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  1. Thanks, it works how I thought. I found that it was quite hard to explain without writing an example (that I was afraid I would get wrong) and my wife wants to run her first game using Mini Six, which again I thought would be an excellent entry system as it's simple without being simplistic. I guess I can't really complain about the lack of examples or in depth discussion in Mini Six, else it could easily grow in size to a hundred pages or so (Medium Six anyone ). However there are somethings that are a little unclear - the Paranormal Abilities optional rules don't read very well (and even I am not sure if the paragraph before Quasi Skills is an introduction or rules in of themselves). The other bit that causes confusion, and I admit I am not sure on how to handle it, is the optional adding of another Wild Dice. -Would this turn, for example a roll of 4D into 2 normal dice and 2 wild die (unlikely as I think the wild is added after the roll from my recollection) or do you add just another dice to the roll? If the latter, because it's wild do you just roll it and add it or only add it if it turns up a 6 and then roll again? As an aside, the picture of a cow under Gorgon is funny. All in all though we think Mini Six is sublime, and when I told my wife the example at the back would allow her to run Serenity/Firefly in just two pages she got quite excited by the prospect. Although we are going to still allow specializations in weaponry. We don't have min/maxers so we're thinking it should be fine....maybe? ...k, that was a longer reply than I thought it would be...
  2. am currently reading through a pdf copy from drivethru now
  3. Hi, I was hoping someone could give me some examples of how scale works in Mini Six. I think I get it but I'd like to know for sure. Many thanks
  4. no, I think you were misreading what I'm getting at. I want to know (and I am sure there's a good reason) what would stop Lucasfilm if they wanted to sell themselves, or through a company such as drivethrurpg.com pdfs or print on demand after all - it's 15 years or so of material that they can still get money for. The books still sell second hand regularly on ebay for up to £30 a supplement.
  5. out of interest what are the [probable legal] problems in place, if any, that prevent the old star wars books from a) being released as pdfs that you buy or for them to even be cleaned up and sold as Print on Demand through something life Drivethrurpg? White Wolf seem to be doing okay with older books that weren't made for digital format - although I realise they and CCP have full rights to all of the content.
  6. I'm going to necro this because...well I can and I'm interested in Freeport for D6. I don't suppose anyone has any info to whether there's a d6 fantasy one floating about somewhere, or whether someone from this thread ever got one sorted out?
  7. I was just wondering what your plans are for international shipping, sending the book to UK stores etc - or whether you're going drivethrurpg Print on Demand (as they have a UK printers, which helps me out a whole lot!).
  8. Sounds great And might well pick up Azamar. Would also like to find out about if/when the print version might be shipped to UK stores too. Yeah sorry, should have written initiative, I shouldn't suppose that everyone is instantly familiar with Revised and Expanded.
  9. although I did do a quick look a cinema6 and I'm pretty sure it uses "sides" like the old Star Wars WEG game - which was the main thing I used to house rule out...
  10. Thanks, I'll do that I'd be really interested in that. Never been interested in levels but always like the idea of D&D
  11. okay Grim, you've gotta let on a bit more about that. If you already have talked about it somewhere then you gotta link it!
  12. Yeah, I've completely missed the whole cinema6 part of this website... but rather than start a whole new thread there, could you answer for me: what is cinema6 and how does it differ from Fantasy D6 is the game/setting compatible with Fantasy D6 (mainly because I have that and I'm looking for a setting for it). as and aside: I might well pick up the pdf anyway, but I tend to buy the hb books if I can, at the moment I don't see how I might avoid large shipping bills to the UK, so if it's good might ask them if they'll go POD through drivethrurpg or something.
  13. nah, there's nothing wrong with that at all (mini six in general is great and I love what I will call "expanded story seeds") but I'm looking for a bigger setting. I heard there were a few settings in the works back in the day for fantasy d6, were they ever released?
  14. I'm looking for some sort of Fantasy setting for D6 along the lines of Elder Scrolls and was wondering what's available, in the works, fan made etc. I know Grimace has a magic system and I was thinking of picking that up but I'm looking for some flesh to put on the bones so to speak. ta
  15. thanks for your reply, that clears things up.
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