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  1. I just uploaded maps for North and South America, Aysle and Marketplace.
  2. I've debated whether or not to post these. Not sure if there was an interest, and concerned about the copied information from actual sources - or borrowed from other authors (mainly Apeiros). But I'm interested to see some reactions so I'm going to go ahead. Legal disclaimer: any information copied from the existing books was copyright of WEG, and is now owned by whoever bought it. This was a fan project for my personal use, and shared freely. Translation: if I've shared too much copyrighted information, please accept my apologies. Also some informationin the Kadandra CB is heavily based on, or outright copied from Apeiros own documents, from his website. I took his work as inspiration, and worked with it for my own take. Any such information, such as axioms/WLs and some proper nouns, are his and in no way am I claiming credit for them. Again, I'm sharing this as one fan to others, and I hope it is received as such. Apeiros/Jasyn, I hope you don't mind, and really hope you like what I did with the place. Kadandra came out to a 9 page document. It was exceptionally short as most of the equipment, cybernetics, and special rules, are unchanged from Tharkold. There is a Fashionware implant type that is adult in nature, Administrator/Moderator, if it is offensive please let me know and I will remove the text from that section. Also: the Emergency Robot is the Protectionist from Creatures of Tharkold. When using the revamped Techno-demons, with the reduced stats, these robots need to have their Energy Weapons skill reduced to 17. This should probably be done for both realities anyway. I'm nearly finished with Marketplace (about 20 pages without the copied pages from NT:SB) and will post it in a few days if I get some positive feedback from this one. Edit: Apeiros' own Kadandra can be found here: and here: And while I thought this part was his, I'm uncertain as to the actual author of the axioms & world laws I opted to use. They originated here: Edit 2: Thank you Apeiros for the information.
  3. While the site was down, Apeiros suggested I start a blog to post these. I'm not sure if they are any easier to read, but I have several up there.
  4. Many sources divide the Jedi into three branches, which I have linked to the three force skills. Consulars (Diplomats, Healers, Scholars) - Alter Guardians (Weapon Masters, Aces, Lightsaber Instructors) - Control Sentinels (Detectives, Scouts, Spies) - Sense But according to the Old Republic game and Wookieepedia, the Sith are only divided into Warriors (Juggernauts and Marauders) and Inquisitors (Sorcerers and Assassins). I had previously set up the Sith to parallel the Jedi Consulars = Sorcerers Guardians = Warriors Sentinels = Inquisitors I need to come up with specialties within the branches. FWIW I'd consider Palpatine to be a Sorcerer (analogous to a Consular Diplomat), Vader, Maul, and Dooku to be Warriors, And The Emperor's Hands (Mara Jade for instance) either Warriors or Inquisitors. Alchemists is probably a Sorcerer Branch, reflecting the Sith who make "magic" weapons or Armor, create Rakghouls, etc. Darth Maladi would be one of these. Official texts give Assassin as a Inquisitor branch (and Hand could fit in as an alternate form of that branch). So I need a Sith analogue to the Jedi Sage/Scholar/Lore Keeper and/or Diplomat/Ambassador and a Investigator/Watchman analogue. Can anyone suggest something that might fit within the pre-existing material?
  5. So I made a decision on my own - for those interested: Sorcerers - Alchemists (practitioners of Sith Alchemy) and Tyrant (excel at deception and mental manipulation - Palpatine) Warriors - Marauders (finesse fighters - Dooku) and Juggernauts (physical powerhouses - Vader) Inquisitors - Assassin/Hand (name says it - Mara Jade) and Shadow/Eye (excel at stealth and observation)
  6. I was thinking about this the other day. Real world tech vs. what the writers could conceive of 20 years ago. And I'm thinking about a revision to my Kadandra Cosmbook to reflect this idea. Though I'm concerned it might need to make Kadandra Tech 27. Real world, computers, and everything with a computer in it, can be wireless. But GodNet/Grid, Smartguns, and CyberControls, all use a jack/wire connection. Then I thought about upgrades in later Cyberpunk 2020 and more importantly CyberGeneration. In CGen they introduced Virtuality. Instead of a Jack implant, everyone had a Neural Node, or a Trode-like device applied to he skull. With this, the Net could overlay Virtual images directly over the Physical world. So a theater would have a plain facade, and the a VX Facade in place of a Marquee visible to everyone with a link. Or Virtual Traffic Signs which can change as needed. Or redesigning your plain apartment to look like ancient Rome. etc. Similar tech in CP2020 allowed for a "bluetooth" connection with one's machines. The Cyberpapacy, with its primitive Cyber wouldn't have anything so impressive. Tharkold you would want Hardwired, to prevent hacking. But Kadandra is a more Utopian world than Tharkold (of course Marketplace is a Utopian world compared to Tharkold, so that's not saying much). Such tech could easily be a part of Kadandran society. But, would it still be possible at Tech 26? It does seem a bit like "implants that imitate psionics" which is a Tech 26 criteria.
  7. I keep going back and forth on these: Let's start with Up. A Vampyre may have Up:Night, and Weakness:Day (Stymie or Severe - aka damage). Does this mean he has one up, and loses his first roll again? Or does he roll again every round at night, and is stymied all day? The latter makes more sense - especially for the flaw - but seems too powerful. Resistance to Normal Weapons turns five wounds to shock points. Is this per attack, or total? Again if it is constant, it seems very powerful.
  8. By the book: Spend 1P, roll as per Weakness Probe (Minor Maneuver) Learn: The Difficulty of the skill check he just rolled - i.e. the target's skill value. Really? For a Possibility, they don't get anything else? Not even the benefits of Weakness Probe? At best - if using House Rules, such as mine, where the character has 1 Maneuver per Add, AND Initiative is based on AGI (DEX in standard) not the cards, the user can determine Skill Adds, and thus know how many maneuvers the target has. I would suggest that either the P cost be removed. Or the Maneuver give an Improved version of Weakness Probe in addition to the Target's skill (bonus to attack or defense - either a fixed value for the duration of this combat, or a single use level of success bonus). Or that the check act as a sort of Scholar:Martial Arts, and reveal what Maneuvers the target knows. Or some combination thereof. Has anyone else made a modification to Judge? Side note: I looked at the Tokyo MA Styles again. None of them exist real world, and all the names are nonsensical. They should all have prerequisites/requirements (at least one, most two, and some 3). And none have any setting context. They exist to contain at least one maneuver from the new maneuvers in that book. Has anyone done anything to change this? I'm thinking the nonsense names could suggest Marketplace origins, but haven't looked closely enough to supply Requirements.
  9. Ah, thanks. Heading over there for a look see now. Update: I compared it to Thunder Kick (also costs 1P, and does STR+6, Knockdown, Knockback, and Normal Surprise). And combined your modification with a slightly changed Weakness Probe: Judge: this maneuver allows a martial artist to determine just how skilled his opponent is in combat. As in the weakness probe, the martial artist must spend a round studying her opponent (no actions other than dodge are allowed in this round). At the end of the round, the martial artist generates a Perception plus Martial Arts adds total against a difficulty number equal to the target's unarmed combat or martial arts skill values (if the target has neither of those skills, use his Agility instead). If the attempt to judge is successful, on a minimal success the martial artist learns the relevant skill value of his opponent, and – if the target possesses Martial Arts, which style (if the style is one he could be aware of – one from an alien cosm would not be recognizable by name). For each additional level of success the martial artist knows one maneuver the target knows. On a Superior or better, this includes the highest maneuver. The martial artist may make a Scholar:Martial Arts check to recall the full details of the style (as a separate action). Additionally, the martial artist gains the benefits of Weakness Probe (+1 to action value and +1 to damage value (+3 for a Strike), but this bonus lasts for one round per level of success. Each use of judge costs one Possibility. I also made some changes to the Tokyo Martial Arts Styles, making them Marketplace Styles that were imported. This explains a Aikuchi being named after a type of scabbard, but being a Bow Style - the names don't have to make sense to Core Earthers, since they evolved on Marketplace. Also included are a few alternate corporate ninja styles. Aikuchi A combat style that favors ranged combat, and keen eyesight, as well as brutal close combat. 1. Felling The Oak 2. Palm Strike 3. Stone Fist 4. Hip Toss 5. Spring Attack 6. Whirling Attack 7. Bow Master 8. Eye Of The Hawk Requirements: Practitioners must learn acrobatics, find and meditation. Kongorikishi (Ombestu Kickboxing) Practiced by the native peoples of Ombetsu for centuries prior to the rise of the megacorps, Kongorikishi is a combat style focused on leaps and kicks. 1. Spinning Kick 2. Leaping Kick 3. Sacrifice Kick 4. Kick Disarm 5. Sweeping Kick 6. Knife Hand 7. Jump 8. Cyclone Attack Requirements: practitioners must learn acrobatics and long jumping. Mikami A style that originated on Sebat, Mikami is said to have been taught to the first masters by the spirits themselves. 1. Entangle 2. Ki Punch 3. Missile Dodge 4. Stunning Attack 5. Dagger Dance 6. Missile Master 7. Healing 8. Power Shout Requirements: Originally, this style was only taught to the faithful, today it only requires practitioners to learn meditation. Ninjitsu There are as many styles of “Ninjitsu” as there are Ninja Clans. The style depicted in the Nippon-Tech Realmbook is an amalgam of various Core Earth clans styles. What follows are the five major styles employed by the Corporate Ninja of Marketplace. Asuga Ninjitsu A slight variation on Earth Ninjitsu, with more emphasis on offense over deception. 1. Block/Strike 2. Lightning Fist 3. Sacrifice Kick 4. Fade 5. Stone Fist 6. Invisibility 7. Weapon Master 8. Power Shout Requirements: as Ninjitsu Kubaicho Ninjitsu As an entertainment and news megacorp, Kubaicho relies on agents who can get information, pictures, etc. that no one else has. This allows them to remain number one in the industry – and provides useful blackmail. Their style is little changed, but focuses more on observation than combat. 1. Block/Strike 2. Lightning Fist 3. Stunning Attack 4. Weakness Probe 5. Felling the Oak 6. Invisibility 7. Bow Master 8. Eye of the Hawk Requirements: as Ninjitsu, plus Find. Many Kubaicho ninja master the use of the Compound Bow, and employ armor-piercing, or HEAP (High-Explosive Armor-Piercing) arrows. Improved Compound Bow T24 STR+7/25 R3-10/100/250 Laser Sight (TH+1) 30cr/Y8350 /$250 HEAP Arrows +9/27, Armor -3, Cost +2 Misaki Ninjitsu Misaki ninja rely less on offensive ability and more on subtlety and misdirection. Some assume identities close to a target for months before making their move. Like Kubaicho, Misaki also uses corporate ninja for espionage over assassination. 1. Block/Strike 2. Spring Attack 3. Stunning Attack 4. Feint 5. Felling the Oak 6. Detect Lie 7. Weapon Master 8. True Invisibility Requirements: as Ninjitsu, plus Disguise. Shori Ninjitsu Shori ninja strike hard and strike fast, concerning themselves with stealth only as a last resort. 1. Block/Strike 2. Instant Up 3. Stunning Attack 4. Heart Punch 5. Felling the Oak 6. Whirlwind Attack 7. Weapon Master 8. True Invisibility Requirements: as Ninjitsu Ursan Ninjitsu One of the oldest styles still in use on Marketplace, Ursan Style was originally known as Mikoto during the ancient wars. Arguably Ursan has the deadliest ninja in the cosm – one more reason for their rise to the top. 1. Block/Strike 2. Weakness Probe 3. Lightning Fist 4. Drop Kick 5. Dragon Flight 6. Sword Master 7. Invisibility 8. Death Touch Requirements: As Ninjitsu. Sokanto Popular among Ronin, Sokanto is another good CQB style. 1. Shoulder Throw 2. Ki Punch 3. Serpent's Coils 4. Fade 5. Heart Punch 6. Resist Damage 7. Spirit Shout 8. Judge Requirements: practitioners must learn deduction and meditation.
  10. Still don't feel like this really did Bloodshadows justice. But I think the cast of characters was an improvement. I gotta admit, Noir is not my strong suit. I'd love to know what others think.
  11. Oathbreaker-Order Elijah Atteberry – Preacher for the Cult of He Who Is Called I Am, a Pro-Magic sect of Christianity based in North Las Vegas, just outside Paradise. He has lead his church for decades, guiding the faithful through the invasions of Yakuza and Tharkoldu. The existence of other realities has forced Elijah to re-examine the bible. He has reconsidered old, deeply held beliefs – and has deemed that magic must have been a part of God's plan. With the arrival of Nolava, and neighbors that many believe have always lived here, Elijah believes that God has called him to spread the Word to the people of Nolava. He has even found new believers. And since Divine power does not flow naturally in the realm, he has been fortunate indeed, that many Vitomancers have joined his flock. The Cult also runs the only Bloodline in the city. Elijah asks for blood donations from the congregation, as well as the few homeless that have avoided being press-ganged (he pays them with food, shelter, and when he can a little cash from the offering plates). There are those that resent this. Those who feel the undead should be eradicated. And those among the undead who feel that the bloodline is demeaning – that vampires should hunt for their food. Elijah, and his church are not formally aligned with Order, though they serve the cause in their own way. Malachai Sokolof – The head of Illusion Studios, now based in Henderson. The studio makes Conjurevids, as well as performances for the crystal sets. (The Core Earth natives in the city have taken to calling it “DM Radio”, DM for Divination Magic). Malachai locks his stars into long-term contracts. Though paid almost meagerly by the standards of the cosm, they are also given nice houses, cars, clothes, and other luxuries. All of which belong to the studio, and if an actor wants to quit – they must relinquish all these perks, and pay for the months or years they have been using them for free. Needless to say, his stars don't quit lightly, and those in the know fear being fired. Malachai is nominally an agent of Akar. However, he has refused to answer the call from Colonel Harlan-Fletcher or Prelate Cyrilla. His efforts could easily have turned the tide, preventing Beraie from taking control of the city. Instead he opted to not to take either side. But his news broadcasts, and editorials did limit the riots and revolution to removal of government officials, and some property damage. And once it was over, most of the general public went back to worrying about paying the mortgage. Order Police Chief Kendall Malloy – A Las Vegas native, Kendall has transformed to Nolava reality. To maintain the police force he has had to implement changes. In lieu of taxation, he has persuaded community leaders to finance the police directly. He has also gained assistance from Core Earth government officials outside the realm, since his force serves as a resistance. He has also begun employing Forensic Mages, and purchasing runeslugs and other arcane tools. While the police are becoming an organized resistance, Kendall's personal life has suffered. His son, Patrick, has dropped out of school, and has been spending time in the company of known Beriae cultists. Colonel Yorick Eban Harlan-Fletcher – Descended from ancient Eaton Nobility. He truly believes that he is destined to lead, and that if he can rally the city, he can make everything right, and return Khufal to its proper place on Marl. He is a good leader, and skilled at both administration and strategy. But his arrogance makes it hard for anyone not born in Grand Eaton to find common cause with him. Though facing the middle age spread, Yorick is still a muscular man, who insists on keeping his attire and person immaculately groomed. Though he has been forced to put away his uniforms for secrecy, he still wears crisp, well tailored suits. Yorick has tried to rally the Yakuza, Syndicate, and Police under his leadership – but while they respect his experience, the leaders of the other factions refuse to give him direct command of their own people. Prelate Cyrilla Tamsyn – Another Grand Eaton expatriate. The local head of the Order of Akar, and direct subordinate to the Pontifex. She was also nearly killed multiple times during the revolt. Even now, Benjamin Ajam's pack are hunting for her. Having suffered such a humiliating defeat, followed by the cities' transformation, Cyrilla is suffering from depression. And her faith has been shattered. Unaligned Imram Abujamal – This industrialist is aged and sick. Despite his vast fortune, he is dying. And desperation has lead to a plan. First he hired Private Detective Toni Blaise to follow his young, third wife. Blaise proved his wife was cheating on him, and he then implicated Blaise in his wife's death. With her dead, Imram has no heirs – except the one he intends to create. He has learned that Rais Hussan has an artifact in his vault. One which can transfer a person's soul into a new body. He plans to force a group to steal it – inviting Hussan's wrath. And then use the artifact to take over a chosen, young, healthy, body. Lou Nichols - A small, scraggly-haired man in his early thirties. He runs a pawnshop on the edge of Sun City. A pawnshop that serves as a front for scavengers in the district, as well as a variety of black market sales. Lou is also a wererat, which makes a great many potential customers leery if they find out. Pascal Zacharias – This Shipping Magnate appears to all eyes to be a legitimate businessman. Except nothing about him is true. Firstly, he isn't human. He is a Gris, born Psishaj Zhatsoghoz, using a Facade spell. He began as a street pusher, and worked his way up to bootlegging Tarik liquor. With the transmigration, he lost most of his fleet. He has invested in smaller ships to bring goods in along the Colorado River, and has hired technomancers to invent a device used by Core Earthers – the airplane.
  12. So, I have ever more appreciation for professional fiction writers. The last two posts were written over the last three days. And they are really starting to get repetitive. I need to find more vices and ambitions than sex, money, and power. Order, Ob-O, and Unaligneds will probably be a few days as I take a break and come up with some motivations. Looking at about 7-8 more entries, about half unaligned.
  13. Tharkold Demon Lord Ataz – This subordinate of Prince Sterret can not admit defeat. Its decision to kowtow to Basjas has brought treachery and rebellion from the rest the pride. Which has required the visceral execution of several Tharkoldu. Ataz is shifting to Order. It has conceived a plan to kill Basjas, and take her place – bringing all of the Nolava Realm under Its Domination. Tz'Ravok Diwarza – Chief Tzullat of the Grand Canyon Tribe. Several thousand Ravagons from Kth'Geddo migrated to the region, at the behest of Parok, migrated to the region. A fact unknown to Basjas when she established her realm. Diwarza has been tasked by Heketon to relocate the Nexus -which does not appear to be where it was. He is to guard it, and keep everyone out. Diwarza has noticed that the tribe has faced an increased birth rate, but the cubs are weaker – lacking the connection to Tz'Ravok reality, and not faced with the same deadly dangers that Ravagons should experience. Continued life on Earth will make the Ravagons no longer Ravagons. And this fact is the heresy the Denyers warned of. Nolava Chaos Dalri Blackstorm – A powerfully built man, with jet black hair – which is often wildly arrayed. A master sorcerer, he has cast spells connecting him to the stelae of the realm. Should any become endangered, Dalri will sense it almost simultaneously with Heketon. And even if Storm Knights block the Darkness Device, he can project spells through the stelae – even teleporting it to a new location if necessary. Dalri is not entirely stable. He once accessed some other realm – either a dimension of Nolava, or perhaps another cosm entirely – and his main concern is to find his way back. What he saw there, and why he wants to go back, he will not say. Rais Hussan – The Vampire owner of Caesar's Palace. Rais has been a Vampire since the later days of the godwar, when he was conscripted by the forces of Chaos. When he awoke from his transformation, he tried to go home – and saw his wife – he felt uncontrollable hunger, and killed her. For over a thousand years, Rais has only desired to reclaim his true love. And every generation, Chaos taunts him. A woman, who resembles his love appears, he tries to win her – and inevitably something happens and she dies. Most recently he encountered Julia Blaise, a Galitia born woman. He wooed her, setting her up in luxury in the Hotel Penthouse. And when she learned he was a Vampire, she hurled herself from the balcony. This time, Rais turned her even as she was dying. And she is still striving to end her existence. In the casino vault, Rais keeps a treasure trove of magical artifacts, many of which are reputed to restore the dead, transfer souls, or otherwise aid in Rais efforts regain the love he lost. Rais is only loyal to Chaos, and Basjas, because it is the only way to regain his Love. If Order, or anyone else, had ever given him an option, he might have turned. But he has come to accept that Chaos is his only option. Benjamin Ajam – Where Rais is a tortured figure, who hates what he has become, Benjamin Ajam is a Werewolf – and proud of it. He is a strong, powerfully built figure, notable for excessive body hair, a unibrow, and his third and fourth fingers are the same length. Despite this, he has animal magnetism, that makes men fear him and women desire him. Ajam has made a pack of followers, and anyone who he deems strong and skilled enough is added to the pack. Eventually, there will come a recruit strong enough to defeat Benjamin, and that individual will be the next pack alpha. For now, Benjamin rules the Cirque de Lune, and the presence of werewolves is made a part of the casino's charm. Shifters are part of the stage show, and lycanthropes patrol the game floor. Simon Reuter – Commissioner of the Department of Water and Power. With limited energy production, he runs a lottery. Every district – except Paradise – gets power for the day, only if they win the lottery. With six districts, and not enough power to go around, that means a lot of people go without several days a week. There have been numerous businessmen who have tried to bribe Reuter for power. He keeps the money, and has them arrested – and sent to work on the dam. Reuter is obsessed with chance and gambling. Many fear that even when the dam is finished, and there is enough power to go around – he will still run a lottery. Desiree Roux – Basjas' Succubus agent, responsible for setting plans in motion to destroy the Lereholm realm, leading to the current Nolava realm. For her efforts, she now has a mansion in Canyon Gate, and a suite at the Silver Palace, as well as more money than she can spend. But if anyone were to connect her to those events, she is evidence that could destroy Basjas. And Desiree knows this. She is looking for a way to get back to Dela, where she can disappear. If she gets wind that Storm Knights could help her, she will reveal all she knows about Basjas, Heketon, and the rest of the High Lords. Oathbreaker-Chaos Sanya Anush – Preta High Priestess of the Orthodox Church of Beraie. Sanya was High Priestess of the Cult for centuries – starting before her death. When the godwar returned, she began agitating for Khufali independence – as a prelude to the subjugation of Eaton by the native population of the region. And then Basjas stole her cult out from under her. And stole the city of Khufal, merging it with Las Vegas, and off Marl. So now, Sanya has split from the cult, established her own sect. And stands in opposition to Basjas, and the cult she founded. The Orthodox Church has its temple in North Las Vegas, and Basjas would love to shut it down. But Sanya knows the truth about Basjas, and the source of her power. If Basjas moves directly against the Oathbreakers, both will burn. Sanya has a number of volunteers who provide her with the use of their bodies. Even without them, she can steal another body if needed. So Basjas can not be certain to eliminate her rival before it was too late. Esmond Adair – as noted above, Adair is the head of the Association of Waitresses, Showgirls, and Whores. As an Incubus, this job allows him to constantly surround himself with women. Which is a lot like a fat kid running a candy store. Esmond doesn't abuse his power greatly, but that does not mean he doesn't. Despite rumors, he does not force waitresses and showgirls into prostitution if they do not sleep with him. He doesn't need to. All he needs, is to get his prospective meal in the same room, and his magical talents do the rest. Nor does he kill – unless he has a reason to do so. His power and position provide for his survival. They do not give him a reason to live. Esmond is bored. He may take an interest in any intrigue he discovers – either getting involved for a cut, or thwarting it for a favor. And he knows that the change in Khufal is a part of something big. 5847 – A Marketplace native, transformed to Nolava. 5847, owns the Sahara, and is a member of the resistance. He has sworn vengeance on the Demon Lord Ataz. He is currently studying Nolavan Technomancy, with an eye toward the death of his enemy, and – of course – profit.
  14. Personalities of Vegas Aysle Lady Priscilla Bendes – Though somewhat young, only in her early thirties, Lady Priscilla has gained considerable power. And she is quite proud of her success. Though not directly involved in the war brewing on Aysle, she has made herself a vital part of the efforts of her House to regain all that was lost to the Tancreds. The resources gained from control of Summerlin South, are being sent home to finance the families' intrigues. Priscilla is sympathetic to the Khufali who merely want self rule, free of Grand Eaton. And she is sympathetic to the people of Core Earth, who are fighting to save their very reality. As such, her knights and mages may be allowed to give aid to people or factions on both sides of the conflict in the realm. Golug – an opportunist who has been in the right place at the right time. Sick of the racists of Aysle claiming his kind are Lesser Folk, he enjoys the – almost literal – worship of the Hugors. He has no grand scheme, simply to run his casino, become rich, and lord his success over the Ayslish. Core Earth Robert Moretti - An Italian-descended American, in his mid-fifties. Handsome, with graying hair. Owns the Riviera, the Tropicana, and is building a third casino. Robert's grandfather built Vegas. His father was a close personal friend of Sinatra. Vegas is his city. And he will take it back. The Yakuza, who once tried to take it from him, are now reduced to not quite lackeys, but not truly allies. The Tharkoldu have fallen from near masters of the city to scavengers. The Nolavans will be working for him in a few years. Drawing on the lessons of the past, he has become an ally to any Storm Knights who seem capable, a friend and patron to the people, and a seemingly legitimate businessman. But when his soldiers strike, they do so without mercy. Ben Chou - The Chinese-descended CEO of the Mirage, seems like the consummate Marketplace Corporate. Money is all that matters to him. He supports the Resistance because tourists equals dollars, and the current state of affairs has limited the tourist trade. The Mirage is scheduled to host the Miss Cosmverse Pageant in a few months, and the possibility of losing that influx of guests is unconscionable. Maxine Cousins and Dean Fletcher, Team Omega – Maxine is a Houston native lounge singer, who went undercover in the harem of the Field Marshal of Super Battlegroup Mobius, in order to keep tabs on him for the US. A doe-eyed blonde, seemingly frail and helpless, but with a strong right hook, and a crack shot with a pistol. Dean was an exchange student in France when the war broke out, and studied technomancy, before returning home to try and save his Iowa home. His skill at stage magic, as well as the real thing, has proven useful in his work for the government. The two were assigned by the Sacramento office to infiltrate the city, and gather intelligence, so that later teams may be able to liberate it. Both have taken gigs at Caesar's and are already learning a lot about the leaders of the Chaos Cults. Cyberpapacy Father Gerard Paget – Born on Magna Verita, and raised on the doctrines of the Avignon church. On Earth he preaches a mixture of Roman Catholicism, Martyred Hospitaller Jean LeClair – a Storm Knight who died defending Earth from Malraux and his High Lord peers. Though technically a part of the CyberReformation, his sermons bear little resemblance to Earth Protestantism. As such he is often mistrusted by Storm Knights. It does not help that he employs former Tharkold Gangslaves – who seem more like criminals than the police force they are supposed to represent. Lost Worlds Witha – An elder, at the ripe age of 38. A priestess of Vassen, and leader of a tribe of about eight hundred. Despite being the spiritual leader of her tribe, she has come to face her mortality. And realized that vampirism could be an answer. Sabathine suspects that Basjas is involved in the fall of her realm on Earth. She has suggested to the priestess that finding proof could get her what she wants. Elvis the Edeinos – The ever-popular Edeinos Elvis Impersonator is still performing at the Sahara. The influx of Nolavans, who have never heard of Elvis Presley, or Edeinos, has given him a whole new audience. Making him one of the most popular performers in Las Vegas today. Marketplace Yamauchi Hikaru – A former lieutenant of Izumi Shinano, Oyabun of Las Vegas. Izumi-sama died in the fall of the Golden Palace to the Cult of Beraie. What no one knows is that he was shot in the back. Hikaru cut a deal with Basjas. He serves as acting Oyabun, and a spy within the resistance. Hikaru will be well rewarded once the resistance, and the realm's Storm Knight defenders, are dead. Basjas has promised him control of all Organized Crime in the city. For now he makes due with running the Palms. 4940 – Head of MarSec for Las Vegas. She is nominally loyal to 7710 of Kanawa Enterprises, as the chief Marketplace CEO, and Triad member on Earth. However, fighting the Nolava invasion, and defending corporate interests in Vegas is just a paycheck. Succeed or fail, she is due for reassignment in a little over a year. Not that it matters since her home in Donglin is gone. During her spare time, 4940 goes prospecting in the Canyon – hoping to strike it rich, and have enough to retire someplace nicer than a single room apartment on Marketplace. Nile Empire The Emperor – Loves his new found power, and wants to expand. He has no greater goal, and despite himself – and the money, women, and other perks – he is becoming a responsible community leader. The High Priest – has made it his ambition to become the next Imperial High Priest to Doctor Mobius. To that end, he serves as an agent of Janya Peterksi, watching Basjas and her plans. In the course of his activities, he might even aid Storm Knights. The Hierophant and The Fool – while the other half of the gang are busy with their own schemes, these two are searching for the Nexus of Realities. When they find it, they plan to pull the ultimate heist – and become High Lords of their own cosms.
  15. I'd had an interesting idea. It can't be reverse engineered into existing games, and requires a lot of rewriting of things but might make Tharkold a bit less broken. Do away with "Tharkold" entirely, and incorporate it into Magna Verita. Perhaps Malraux tried to invade Kadandra instead of Kranod, and the Cyberpapacy happened as a result of that. Basically use Cyberpapacy Axioms and World Laws - maybe a slightly higher Magic axiom. Emphasize the Apocalypse. And the Devil's Footsoldiers are Techno-Demons, armed with Occultech. The benefits of Law of Ferocity get worked in as Natural Tools of the demons, maybe some elements of Domination as well. Human society is essentially the Cyberpapacy as presented, for which Players can be sympathetic. And the forces of the Antichrist and Satan include not "Demon Lords" or "Princes" with names like "Thratchen" or "Kranod" but "Asmodeus", "Mephistopheles" and the other "Dukes" and "Princes" of Hell. Just a random idea I had and mulled for a bit.
  16. Interesting. That would have helped flesh out the GodNet. BTW, could the Law of Heretical Magic be considered as a way to support Occultech devices such as Spellchips? Say if it were created using Faith:Fallen?
  17. But he does have a Webley and Flail/Egyptian Scepter combo going on. The absence of the Mobius loop is the biggest "not" and that could be an artist o"oops".
  18. I never actually looked at the post. Those emoticons are sneaky...almost like they are a subset of... Dcepticon! Thanks for the reply Jim. I'd considered Horror Powers to be roughly on par with Advantage levels from Masterbook, or about twice that of Pulp Powers (Shapeshifting as a pulp power, I'd deemed a 6 point power based on that scale). But, yeah, Horror Powers - not being intended for PCs don't have to play on the same scale. The next Orrorshan Monster hunt is going to be as dangerous as the Destiny Map Mantooth fight was. I ran that one using the every round rule, and changed afterward because he nearly took out the entire party. But experienced characters should be able to handle it. Thanks again.
  19. Odd question. The Cyberpapal/Magna Verita Law of Heretical Magic gives certain bonuses and penalties to using magic. But if the caster fails the spell too much, a demon appears and attacks/possesses him. But what if a demon is using magic? Does this aspect just not apply? Do demons appear to harass other demons?
  20. One big demon party? Wasn't that a song by Oingo Boingo? Thanks for the reply Jim. That was my thought, but I wanted confirmation.
  21. That's about it for now. I'm still fighting with myself between Magna Verita and Terra as my next book. (The latter will prove tricky to post, since the rules for Super Powers in the Silver Age are drawn from D6 Powers). After those comes Khem/Nile Empire. Then Gaea, and whatever Heketon backed realities I haven't already done mini-books for like this one. After that comes TORG 2000, a tenth year Infiniverse Update, that will make my Year 7 update look small and incomplete (this is going to take a while). And eventually, the Star Sphere. I could actually use some constructive criticism on Nolava, so that I can better portray it in the future. Edit: having mulled, I know the first thing I need to do is establish more motivations and personality for the NPCs mentioned. Then add some more for some of the other factions. And make something happening in the other districts. I may do a revised version in the near future. Edit, the Second: Added a personalities section.
  22. Green Valley South of the Strip, and technically a suburb of Henderson. This district is predominantly under Nolava control. Henderson Site of the work on the new Dam, this district is mixed Earth/Nolava. The majority of the cities' Elementalists are employed in constructing and operating the city utilities – water and power. A goodly number of the rest are presently building walls to protect the city from Wilderness Creatures. Winchester East of the Strip, a former middle-class district, now under the control of Ataz and the Tharkoldu. The Tharkoldu raid other districts for whatever they need. This is permitted due to a deal, and hefty bribes offered to, the temple of Beraie. North Las Vegas This middle-class district is home to residential, commercial, and industrial concerns – run by Khufali, Marketplace, and Core Earth concerns. Alchemist's Row is in this district, home to both apothecaries and physicians. Nellis Formerly an Air Force Base, crushed by the Tharkoldu. Yamaguchi Energy has bought a portion of the land, and was building a solar power plant. The facility is shut down for the moment, and considered under threat by Qweskworms. It serves as a secret base for Marsec, Police, and Mob forces – allied for the moment against the invaders. The air fields are still operable and some covert flights are capable of running the storm to provide needed weapons and supplies. The surviving Grand Eaton soldiers in Khufal have allied with the Core Earth resistance – though they believe they should be in charge due to their greater experience and the fact their leader Colonel Yorick Eban Harlan-Fletcher is a ranking member of the forces of Order. There are also refugees from Lereholm hiding among the ruins of the district. A small tribe lead by a priestess named Witha who enjoy the warm weather and relative safety found outside their own reality. Paradise Also known as The Strip. This district continues to operate essentially unchanged. Casinos are treated as temples – and Nolavan run casinos maintain a shrine to Beraie – and are exempt from certain secular laws, and are largely sovereign territories. The strip has (mainly because they can afford it) power, food, water, and anything else needed to keep a steady stream of business. At the very south is MacCarron International Airport, which is technically open, though few pilots are willing to risk the storms. A Cyberpapal cathedral was located just north of the airport, but Fra St-Pierre and the clergy of Our Lady of the Electronic Salvation was slaughtered on the first night of the invasion. A pack of werewolves just didn't like the place. A GodNet uplink, and several secure datafiles remain in the ruined building. The Luxor is under the control of the Tarot Gang, a group of Nile Empire villains. They have built a shrine to Bes, god of luck, in order to take advantage of the religious laws of the city. The High Priest is at a serious disadvantage due to the low Spiritual Axiom. An Ogre named Golug has taken charge of a gang of Hugors, and in turn – while using a Facade spell to appear human – he has taken over the Excalibur. He has established a shrine to Kalim, though there are no formal priests. A consortium of Core Earth and Marketplace casino owners retain control of Tropicana, the Palms, Flamingo, The Mirage, Riviera, Sahara and the Convention Center (the latter serves mainly as a supply depot). Unfortunately the Law of Intrigue works against them, Yamauchi Hikaru has fallen in with the invaders, and provides regular reports on the plans of the resistance forces. For now, Basjas lets them scheme, but she knows right where to strike to eliminate their weapons caches. Caesar's Palace is now owned by Rais Hussan, a vampire. A skilled necromancer, he uses zuvembies as guards in the vault and counting rooms. The Golden Palace, a former yakuza stronghold, is now the Silver Palace, temple of Beraie, and home to Basjas, and her chief Sorcerer, Dalri Blackstorm. The latter monitors the realm's stelae, and may utilize spells to relocate them if they become threatened. The same werewolves who destroyed the Cybercathedral infected key personnel at the Circus Circus, which they renamed Cirque de Lune. Benjamin Ajam, the alpha maintains his rule through brute strength, and by allowing his pack to run wild periodically – slaughtering denizens of a foreign reality. Many of the casinos employ Photomancers as entertainers. Esmond Adair, an incubus, is head of the Association of Waitresses, Showgirls and Whores, and has his offices at the corner of Flamingo and Paradise. Anyone practicing any of these professions must be a member of this guild. Male counterparts in the entertainment industry have a separate guild. And men in the other two professions need not belong to a guild at all. Red Rock Canyon West of the city is the former national park. Since the discovery of sapphires and silver in the hills, mining has begun. The Temple of Beraie, and other organizations connected to the city, own the largest and most productive claims. But independent prospectors hold small claims throughout the region. Sadly, ownership of these claims is hard to prove. Many false papers are issued by the unscrupulous. Worse, there are three different offices associated with the city that have the right to issue claims, there is no cooperation between them. So multiple claimants may have equal rights to the same plot. Miners – specifically the unfortunate slave labor – claim to have felt a chill presence in the depths. They are frightened of certain tunnels, and refuse to enter them. It has gotten worse since the bodies. Miners' bodies, dead, without a mark on them. The mine supervisors need some brave, skilled souls to go down and find the cause. Ravagons A flock of Ravagons has taken up residence in the desert outside Vegas, preying on newfound stormers, and visiting Storm Knights.
  23. Las Vegas (South, Pure) Las Vegas has faced both Nippon-Tech Yakuza, and Tharkoldu Techno-Demons. The mixed zone, and presence of universally high axioms values, made the city a popular destination for other non-Earth folk looking to get away from their home reality for whatever reason. Following the end of the war, and with 3327 no longer providing active support to the Yakuza, and Sterret too busy in the cosm to offer much support to its submissive, Demon Lord Ataz, Earth's military, law enforcement, corporate interests, and organized crime largely regained prominence over the city. Some of said organizations had flipped to Marketplace reality, but were not allied with the former invaders. Overt Tharkold elements were eliminated, forcing the demons into hiding. In short, the city was almost fully recovered. And then Nolava arrived on April 1st, 1998. The Maelstrom Bridge destroyed the Hoover Dam cutting off power to much of the city for days. Earthquakes caused little damage to the city itself, but cut off roads, and exposed new dangers and opportunities in the desert. At the same time portions of Khufal were merged with the city - or the city altered in places to appear that way, in the end the results were the same. Basjas, as leader of the invaders, assumed a de facto position of control. She opted however to grant some districts self-governance, provided the city law (such as it is) was enforced. The city as a whole – not counting districts claimed by other cosms - has no actual government. But a massive bureaucracy is in place. A complicated, often contradictory bureaucracy, that leaves both Khufali and Vegan confused and often in trouble. For example, property taxes are paid monthly. They must be paid on the date specified, not before or after. But the specified date for some citizens is on the weekend, when the Tax Assessor's office is closed. The solution is to go on a day prior, wait through long lines, fill out many complicated forms, and offer the Assessor a bribe to accept early payment. Or pay the even greater penalty for delinquency – which also necessitates complicated paperwork. LVPD remains in operation, and is expected to enforce city laws. However, there is no single book (or series of books) defining the city laws under Nolava occuption. Forcing the Police to use their own judgment. Which may not always be correct. Many police officers have joined the Resistance. A cornerstone law is that all citizens, residents, and transients must be able to pay all debts immediately. Anyone unable to do so – be it a hotel guest who goes broke at a casino, or a jaywalker who doesn't have their wallet on them – is considered to be in violation. First offenders may have someone else pay their debt, and fines, and be set free. Repeat offenders are sent to Public Works Projects as manual labor. There are three chief projects at the moment. The first is construction of a new dam, which will convert hydraulic pressure into power via Inanimate Forces and Technomancy. (A small portion has been finished and provides power for the Strip). The second is building walls around the entire city – though district walls are also being erected as well. The third is the city-owned claims in the new Sapphire fields and Silver Mines in Red Rock Canyon. The city still operates on Core Earth Dollars – though other currencies may be used in some districts, and exchanges are made by banks and casinos - though at rates that favor the house. Khufali prefer silver or a silver standard. Coinage (dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars) is minted locally, and local greenbacks ($1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100) are all backed by silver. What Follows is an overview of the city's districts, working counterclockwise from the northwest. Sun City A retirement community in the northwest corner of the city. Predations by Yakuza and Tharkoldu are a thing of the past. Shadowers have largely wiped out the elderly, forcing the survivors to flee into better protected parts of the city. Summerlin A large area, subdivided into several planned communities. The main portion is nominally populated by Core Earth natives. Canyon Gate A subdivision of Summerlin, now home to the wealthiest of the Khufali. Imram Abujamal is one of the wealthiest of these. Though opposed to Grand Eaton, he is no ally to Chaos. Owner of several major industrial concerns, he employs perhaps 5% of the population. The Lakes Father Gerard Paget, a Cyberprotestant has turned a former wedding chapel on the edge of the Strip into a Cyberchurch. He has converted a former cybergang to followers, and charged them with the protection of his district. Demon Lord Ataz has agents in the region, stealing cybernetics, and power cells to maintain their own equipment. The church is a hardpoint (about 100m), and contains a small fusion plant, which provides power for the district. Father Gerard views magic as the Devil's work, but still trades with Summerlin South for food for his people. Though not all the residents of The Lakes are members of his congregation, Father Gerard at least is tolerant of other Christian denominations. Summerlin South Lady Priscilla Bendes holds this western district for Aysle. Elementalist mages have found they have only minor trouble with magic, and are able to provide both water and agriculture. These feed the locals, and the surplus is traded with The Lakes and Spring Valley for other resources. A number of Breeds have flocked to the district, where a temple of Celay has taken them in. Temples of Areel and Darsot are also found in the district. Spring Valley The Tarot Gang makes their headquarters in the Luxor, but they have also laid claim to the southwest corner of the city. They operate an Eternium Power Plant, and trade power to the Bendes (who don't have much use for it themselves, though their subjects do) for food and water. The Tarot Gang maintains 40 squads of shocktroopers uniformed in the manner of the Lesser Arcana, 10 Squads per Suit. Coins act as security for the Luxor. Cups guard the district's resources, and take in money for the sale thereof. Swords man the border, and keep out both wilderness creatures, and undesirables – meaning anyone the Tarot Gang considers trouble. And Staves act as a Protection Racket masquerading as a police force.
  24. Utah (Northeast, Dominant) Most of this zone is empty desert, with Salt Lake City and Provo outside the realm. Only a few small cities in the southwest corner of the state existed before the invasion, all of which now face great danger from Qweskworms. Grand Canyon (Southeast, Dominant) The Grand Canyon, and the entire northwest corner of Arizona are inside the realm, with Flagstaff just beyond the border. The Canyon is now home to hordes of Slashtors. Palm Springs (South, Mixed-Tharkold) Part of one of the former Nippon-Tech/Tharkold Mixed Zones. The city, renowned as a tourist destination has been infested with undead, notably ghouls and vampires. Throaths prowl the wilds beyond the city, as well as many of the former attractions. Santa Barbara (Southwest, Mixed-Nippon-Tech) Also part of a former Mixed NT/TH zone, as well as a tourist destination. Modern technology functions normally, and Earth's defenders consider the zone relatively secure. This is of little comfort since the region was practically flattened by the earthquake and drowned by the subsequent tidal waves. Beyond the Realm Los Angeles (and its suburbs within the Tharkold Mixed Zone) has been badly damaged by the quake. Demon Lord Orcantur and his pride have used this to resolidify their their hold on Bellflower. And Boruzai Construction, Yamaguchi Energy, and Ichi Entertainment are all making great advances in the region. Despite the devastation, the San Diego Naval Station, Miramar Naval Air Station, and Camp Pendleton are all still in operation. San Francisco and Sacramento have been less badly affected, and were mostly recovered within a month. The Sacramento office of Team Omega – the American Intelligence Agency, which still uses Storm Knights extensively – has deployed most of its agents to perform reconnaissance of the Nolava realm. East of the San Andreas Fault, and outside the realm, the quake was less severe, causing little significant damage.
  25. The Realm Basjas established a common stelae wheel. And gained two mixed zones as a bonus – both created from the region once divided between Nippon-Tech and Tharkold. She recruited a Chaos cult from Khufal, and refugees from Gwalior, including remnants of the Red Hand cult. And to ensure sufficient strength for the invasion, she gated the entire city of Khufal as well. Khufal, is – or rather was – a port city northeast of Gwalior, and like that devastated settlement, a satrap of Grand Eaton. The former kingdom was left without leadership at the end of the Godwar, and eventually came under Grand Eaton's protection. During the war, the city was home to the Grand Temple of Beraie. Her congregation was mostly killed in a final battle, and her worship outlawed by the Grand Eaton Governor. But hatred of the invaders swelled the ranks of the Cult of Beraie. When events in Gwalior prompted Eaton to send forces there, Khufal rose up and overthrew the satrapy. And the satrapy represented the forces of Order in the city. Basjas arrived at the pivotal moment of the uprising, claiming to the rabble to be last descendant of the royal family that ruled before Grand Eaton – and a High Priestess of Beraie. She helped to fan the flames and get the bulk of the city to rise up. Effectively ending any opposition to her faction in the process. Even many Oathbreakers, seeing the writing on the wall, returned to the fold while they could. With her new followers readied, Basjas began the invasion. She had Heketon use a massive Dimthread and Occult magic to relocate the populace, and portions of the city with them, merging them with Las Vegas, Nevada. Simultaneously, she dropped a Maelstrom Bridge from the site of the now empty ruins into the Hoover Dam. The massive dam was an obvious, and dangerous, hardpoint. The Bridge caused considerable damage, weakening the dam for what came next. The arrival of Nolava's reality impacted the San Andreas Fault, striking Southern California, and much of the realm with a massive Earthquake, measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Then entire region was changed in moments, becoming almost unrecognizable in places, as quake and axiom wash transformed the realm into a piece of Nolava. The quake utterly destroyed Hoover Dam, taking with it the electricity and water supply for much of the American southwest. Yamaguchi Energy has come to the aid of Los Angeles, and NorCal (Northern California) with Solar Power Plants and desalinization plants. Consumers in these regions are however faced with 167% increases in the bills. The Cult of Beraie Beraie is the goddess of the moon, chaos, fortune (both luck and wealth – especially silver) and transformation or change. The cult includes many shapeshifters, breeds, and mages specializing in Alteration, Photmancy, and Sorcery. She is also the traditional patron of Khufal, which made her a rallying force for the city's liberation. Basjas has claimed a past association with the cult. Though it is a lie, her sheer power convinced most of the leadership to accept her. Those that didn't met with spider-related deaths. Entering the Realm Air travel is technically possible. The tech axiom supports Nile/Early-20th Century aircraft. However the storms along the border are quite severe. In addition to Reality values of 15-19, the wind sheer and weather necessitate Vehicle Piloting:Air difficulties of 18 or more (generate a bonus number, any value less than +1 is treated as 18). Most of the roads have been totally destroyed, and those that haven't likely are missing bridges or have sufficient damage to make then unsuitable for anything but offroad vehicles, mounts or foot travel. Interstate 15 from Los Angeles and I-93 from Arizona remain viable routes to Las Vegas, though the military may soon change the fact. Many Realm Runners and Prospectors use these routes to head to the city, and its reported Sapphire Mines. The roads from Reno enter the realm but do not pass through the Great Sand Lake. The same is true of the highways from Salt Lake City. A wide variety of mountainous and desert wilderness creatures and other dangers can be found along the way for those foolish enough to brave the realm. Bakersfield (Southwest, Dominant) This zone matches the southernmost zone of the former Nippon-Tech realm, and the city benefits technologically from that past occupation (when it works). The quake, as well as the appearance of various wilderness creatures, has cut off this city of 350,000 from the outside world. Fortunately the city has oil production and refining, as well as agricultural and food processing resources. This has left the city in good stead for the time being, though walls are being erected to keep out the creatures. At present, the police, and volunteers are patrolling the city to round up monsters that have already entered. Of particular fear is a species of parasitic larval worms which tend to crawl into living organisms for protection while they finish gestating into their adult form. Their eventual exit tends to cause severe injury – especially if they were residing inside the ear canals of human hosts. Several hundred people have been transformed into Gris, and their unsavory appetites are proving another threat to the city as well. Edwards Air Force Base also lies within this zone, a testing ground for the Predator UAV, and one of the landing fields for NASA's newest orbital spaceplane, a Mitiya Low Orbital intended to replace the aging Space Shuttles. The base is under a hardpoint of Earth reality which allows the modern technology to function normally. Fresno (Northwest, Dominant) Fresno is also an agricultural center, and houses elements of all four branches of the US military, the California National Guard and Reserves. While many of these forces had previously been transferred to the borders of Tharkold, or the Western Land, only token forces remain since the World Storm rendered those realms largely under control. That has allowed the military to focus on rooting out the forces of the Demon Lord Drortuli of Tharkold. Unfortunately, both sides now find themselves faced with a Relkazar infestation. Great Sand Lake (North, Dominant) Central Nevada has become a massive quicksand lake, which effectively cuts off any travel through this region. And those who come close are faced with Sandsharks. Sidebar: Desert Hazards [snip] This section is nearly a word for word reprint of the desert rules from Wilderness. [/snip]