as he mutters unintelligibly and gathers up the assorted organs, then back down at the flayed pelt re-wrapping itself about the skeleton. Fascinating! I wish I'd learned to control undead Slowly, she picks up the creature's liver and backs from the table before casting The Blessing of the Planes upon herself and Kamar. Then, holding the liver delicately between two fingers over the jar of lye present for cleaning the bones, she addresses the air in Bednaljin Salarvyanni. "If I drop this, it'll be destroyed. There is no need for hostility between us. Speak your wish." [[screaming is the action of someone who doesn't want to one day grow up to man the Vrodla creation tanks. No, we must study the insanity demon for the advancement of knowledge and the good of (MAD) science!" Blessing of the Planes is my "allies within x feet" magic resistance spell. The roll:3D+1=4,2,4=11]]
  2. After coughing embarrassingly and backing away from Kamar, Osure will translate the notes around the picture of the "Faaaathuuneeehhrr" and compare them to the results of her dissection. [[very cool cryptography, that Lady Jaluda has quite a mind!]]
  3. Leafing through the grimoire, Osure vents a sigh, not relishing the coming long nights of attempting to decipher the strange language. Then she decides to put it off for another evening and do something more relaxing. She clears off the table and lays out her instruments before carefully skinning the strange creature and packing the hide in salt; then moves on to removing and sketching the internal organs, preserving any of interest. Kamar is enlisted in this task, and she listens politely, but distractedly, to his theories of the history of Cloak of Azure Gems. After hours, her forearms covered in blood, Osure drops the various bones into a cleaning solution and begins to tidy up, feeling greatly relaxed and restored to equilibrium, ready to brooch an uncomfortable subject. "Guardsman, we need to speak of your actions at the banquet this evening. I appreciate your zealousness on behalf of my honor, but feel a need to point out that our order is more concerned with the reality of power than the trappings of it. In risking upsetting a Princess of Salarvyaa, you drew unseemly attentions to our activities. . ." Her face flushes in remembrance of all those strange foreign people turning to stare at her, and she keeps her eyes on her cleaning work as she waits for his response." ((This is probably irrelevant, but does she recognize this species? Is it inherently demonic/possessed, or was a spell placed upon it? If she does recognize it, its it rare enough to be worth preserving/taxedermying? Here are two rolls: Naturalist: W6+5 / 23 total Perception of Energies: 6 total (to detect spells cast on it) ))
  4. The priestess sighs and picks at her robes as the crew gathers on the deck, distracted by the delightful prospect of the lemur awaiting dissection in her cabin below. With the body to catalogue and the new books to read she cannot wait for the boring steady sameness of the open sea. These pleasant daydreams are broken as she sees the young priest step forward and notes his colors. Suddenly her body radiates polite stillness. "Greetings tusmishan. It is very dutiful of your temple to investigate the crimes perpetrated by one of its number. May I please introduce my guardsman, and fellow worshipper of the Almighty Prince of the Blue Room, Kamar? And also let me express my hope that despite the. . . friction. . . between our two great temples, we may work pleasantly together for the good of the Imperium." Damn! A priest of Qon, here! She has never been introduced to one before, and has a vague fear that he might pull out an iron mace right here on the deck and begin laying about in a zealous fury. In her mind she begins to file through what she has learned, what can be shared, and how best to achieve the goal laid upon her by Lady Aletheya without letting the most precious of treasures fall into hands that would hide it for a thousand thousand years. As her migraine builds Osure is reminded why she tried to choose a life devoid of politics and rivalries and gods. [[Kamar and I will be out of town Friday-Sunday, so won't post during that time. Welcome to the game Neqo!]]
  5. I would like Osure to read the books that she was originally sent to the library to peruse, but you can just PM me with their contents? I don't want to hold up the story for others.
  6. [[surgery 6D+1: 24, 18, 20; no 6s or 1s on wild die. I have no idea what the state of Tsolyani medicine is. I need to try and find out. Maybe I should learn an actual heal sell, though that seems redundant and less awesome.]] Osure will work dispassionately and efficiently, ignoring any protests or cries of pain from the Lady Jaluda. She will attempt polite conversation with the princess, at odds with the grizly scene.
  7. "Tusmidali, there seems to have been a possessed creature haunting your library. We startled it when we went to look at the books, and it fled to the dining room, but I am sure Kamar has it in hand." As these words leave her mouth she thinks back to the incident with the tapestry. . . "yes, I am certain everything is well in control." (gulp.) Looking for a way to change the topic of conversation, her eyes focus upon Lady Jaluda's leg. "That really should be re-dressed. May I?" After barely waiting for permission she pulls back the bandage and wrinkles her nose at the smell. "Yes, it needs to be cleaned, and sewn." As Osure works she ventures to ask "How did you come to acquire such a fascinating painting in your library?" ((Should I make a healing check, or is the surgery specialization appropriate?))
  8. After making certain that the large oaf is sleeping, Osure tip toes out of the library to find out whether Kamar has captured the demon-monkey yet. As she walks she idly wonders which of the house's guests it is bound to.
  9. "Honored Nhluss, I see you are enjoying the hospitality of Salarvya," Osure gestures the drunkard to one of those strange Salarvyani chairs while shooing Kamar out of the room. "Go along guardsman. It is no ordinary animal and my spells shall be of little use, I fear I would only be a distraction to you, and our loud friend here even more of a hindrance." After the guardsman has left she looks from the shelves full of books to the large barbarian, knowledge-lust and basic hospitality warring within her. But if I ignore him maybe he will go chasing after Kamar again? That would not do. ". . . So. . . this must be a far cry from the meals you had as a slave?"
  10. ((Quick OOC question: Am I aware of why my spell failed? Basically I am wondering if this is a way to know it is a supernatural creature. Will post reaction once I get a response))
  11. Osure turns at the squeak, and her eyes light up. "Try and take it alive, or at least don't damage any internal organs!. . . Or the pelt!" She attempts to command the fascinating specimen to stay with a ritual spell. ((Zoic Domination: 11. This will only work on a non-intelligent, or semi-intelligent animal, not on a demon or anything. Also, I am throwing in a naturalist roll, in case I have heard of or read about this thing, since I study creatures for a living: 21))
  12. ((I have read and formulated an action, but I am going to wait until combat breaks out for her to snap out of her reveree))
  13. ((Ok here is one investigation (the painting) and 4 search (by which I mean straight acumen) rolls. I will post actions/reactions tonight when I am home from work: I: 14; S: 11, 9, 7, 14))
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