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  1. Yeah, thanks Ur Athal. I managed to decode the spell shortly after I made the post. The spell/miracle creation system really needs to be cleaned up as does the Ad/Disad system. What I want is a more concise take on ads & disads in keeping with Savage Worlds. Remove the ambiguities and the crossover. Also to import some of the stuff from D6 Powers. Thanks for your help and happy gaming! >>ReaperWolf
  2. Heya, Could somebody with a feel for the D6 magic system, specifically the Wizardry spell Alter Shape in Vade Mecum/D6 Magic explain and breakdown the Effect for me? Right now the effect is listed as 60 which seems huge. The spell lists Shapeshifting (R1) which according to the mechanics in the D6 Fantasy book p. 86 costs 9 points (3x3). There's also a Restricted (R2) Limitation which reduces the cost by 2 unless it was computed as a Disadvantage in which case it reduces the cost by 6 (2x3). It then grants the beneficiary up to 19 points (not ranks!) of related shape based Special Abilities. No idea how this factored in. I understand the rest of the math from the various aspects (Range, Speed, etc.) Could somebody smarter than I do a breakdown explaining how the designer arrived at the Effect value of 60? Thanks! >>ReaperWolf
  3. IMO, the GM's side of the screen was decent enough, functional but kinda ugly, but the players' side was terrible. Two of the panels were gear and weapons which was all well and good but the two middle panels were covered in trade dress like bar code and WEG logo, the title of the product, and a description of the contents. For my own games I use the World Greatest GM's Screen from Hammerdog and use copies/printouts of the R&E GM side charts & whatnot. >>ReaperWolf
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