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  1. OpenD6 Update Thread

    Yes, that is exactly what I meant. Excellent work! Now, enough chit-chatting! Get back to work!
  2. OpenD6 Update Thread

    As a casual fan, who hasn't followed this from the beginning. I would suggest that you put all the open D6 books in an easy to find area. Like putting all the links in a stickeyed post at the top of the forum section. Becuase I had a lot of trouble finding the links to the books. And if Hellsreach reads this, is there a way to put the links on the front page of the main website? Because that would be best.
  3. Will you be reprinting d6 powers revised and expanded? I have found one used copy but that is all.
  4. I want to thank whoever moved this post. I realized I had put it in the wrong area after I posted it.
  5. Does the d6 Powers revised edition have probability, reality and time altering powers in it? Like the old Directive on Superpowers did for DC heroes?
  6. I just bought it from ebay, so I don't have it yet. But I thought that I would let skeloric know that he has made a convert. I have heard him talk about it so often here and on the Eden boards, that I went ahead and bought a copy.