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  1. Hey Janus! Still around too, ready to continue with the game when you are ready. Just drop me a message.
  2. Get my Canisters! He whispered to the the Tandroshan. Dante approached the door in the kitchen and cautiously positioned himself on its edge, back to the wall. "Sash Tei", he tried to remember if the word brought any sort of memory, his hand and fingers comfortably resting on the handle of his left pistol. From the sound of it there was definitely some rumbling going now... he should just get his canisters and get the heck out of there... But where was the fun of that? Dante simply pressed the door control to open it wide. He waited a second to make sure no shots would be blindly fired, then spoke up: "Well, are you guys done in there? Or do we have to take turns?"
  3. Dante lowered his voice to a whisper. Tempered, just what I thought, someone has visited you, or may still be inside for that matter. Dante blessed his luck managing to open the lock, that really wasn't his specialty. Guns were howeverand his hand automatically rested on his weapon. He picked through the small opening the door was now making and signal Buroc to remain silent. Not seeing much, He pushed the door to slide leaving enough space for him to get in., attentive for a sound or visual clue.
  4. "Go around doors!? Yes I know how to go around doors! " Dante said in a sarcastic tone, "it's called blowing up a hole in the darn wall, and sorry but I don't have my detonated on me today! " "I'm a gunslinger, not a thief, I don't know much about locks. " Dante crossed his arms waiting for the Trandoshan, but seeing his disarray, he let them go, and with a sight added: "Fine, let me have a look... Maybe someone tampered with it already. " OOC: I let you roll my 2D for me Janus
  5. Dante followed the Trandoshan, the music still playing in his head despite being far from the turbolift already. He rested his left hand on his blaster as he scrutinized the corridors. "Have you ever been in a ship attacked by pirates before?" He paused a second let the gambler respond but he seemed too distracted looking for his keycard. "Well it includes a lot of people running around in panic and security trying to smooth things down... all I'm saying is it's too silent to be real." He looked around him one more time and added: "Just press the open button, maybe you didn't lock it when you left", pointing at the control buttons next to the card reader.
  6. "Well if someone in the bridge is buying us some time, so much the better! I'm not looking forward to confronting those acquaintances of yours. But I'll be as ruthless as they are if no negotiation is possible." He watched his chrono, hoping his desire to get the canisters back would not cost him more than what he had bargained for. His thoughts wandered for a second then he added out loud: "The Denel had made bargains with the smugglers, I wonder if some more unscrupulous mind would also have made some deals with the Guild... Let's hurry up shall we? I have a bad feeling about all this."
  7. Dante nodded at the Tandroshan. "Let's go to your quarters then, the sooner we can leave this ship the better I'll feel." He followed Burloc toward his cabin. Bringing his comlink to his mouth he contacted his droid. "Teebo, make sure our 'companion' has loaded the merchandise. Let me know when it's done and get the engines warm, we may have to leave fast." Trying to make conversation on the way, he asked the Tandroshan: "So, who are those Katana guys? Ain't the security able to handle them?"
  8. Guys, I'm a bit busy at the moment and have little time to post. Things should get better in a week or so, will post asap. Sorry for the delays.
  9. I slept like a baby during the Hurricane. Most of New York was fine despite some localized flooding then and there.
  10. Dante rose an eyebrow. He looked at the ship that was now taking almost the entire viewport and knew he could be a bit late to try to make a run for it. On the other hand he still had business to do here. And though he didn't like that Buroc, maybe he could strike a deal with him. So how many time am I suppose to help you save your hide today, hmm? I have a feeling that Arkanian could have cut you down in no time back there, and now those Katana guys... Well I tell you what... rumor has it you won some TTI canisters earlier in the day. You give them to me and you got yourself a deal. I'll help you get safely to whoever you need to get to and you can negotiate our safe way out. I have my ship ready to leave, I can even drop you off somewhere. Dante presented his hand to the Tandroshan, gesture of acceptance of a deal should the other shake the hand back.
  11. The Fregate was way too close to be friendly. If Dante was correct it wouldn't be long before whoever man the fregate would be boarding the ship soon. And as surprised as he was to see the huge ship, Buros's reaction was as surprising. wait, you know who they are? Pirates I assume.... who are you? I took you through the crowd way too easily, and now you want to be brought to those pirates? To his usual Dante realised he may have step into something bigger than him. All he wanted was his canisters back... unless he could play his card well in this new take...
  12. I'm saving your hide right now, so tag along! Dante whispers into Buroc's ear. Keeping an eye on the arriving guards, Dante speaks aloud: I'll escort this troublemaker outside now, you can all go back to your games. He shuffles the Tandroshan around trying to pass through the crowd and head out.
  13. Dante suddenly feels like a womprat in a cage. Maybe it is just paranoia but too many eyes were converging on him. Fal'we, you should get back to the dock and load what you have already in the Serenity. I have a feeling we'll be leaving sooner than I'd like. So security was tailing him. And his money now laid in the claws of a cheating Tandroshan. it was going to be a tight move. While Dante was assessing the situation, hell broke loose as the Tandroshan jump on the Arkanian, obviously angered by his lose. Cheating and losing, bad combination. But now was his time to act. Squib, grab the bet items, bottle and stuffs, now! Dante shouts at Fal'we's assistant. Without waiting for a comment, Dante springs over the table and grabs the Tandroshan from behind, trying to fit his hands and arms for a shoulder and head lock. He then let his weight and momentum pull the Tandroshan away from the other gambler. Easy, Pals. Let's keep it civilized shall we? Brawling: Martial Arts : (2+3+4+2+5)+2= 18
  14. Guys, I'm away till next sunday. May be a bit tough to post, though I'll try if I have access.
  15. Dante remembers his brief alliance with a Force user, and how he would kill the prison guards with the clench of the fist. The scene he witnesses is too reminiscent of this event, the Arkanian clenching his first and at the same time the Cathar struck with powerful chest pain... or just plain bad coincidence? Dante knows now he'd better keep a keen eye on that Arkanian. And he's playing the Trandoshian of course, things can't never be easy in Dante's life! Dante walks by the table his eye scouring his surrounding, first trying to notice if anyone is giving a more nervous look at the game, like a bodyguard, an associate, or someone with other intention than money making. Second, he eyes the Trandoshian, watching how he looks, trying to notice if he carries any weapon. OOC: The two rolls you've asked: Search 3D+2 (3+5+4)+2 = 14 (2+3+3)+2= 10 An extra one for the search in the casino: (5+5+5)+2= 17
  16. Stock... stock!? you mean my cargo? you lost my cargo!?? How many canisters are missing? don't tell me you lost it all! And the prototype? you still have it right? Dante could not believe his ears. He was upset, that was the least to say. He was counting on this job, more so -like the Chadra-Fan- for his reputation. You darn right I'll take that crystal! he said to the Squib when this one tried to get out of his punishment. Not that he had at this time any idea what he would do we it but it was always something extra to have on his side. But don't think I'm done with you, Krafel! You're gonna come with me and show me who that Burec thing is. Fal'wi, I'm gonna get the canisters back.
  17. In my experience, first come first serve works the best for pbp. It's slow enough of a game that we should not limit it's speed furthermore for waiting for a turn. The more one can post the better, if it helps moving on and developing the story and/or character. Of course it works the best when the interaction is between character. That being said, a more turn by turn approach with post order could and certainly should should be enforced in case of combat rounds.
  18. Dante acknowledged Fal'we's presence by nodding with his hand on the brim of his hat. But before heading toward the small alien, he gave another good look at the other eight beings, mentally noting their position, more per habit - to keep the tactical advantage - than because he was suspicious of anything. Stay in and lock the ship Teebo, I'll be back with the cargo soon. Dante proceeded toward his contact confidently. He didn't know the other small alien next the Fal'we, but if his memory served him well, those, the Squibs, were famous for haggling, things Dante wasn't in the mood for right now. He was hoping he was just another of the Chadra Fan business partner. Towering the two diminutive aliens, he greeted them. Afternoon. Well Fal'we, well done! I've seen and been in much more mediocre meeting place than this one. I've heard their entertainment was actually top-notch. Then looking at the Squib he added: And who would that be?
  19. "Zone 15, copy that, Denel." Dante brought along the Serenity toward the designated hangar bay. Behind him the astromech droid Teebo squearked. "Well we got the first part good. We're in. Now I eager to find out who we may find in there." Following proper landing procedures, Dante set his ship in Bay Two. Within minutes, the hydraulics compressor released their steam and the ramp of the Serenity opened up. Pausing after a few steps out, Dante looked around to gauge the situation, and maybe recognize one or two people he may know or have heard of.
  20. Well, the sooner and more often the better, but every other day would seem decent and feasible for me.
  21. "Well Teebo, our friend has finally arrived! It seems like an easy run but stay on alert. It's during those easy run that things go wrong quickly." Says Dante to his Astromech droid posted not too far behing him at the navigation station. "Cruiser Denel this is the Serenity. Approaching on a 4.3.1 vector to proceed with docking procedure, for euh "mutual assistance". Turning back towards his droid Dante adds: "I have the feeling this short stay in the cruiser is gonna get 'interesting'... "
  22. Name: Dante "Dee" Crugger Type: Gunslinger/Smuggler Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 43 Height: 1m78 (5'10'') Weight: 80kg (178 lb) Physical Description: Dexterity 4D Dodge 5D Blaster 6D - blaster: heavy pistol 8D Pulse-wave Weapon Thrown Weapons Melee Combat Running Knowledge 2D Alien Species Cultures Languages Planetary Systems Survival Streetwise 4D Willpower Mechanical 3D+2 Astrogation Beast Riding Sensors Communications Jetpack operations Repulsorlift operations Rocketpack operations Space Transport 5D+2 - space transport: Firefly-class 6D+2 Starship Gunnery 4D+2 Perception 2D+2 Bargain Con Persuasion Forgery Gambling : Pazzak 3D+2 Hide Investigation Search 3D+2 Sneak Strength 3D+2 Brawling 4D+2 - brawling: K'tara Martial Art 5D+2 Climbing/Jumping Lifting Stamina 5D+2 Swimming Technical 2D Blaster repair: heavy blaster 3D Computer programming/repair Droid prog/rep.: Astromech 3D First Aid Lightsaber Repair Security Demolitions Pulse-wave Weapon Repair Space transport repair: Firefly-class 3D Control 0D Sense 0D Alter 0D Special Abilities: - K'tara martial Art: Never Surrender- K’tara practitioners have a durasteel resolve and are not easily shaken. K’tara martial artists may use their Brawling: K’tara Martial Arts skill in place of Willpower for any Willpower skill rolls. Maneuvers: Opportune Shot, Elbow Smash Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages: Trademark Specialization: Heavy blaster (1) : "Tools of the Trade, they are my life! " Twin Blaster (2) : "Got two hands after all! Lets me kill twice as fast." Resources (2) : "Who said crime doesn't pay? " Disadvantages: Bad Luck (-3): "Life's a bitch sometimes." In Debt (-2): "The old man won't take my money! But I gotta pay him with my skills." Hindrance: trick shoulder (-1): "An old wound, reminiscent of my sins." Quirk: Dependency (Spice drugs) (-2) : "Gotta do what you gotta do to get a good time; shouldn't have started in the first place." Infamous (-1) : "You weren't expecting a choral singer were you? If you knew what I did, you'd not like me either... but you'd fear me too. " Devotion (-1) : "Complete the mission or die trying. If I sign up for a job, it will be done! " Move:10 Force Sensitive: Yes Force Points: 2 Dark Side Points: 0 Character Points: 5 Hit Points Uninjured: 43-35 Stunned: 34-26 Wounded: 26-17 Severely Wounded: 16-9 Incapacitated: 8-5 Mortally Wounded: 4-1 Equipment: 2 Heavy Blaster Pistols (modified to 6D), 4 spare power packs, 2 High-grade quickdraw holster +2D, T3 astromech droid, PTP Link, datapad, spacer's chest, Firefly-class medium transport, starship repair kit, droid repair kit, blaster repair kit, Andris White Spice (2 doses), Carsunum Black Spice (1 dose) Personality: A betrayer, a killer, an addict, a mercenary . Dante's life took the wrong turn at the wrong time. He could have had a prominent military career but ended up on the opposite side of the law. He now embrace his living, working hard and playing harder, which led him to abuse: alcohol, women, spice, gambling; a destructive path. Yet there is good in him. Behind this facade could rise a hero, if he only knew how to fight his own demons. He loves his ship and career, his own symbol of freedom, detachment from all. He does what he does more for the excitement, adventure and thrill than for the money, but large some are always in his contract. He's after all a businessman. Son of Merchants in a Refueling Orbiting Space Station, in the Core worlds, life as a teen soon grew boring. Dante found entertainment in spacer tales and witnessing the occasional bar fights. Early in his teen, his family started to struggle and he found out it was because his dad had gathered plenty of gambling debt, addiction he had hidden from his family. His parents separated. Within a year, his mom remarried to a abusive man. Dante would regularly get a beating and all he wanted was to leave the station. He made it planet-side and applied for the local military service. His high grades in both marksmanship and piloting gave him high hopes to get in the Republic Navy. Everyone knew he would. But on the day of the drafting tests, Dante got stuck in a defective turbolift for an entire day. Angry and unwilling to stay on the planet an extra year, he deserted. With little money and nowhere to go, he started roaming the space lanes. Within a couple of years he got recruited in a high rating mercenary team whose methods were direct and efficient. They trained him well and gave him a sense of belonging. He strove in this environment, putting in good use what he was good at. He learnt a lot, becoming both physically and mentally strong. He fought in many skirmishes, often hired to do the dirty work local governments didn't want to associate with. Life was good. He even got a durable love affair. After several years, The team was sent on a mission that turned bad. Several members perished in the assault of a heavily armed compound. Dante was the first to make contact with the target, only to find his own lover by the man's side. The target offered a large sum of money and an way out, if Dante would help them get rid of the rest of the team. He went to kill the man but his powerpack suddenly depleted, and quickly realized his martial arts skills were no match compared to this mysterious man. Rest of the team's arrival interrupted the fight and the target disappeared, leaving Dante's lover to engage the team in a gunfight. Failing to persuade either side to stop shooting, Dante picked the girl's side and got forced to kill the rest of his teammates. The fight ended, but before he could get any explanation, the girl shot him. He got a severe wound on the shoulder, that still bother him to these days, and was at the her mercy. But instead of ending his life, she gave him a case, "his part of the deal" like she said. She disappeared the same way the mysterious man had, and that was the last of her. Dante had done his part of the deal, getting rid of his teammates and have the two escape. The case was full of credits. He had kill his own family for credits, and got shot by the woman he loved. With a good chunk of money and a self made loneliness, Dante purchased a ship to start trading. But it turned out the ship was a piece of junk. Failure after failure, problem after problem, she cost him three times her price just in maintenance. To save on costs, he turned into smuggling. But as he tried to outrun a custom ship, the ship engines failed and he got caught. It wouldn't have been too bad if a powercore in the maintenance hatch didn't have blown up during boarding, injuring an officer. A straight ticket to Jail. The prison was tough on him. Hard labor, rough guards and regular inmates fighting were his daily chores. He would have gone insane if not for the strong mental his training had given him. A couple years into his sentence, a Jedi was brought in; a dark one apparently, some whispered he was Sith. High security measures, high risks. Dante saw his opportunity. The man had the skill and power to escape, all he needed was a little incentive, and little help, that Dante would offer. And follow suit on the escape. When someone attempt to escape they head for the exit, not the high security area. It took everyone by surprise. After initiating a small riot, Dante dashingly made his way to where the Sith was locked in, and managed to free him. The two then made there way to the hangar bay and escaped, the powers of the Jedi helping greatly, his own piloting skill finishing the task. The Sith was never heard of since though. Story has it he got killed before making it to the next star system. Some rumors would even go as far as the Sith taking the place of his rescuer. But those are stories. Dante made his way to the Frontier Worlds. There, few would care about his unlawful past. For some times he worked with a few crews, either as pilot, security or just cargo loader, until he caught the attention of an old influential smuggler. He helped Dante set up a business for himself and purchase a decent ship; he even taught him to work around his streak of bad luck. Dante has been roaming the fringe ever since on board the Serenity, prospering as a smuggler and gunslinger. Now the galaxy is at war again, and he knows war time bring good business for his kind. He ended up lately in the Syria Sector and has been looking for some business opportunities.
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